We are an Indie band with an Americana Rock mixed with soulful sound and lyrics with a hint of R&B and Pop. Its a stripped down style that powers the songs and provides you with a passionate experience.


The band is called Marathon and is made up of 4 Seattle Washington locals who have been playing music on the West Coast for the past few years. There music is an original Rock sound with an Americana Indie Pop mixed with a hint of R&B. It’s stripped down realness powers the songs and is led with a soothing vocal style that grabs ahold of you. The music is like learning a sweet new vocab word, at first you don't know it, but once you learn it you won't forget it and want more.

In 2006 Elijah Grindstaff recorded an acoustic CD, he then lived and played music in Northern Ireland for just under a year, and currently, he is back in the Northwest playing music and just recorded a 6 song EP with Marathon and they are busy writing many more.


I Can't Be

Written By: Elijah Grindstaff

The way you got me thinking keeps me questioning
My reality has got the best of me
The truth about this now just about to pleat
If you stay close by you’ll see it come full speed

I can’t be all that you want to me be

The hope you’ve given me is pulling me on down
Just enough that it will hurt when I hit the ground
You reach for what you think is solid and is firm
But what your grabbing for is nithin I got at all

Should I feel not enough
Surrounded in Love
Deception of wrong
Has gone to long

Desperation shines apparent in your eyes
But if that’s just assurance needed in your life you better run and hide


Acoustic CD- June 2006
6 song Marathon EP

Set List

30 minutes to 2 hours of music:
I Fell Again
Live and Learn
Is It All
Hey Pretty Girl
Hit Me
Pulling Me Down
Scars and Souvenirs