Elijah Jamal

Elijah Jamal

 Villa Park, Illinois, USA

the one-man band. I dance, write, sing, produce, play both piano and guitar. I was born to entertain! My sound, some say pop/rnb but there really is no fair comparison because my music is so diverse. The best way to describe it is to simply call it "MUSIC".


Elijah Jamal was born July 31, 1989 to Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Aaron and Dr.
Margaret Jamal. Elijah (EJ) moved around a lot as a child born in Chicago and moved to Colorado when he was 5 then back home to Windy City at the age of 12 and resided on the west side of Chicago. As a child, Elijah's love for music was obvious as he was a master at the art of the air guitar and at the age of 6 transitioned to the piano. This was inspired by the successful musicianship of his father. Elijah collaborated with his father, Aaron Jamal on the keyboards for Nobody But You.

Elijah's father isn't the only one of his family members who is talented. His mother and father were both accomplished jazz and R&B vocalists, and his great aunt Abbie Lincoln is a very accomplished jazz vocalist and actress starring in a few motion pictures- such as "For Love of Ivy" with Sidney Poitier. At the age of 9, Elijah joined his family which included his older brother and 2 sisters under the leadership of his Mother and Father in their music ministry called Shout. This was the foundation of Elijah's musical talent.

Elijah was home-schooled from the third grade to high school where he attended Alpha Omega School of the arts. Elijah Jamal graduated at the age of 15 from high-school and soon after went to Triton College where he studied Music and Graduated with his Associates Degree at the age of 18.

Elijah attended Columbia College where his major was in Media Management. Elijah hopes to bring a new sound to music, encouraging other musicians and artists to be unique.


Nobody But You (Single) 12/14/11
Music is My Wife (Album) 7/31/12