Elijah Sound

Elijah Sound


Hard progressive sound with intensity and feeling- Energetic and intense live show the croud can really get into- Strong stage presence- Professional in every way


When Elijah Sound got together in 2006 their goal was to come up with original music with an original sound that they would like to listen to in the hopes that the audience would also enjoy listening to as well. The style that immerged was termed "progressive hard rock". Later that year Elijah Sound released their first CD "Open the Window" in which they teamed up with HMG Music out of Nashville, TN to promote the single "You Don't Know" to a nationwide audience. The CD has sold over 200 copies and is currently making its way over to the UK. Since then the single "Don't Take the Mark" has had airtime on the internet radio station Metal Pulse Radio and the single "Better Way" is currently being aired on KUPH The Fox 96.9FM in the West Plains, MO area. In their 3 year time span, Elijah Sound has played close to 200 shows covering 5 states and over 60 cities and are currently working on a new CD project. Some of Elijah Sound's musical influences are AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Led Zepplin, Skillet, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Van Halen, Metallica, Dream Theater,
Demon Hunter, SRV, Finger Eleven, Jimi Hendrix, Yngwie Malmsteen, Desciple, Pillar. Everywhere Elijah Sound has played they have generated excitement and praise for their music and live performance, not just with fans but with venue promoters and other artists. Here are some of the things being said about Elijah Sound:
"I can work with this band." Butch Stone-Concertco Inc.
"One of the best live performances I've seen."
Scott Shipley-Snake Oil
"You guys are awesome!"
Brian Roberts-Program manager Ozark Radio Network
So come and be a part of the up and coming phenomenon that is Elijah Sound.


"Open the Window" full length CD
"You Don't Know" single with HMG Music
"Don't Take the Mark" single, airplay on Metal Pulse Radio
"Better Way" single, airplay on KUPH the Fox 96.9FM

Set List

Don't Take the Mark
Against the Odds
Sinned Again
You Can't Have Me
Send Down the Fire
I Am
This is Hell
I Cried
You'll Get Knocked Out
Better Way

For Those About to Rock(AC/DC)
Man in a Box(Alice in Chains)
War Pigs(Black Sabbath)
We're Not Gonna Take it(Twisted Sister)

1 hour sets
Can do up to 3 sets in one night
Can play for 2 hours straight