New York City, New York, USA

“ELI AND THE INDOOR BOYS” is sometimes one guy, sometimes a whole band, and either way a hook-oriented songwriting outfit that likes to hang out in your brain and nosh on gray matter for days at a time.


What to say about a band that sings like it’s still the 60’s and sweats like it’s still the 80’s?

"ELI and the INDOOR BOYS bring a hint of early Devo dosed with a Joe Jackson gift for melody."
-- New York Press

"Tragic stories told by a deadpan comic. ... 'Dear Simon' sounds like the resulting love child from a night of wild passion between The Pixies and Elvis Costello."
--Supergrouprecords.com, London, UK

"Melodic and tough, pretty and sneery. Sure, he wears glasses and sits up straight, but his riffs could beat up yours any day of the week."
--Philadelphia Metro.

“ELI reminds us that pop music is supposed to be fun, which he does on the group’s smart eponymous debut.”
--Philadelphia Inquirer

After years of bad breakups, globe-hopping, and pushing the proverbial envelope of modern living, Eli has decided to unleash his gift on the world. Prepare your Hi-Fi for the confessional of a not-so-common man, a jangle-pop wordsmith beckoning the needle to drop on the story of his life. It’s a tell-all book in which no one is spared. Even the
author is skewed alive before your thumb-print can
grease the dust-jacket.

Chances are ELI’s already in your little black book between the Turkish painter and the Scottish soccer player. But unlike theirs, his is a name you’ll never rip out. After all, ELI is no ordinary hipster. He was a playwright and actor before setting his rock and roll demon free. He's lived, loved, and played in L.A., New York, and London, logging
every pocket of bad air into his personal flight log, never afraid to rip a page from the book of Ray Davies, Elvis Costello, or The Wedding Present.

And now the INDOOR BOYS have joined in to add more angst, sweat, and pop to ELI’s music than even he could have imagined. Like-minded lads who wear skinny ties with pride and pointy shoes with purpose. They convene every evening on the precipice of notoriety to review the day’s jam-packed agenda. Songs to write, revenge to take, and jackets to pick out.


Wally Mystery

Written By: Eli

Wally was in love with a girl called Carol.
A gorgeous blonde from TV.
He didn't know it was not normal.
That in real life she was 63.

She's the girl in the Python sketches from 1969.
And Wally believed he lived in that time.

Wally Mystery
Wally Mystery
Wally, you picked yourself the name.
Wally Mystery, Wally Mystery
Wally, you are not ashamed.
You gave up thinking months ago
That you shouldn't live in the time you know.
The things you do make much more sense
When they take place before New Pence
Your big fat brain weighs sixteen tons
And gosh real soon you'll have your fun
And Wally, you will never change

She had no lines on the night he found her.
But still he knew he was just her type.
Just look at all the men around her.
They are so young and funny and bright.

Wally was 18 and he wore paisley tie
And a pin-striped suit he knew she'd like

Wally Mystery
Wally Mystery
Wally, you picked yourself the name
Wally Mystery, Wally Mystery
Wally, you are not ashamed.

You're years ahead of that other lot
They're behind and you're not
You're Bobby Charlton's biggest fan
Nevermind you're American
You speak so well and you dress so neat
You look like you stepped off Carnaby Street
And Wally you will never change.

The Country

Written By: Eli Finkelman

Copyright © 2002 By Eli Finkelman

I wanted the country
So I left for the country
When they stamped my passport
I got what I asked for
I left forever for the country L.A.

And I’ll stand by wishful thinking
I wanted to get lost
and look now I’ve lost everything
Yeah I’ve lost everything
Even things I didn’t want
I lost them too and some I threw away

And the world keeps turning
The world keeps turning
The world keeps turning me into the ground
I can’t find my footing
The world keeps spinning
And I’m walking on pudding and slipping around

I shouldn’t have framed that picture
I mean Jesus what the hell was that for
It was asking for trouble
Could I please have some trouble
Mister could you pile on a little more trouble please?

And I shouldn’t have called her
And I shouldn’t have called her either
When you leave home
You better stay gone
If you keep in touch, you’ll lose something you need

And the world keeps turning
The world keeps turning
The world keeps turning me into the ground
I can’t find my footing
‘cause the world keeps spinning
And I’m walking on pudding and slipping around

A hilly country
A sloping, sunny country
When you stand at the peak
You roll down towards the sea
And forget it if you think you’ll reach Japan

I want a tan before I go
I want a suntan before I pack up again and go
‘Cause I mean what’s the point
Of leaving here a pale boy
The least I can show my mother a tan
(Repeat Chorus)

Long Light

Written By: Eli

Long light
I’m looking at a long light
Waiting on a hope in my head
That would make the red
Disappear, and I think it’s here

Long Light
Staring at a long light
And my eyes are darting right to left
All the buttons have been pressed
And I’m still here… But I’m getting near

Can you hold it steady
Tell the truth, I think I’m not ready
I need to know before the ghost of green comes to me
That there’ll be leaves and trees
And somewhere to be

Long light
Warming under a long light
Wondering if they all feel the air
Emanating under there
And are they like me
Reaching for their key

I can feel it
Things are gonna change I can feel it
I can step on the gas, or let fifteen people pass
Before I’m sure, so sure, that I’m heading home at last

Long light
Listening to a long light
He’s buzzing with the joy of a friend
As he tells me once again
Of an emotional night

Long light
Grateful for a long light
I’ll take what I can get then I’ll move
Just to prove
That I’m not tied
To this long long life

Oh, I can hear him thinking
There’s a box, and I hear it clicking
Alright it’s time to get gone, I can see I haven’t got long
Before I leave, I must breathe, and turn the motor back on

I Mean It This Time

Written By: Eli Finkelman

Left the country,
Bought a cell phone on a Sunday,
Now I'm calling on the Broad Street line.

Look down my list, you'll see There's nothing that I've missed. I've even programmed in the date and time.

And I vow right now, today, that I am on my way.

There were lapses
And a string of bad collapses
That came from all the round and round.

Too much moving,
Too much poverty and time spent proving
No two towns could keep me around.

But I'm in one place today and I am on my way.

I had this feeling before
When I moved away
I popped my trunk and sent
Three letters in three days
But I mean it this time and I pray...
That I am on my way.

Worked in places
Didn't put me through my paces But I picked the ones that made me cry.

And while I suffered
I was spoiling all my suppers
They couldn't wait and neither could I.

But I served no one today, and I am on my way.

Long Barrow

Written By: Eli Finkelman

Bury me at Long Barrow
Inside the giant stones
Where they carved a lady's chambers from tool of mammoth bone
Where they set up shop for solstice and moaned and moaned and moaned

I think I'll go tomorrow
And poke my head in deep
Into the damp and woolly wilds where sticky lavas seep
Where stones arose and mounted Wiltshire's rolling green

I won't play ducks and drakes no more
Or ponder beams above my door
I'll simply grasp her granite arms
And kiss her belly big and warm
And let my sadness go
In long and lazy strokes forevermore

To get me to Long Barrow
I'll burn the world I've known
I'll run across the henges and leap the slaughter stones
And plant me in the pagan sod where I'll grow and grow and grow


Check out the brand new music video for "I MEAN IT THIS TIME" available in this EPK. With a full-length album soon to be released, the ELI and the INDOOR BOYS catalogue now includes the studio-recorded "ELI" ep, as well as "17 songs in New York," a home-recorded acoustic LP offering an extended glimpse into the INDOOR BOYS' chief nerd's busy mind. Three tracks from the "ELI" EP are available for play at www.elisongs.com.

Set List

Sets are typically 30 minutes or less; the songs are many but brief.

I Mean It This Time
Dear Simon
The Country
We'll Always Have Earl's Court
'Til I'm Famous
The Sock Song
City of Brotherly Dumb
Wally Mystery
It's Not That Bad, You Know
Lost My Scotsman
Laura Hale
The Boy Who Doesn't Come From Anywhere