Blissed-out and narcotic ambience with head-nodding beats, spacey female vocals, and textured guitars.


Elika is a boy and a girl from Brooklyn who write and record dreamy music with killer beats.

They combine blissed-out and narcotic ambience with head-nodding beats that range from Downtempo to Trance to IDM. Spacey female vocals mix with gauzy, textured guitars, field recordings, and crisp drum programming to create incredibly visual songs with the atmosphere of childhood and layers of detail.

A mix of Shoegaze and Electronica, Elika is equal parts Slowdive and Boards of Canada combined with elements from My Bloody Valentine, Aphex Twin, and Flying Saucer Attack. Their music washes neon-tinted melodies with multilayered, psychedelic percussion.

"This first TQA(r) release combines the best of their early material with brand new recently recorded exclusive tracks. The quality of their songwriting and production makes them THE band to watch out for in today's shoegaze/dreampop scene."
--Eric Quach, thisquietarmy (records)



Written By: evagelia maravelias

all the fire running the field
it takes over
faster than you and quicker than i
can catch up to
it's out before we want it to be
that's the way it works
i should have read my sister's books
as a young girl.

we look out to the water
is it so vast it engulfs us
is it the fault of the water
does it change us
does it change love.

it's your turn to be let down.

you're not safe at all

Written By: evagelia maravelias

save all your fear
for a day when you'll need it
don't waste it here
we should find a place
where we can escape from
all that they say
don't be upset
i'm here and i'm waiting
with no regrets.

all these things that save us
from taking the fall
all the nights we finally sleep
knowing the day will repeat.

for all you know
you're not safe at all.

building around it

Written By: evagelia maravelias

all the weak things
that hold what's left
a page full of sad regrets
remind yourself of all we could have
it passes down to our young hands.

high enough to make our mark
let them climb and see all we've got.

we can't stop this thing from falling by
building around it
high enough to make our mark
let them climb and see all we've got
see all we've got.

trying to hold onto what's left.

we stay the same

Written By: evagelia maravelias

i wish i could play
the tiniest part in the stories
that you share
they grow as the years change
and i'm left wondering
how we fell out
at this point
i accept that the fault is all mine
the weight of the burden
is forcing me old
and i'm ready to give up.

isn't it time we got over ourselves
aren't we broken
aren't we ashamed
but we don't change
we stay the same.

i wish i could redo
the parts of our lives
that passed us by
rewrite the script
and cast myself as a girl
you could stand by
family and friends
would applaud in the end
and we'd know why
the truth of it all
is we needed to fall
to open our eyes.


self-titled (2006-EP released by thisquietarmy records)
distance (2006-EP)
over runways (2005-EP)
stars & moonlight (2005-EP)

Set List

you're not safe at all
we stay the same
acting for you
feel like home
out to sea
get to me in time
building around it
elliptical white tablet
ballad of a lonely bartender
from atop corcovado

set length: flexible (anything from 20-90 minutes)