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Elin Kåven

Oslo, Oslo County, Norway | SELF

Oslo, Oslo County, Norway | SELF
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Now resident in Oslo, Elin Kåven is a Sàpmi artist and fusion dancer from Karasjok.
She released her first full length album “Jiknon musihkka – Frozen Music” in 2009, which was produced by Ole Jørn Myklebust. The album was well received by music critics and was given 5 of 6 possible stars in several Norwegian and Sàpmi media.

Elin Kåven and her band make meditative music influenced by the mystical and by traditional Sàpmi joik. Her music can be classified from new folk, pop, world to jazz.
Close quiet vocals with a suggestive intricate musical construction give a relaxed, fluent and open expression.

Her band includes Ole Jørn Myklebust (Mari Boine, Unni Wilhelmsen) Juhani Silvola
(Ádjagas, Sacred Harp), and Jonas Howden Sjøvaag (Hanne Hukkelberg, Navyelectre, Eple Trio). As a dancer, Kåven includes dance naturally in her stage show, and as such introduces a new dimension to her music.

Elin Kåven has taken over from Adjagas as Sapmi Musics Artist of the Year for 2011.
This is a grant which Sàpmi Music awards annually to a Sàpmi artist or group. This is an exclusive award which emphasizes Kåvens position as one of the most impressive active Sàpmi artists of our day.
- Sápmi Music


CD - Jiknon Musihkka/Frozen Music (2009)
EP - Lahka/Close (2005)



Elin Kåven - The arctic fairy

Elin Kåven takes you on a journey to Sapmi, the land where the folklore spirits and mysticism are a part of everyday life.
She belongs to the Sami people which are the nomad people north of the arctic circle. Being the grand-granddaughter of the
most famous shaman in the icy tundra of Sapmi, she may have inherited some of his magical gifts.

At the same time she is fascinated by other cultures. Something she expresses in her dancing.
Like an arctic fairy Elin Kåven radiates with beauty and secrecy, as she is known for integrating dance in her stage
performances and opens a new dimension to her music. Since her first EP was released in 2005 she has given a
number of performances in Scandinavia, she has participated in Sami Song contests and the Liet Lavlut European Song Contest for Minority Languages.

With her debut album Jiknon musihkka/Frozen music (2009), she will lure you to the open landscapes of the tundra,
the cold north where love for nature is strong. This album is meditative, moving towards a more mystical and modern sound
with the presence of traditional elements from the Sami yoik. With her own written lyrics in Sami language she opens a musical
landscape mixing pop, world, jazz and elements from traditional Sami music. Intense and quiet vocal with a suggestive music
rich in detail gives a quiet, open and flowing expression. This gave her good reviews in the Norwegian press.

She is now planning a second album, and at 17th of February 2011 the single Lihkku Niehkku/Dream of fortune was released at her
concert at by:Larm in Oslo. This song is about waking up from the dwelling age of Jiknon musihkka/Frozen music, following your heart
and allowing you to explore and be blissful. Spring is the time when the fairies appear!