Elio D'Anna Jr

Elio D'Anna Jr


Elio D'Anna Jr. (AKA Vimana) is an artist uniquely mixing Acoustic, Rock & Eletronica with ethnic instrumentation to produce a completely one off sound, setting aside from the rest of the newest rock bands.


Musician, Writer & Producer Elio D'Anna Jr, was born in Tuscany, Italy. Being brought up in a very artistic and musical enviroment, Elio discovered his passion for music at an early age playing Piano and Guitar.

He studied at Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA) and completed his Music Degree at Middlesex University in London, UK.

In 2005 Elio formed the band Vimana, Published by Universal Publishing Music Group between 2007 and 2008, and worked with Producer-Mixer Lior Goldenberg (credits include A. Morissette, Audioslave, Alice Cooper) to then focus on his more acoustic solo material, Film scoring and Sound Design.

Elio, among many other appearances, features at Glastonbury 2008 with D-Code for BBC Radio 1, and with Kate Moss on Agent Provocateur's advertisement campaign Directed by Nick Knight.


‘Beneath the stars’ for the Compilation Album One night in bloom Vol.1 by Amiata Records.
‘So Alone’ EP is played on BBC Radio 1's show One-World and on a regular basis on the Asian Network-Electro East, presented by Nerm from Shiva Soundsystem and the new material is set to gather a lot of air-play.

Set List

1 Going Mad
2 Be with you
3 Stop Lying
4 Who's it to Blame
5 The Will
6 Heart Beat
7 Take me
8 Change Today
9 Life is the last chance
10 Enjoy the show
11 From the rainbow

Set Duration : Aprox 45 min.