Eliot Fitzgerald

Eliot Fitzgerald


Eliot Fitzgerald mixes Folk and Indie Rock to paint pictures with music. This fresh new band out of Austin, TX, with original music and honest lyrics, challenges their listener while pointing them to hope.


Eliot Fitzgerald is unashamedly out to start a revolution. This band out of Austin, Texas is fearless in its approach to the human condition and as unique as the town they call home. “Music has forgotten its original purpose, which is to connect the mind, the ears, all the external senses to the unspeakable light and darkness of our souls. It is the avenue to reach the divinity underlying the carnal world and by recapturing music in its original intention, we will change,” says lead singer Cody Kimmel. Storytellers with instruments, Eliot Fitzgerald has shared the stage with such acts as Bowling for Soup, Cory Morrow, Green River Ordinance, Lost Ocean, Wide Awake, and Superchick.

Formed in 2006 by singer/songwriter Cody Kimmel and guitarist Trey Low, Eliot Fitzgerald went from a college band playing to friends at Texas A&M University to a band listened to by fans all over America. With a desire for their music to be more than just music, Eliot Fitzgerald works with both national and local non-profits to effect much needed changes and progress. “Eliot Fitzgerald’s music is driven by passion. With lyrics that are undeniably poetic and hooks that get your pulse pounding, they bring in crowds that hang on their every beat. Of course, my personal favorite is their epic confession, ‘Monsters to be Named,’ but this particular band brings raw diversity to their music and everyone finds something unique to love,” praises Sean D. Carasso, Texas Coordinator of Invisible Children.

Now, being joined by David Keeler on bass and James Summers on drums, and with the new release of their EP “Icarus the Philistine,” this band is ready to continue their fight for meaning and artistic integrity in a generation and culture starved of both. With the searing lyrics of Cody, haunting guitar of Trey, melodic bass of Dave, and powerful beats of James, Eliot Fitzgerald will move you, wow you, woo you and change you.


Dressed in Red

Written By: Cody Kimmel

This is a song about a girl who didn’t fit into this world.
She traveled around inside her head and saw that the world she found was dead

Bop Bop Bah, Bop, bop, Bop Bop Bah da di dah Bop Bop

Verse :
Laughing out loud she falls from the air, so pretty and perfect with her hair,
Then crawling inside she gets scared to cry and asks why Jeff Buckley had to die.

Then I stop and kiss her nose and fit my legs between her toes,
And realize my world has come to this, an ideal, a love, and one more late night kiss.

Please run away with me.

This is a song about a dream I had of two stones placed in a stream
They floated uphill, alone and divine, and together declared they’d be just fine

This is a song about a girl who broke my will and changed my world

I want you more than rain, and I need you more than pain,
I will praise you more than fame and love you more than my name
I fall in love each time we kiss and fall apart each time I miss
The chance to hold you with my eyes and lose the strength to say goodbye
You’re my ideals dressed in red, you’re both my pillow and my bed
You’re the walls to which I’ve fled and the ghost inside my head

Leaving Austin

Written By: Cody Kimmel

I’m leaving Austin to start a revolution
Cause I can’t seem to find one in this town
I’m leaving downtown with the hope that somewhere outside of this place
I might find my way back down

Pre Chorus:
Time is fading, love is frustrating
I can’t have a normal life

Verse 2:

I’m walking back and forth and upside down to turn myself around
Back to a place I can call home
And it’s sad to think that all this world believes that purpose is a chore
And every heart has turned to stone

Peace found wanting, lovers talking
About what’s real, how nothing’s really fair


Talk slowly I cannot hear your voice
Say something so I can make a choice
If I will be your wonderboy

Verse 3:
I’m leaving Austin on a train to San Francisco
Cause I think I’ll feel much better on the coast
It’s times like these where I wish I was bound to lead a simple life
But I guess my life is better off than most

Chorus 2X


I wish I had a friend to call me on the telephone
And tell me everything will be OK
But for now, I’ll drive away, I’ll say goodbye and go and seize the day
And find some better place to stay

Noble Lie

Written By: Cody Kimmel

“Awake the dawn” the psalmist cries
“What dawn?” we all reply
There’s been no dawn since we’ve been born
No sun to grace the sky
A loss of faith a lack of sight
Our fallen gods do mourn
Their worn out rolls as glue and thread
To quiet sons of scorn
Pretty pages, precious patrons
Laws in need of grace
Captivating stars and angels
A world without a face

Intro chords

Verse 2:

A careful plan I do propose
A plan to fill the void
With something bigger than ourselves
With every voice employed
We need a song a poem a prayer
A hope that we can see
A touch of God too far removed
From our souls anarchy

A still small voice, a thunderous cloud
The writing on the wall
Our time is up, we must repent
And wake up to the call


We are warriors with pads of paper
Sojourning with crooked legs
Bards of future facts and fables
Making peace with powder kegs

Intro Chords

Verse 3:

And on that day when Jesus spoke
The kingdom is at hand
The earth did split the temple fell
The lame began to stand
But now we have built our temples up
To house our noble lie
Of rights and art, of proof and fact
So that the lame might die

There's no voice without credentials
Love's become a whore
Culture is mental masturbation
Craving more and more


Ghost Town

Written By: Cody Kimmel

I won’t be your anchor, if you won’t let me be your ship
And I won’t be the man who waits behind for you to slip
And I won’t be your taxman, once again giving you a break
And I won’t be the priest who intercedes for your mistakes
And I feel like I’m downtown in a city full of ghosts
Where every problem haunts my memory, like a stranger in a trench coat
And I just want to stay inside now awhile and listen to the rain
Then go and take a nice vacation from these ghosts that keep me sane

It is good, it is good, it is good to be broken yet alive

And I feel like an actor on the streets of Hollywood
Everyone here seems to know me, but they’re not sure why they should
I want to go and fall in love with a girl who wants to love me too
And kiss just like they do in movies as the cars watch from the avenue.

Chorus 2x
It is good, It is good, it is good to be broken yet alive

Verse: (Really big)
I feel I should warn you, I’m not some guy who’s pushed around
I’m not some stronghold you can run to, to escape the fears you found
I’m an outcast and I’m a sinner, I’m the mouth that won’t shut up
I’m the ears that will not listen to the one who fills my cup

Chorus: tag ending
It is good, it is good, it is good to be broken yet alive

Monsters to be Named

Written By: Cody Kimmel

The wind is fine to watch from the confines of my room;
A window forced into a wall, like a hole inside a tomb.
I watch the leaves go up and up then watch them slowly fall back down
I see the clouds rush idly by then hear them crash into the ground.
No noise could ever save me from the voice inside my head,
From the monsters in my closet and the nightmares in my bed.
Your name is a sound I make when I am forced to see my breath
During winter chills of loneliness and the knowledge that there’s death
You see, since every man must live I guess that every man must die
Young and old, and in between, every man must laugh and cry
For there is joy and there is sadness inside every human heart.
There’s a slave and there’s a freeman and a chance to never start
It seems I’m living in an age where the good guy’s just as bad
As every bastard born in darkness with a thorn upon his head
And now I’m living with the memory of my mother’s maiden name
And the perfection that I promised at a time that never came
And I know my parents love me and I know I love them back
And I know my love ain’t perfect and I see that there’s a lack
Of consequences for my actions and compensation for my days
Spent doubting everything around me. Oh God, vindicate my ways.

One by one, I see them come
The monsters to be named
They stand and fall, they walk and crawl
And here I am ashamed

A cemetery looks the best when formed outside a church
Dirt filled with the lonely people who had given up the search
Some gave up because they found it, some quit some never tried
But everybody pondered looking, some alone some side by side
Oh God, I wish I could have been there the day that Moses hit the stone
A man blessed by holy heaven, a man courageous and alone.
I’d love to watch him drink the water while the people stood and cheered
Did he know full well his sin would bring to bear all that he feared?
“Forty years,” he cried, “for nothing but my unrequited love
For a land I’ve only heard of from the thunderclouds above.
And oh God, oh yes, I love you but right now I’m mad as hell.
I’m your friend, God, please remember, I’m your voice inside this shell
Of human frailty and misgivings about the promises of truth
I only know God what you show me, apart from that there is no proof.
I see the stars in all their glory, I see the waves crash on the shore,
I see the order and the chaos but I wish I could see more
Of your abundance in the desert, of your manna on the sand
Instead of seas you never parted and this dry and lonely land.
I’m gonna trust you, God, I love you, you’re my savior and my friend
Just give me strength to bear this moment of despair that you did send

One by one, I see them come
The monsters to be named
They stand and fall, they walk and crawl
And here I am afraid

The night crawls through my window as I crawl into my bed
To dream of candles I left burning next to books I never read
I hear the birds no longer singing, I see the dark behind the rain
I feel the emptiness that’s filled by song-less birds and crushing pain
My name is no more than a sound my presence somehow seems to draw
A symbol scribbled on a paper to fulfill a nation’s law.
Here’s my name, if I could give it, my selfhood etched into my chest:
I am a man, I am a poet, I am redeemed and all the rest.
I’ve joyful lips and tragic eyes on the same face that hides a soul
That lives to love a God whom death alone allows me to behold

One by one, I see them come
The angels to be named
They stand and fly, they never die
And here I am amazed.


Icarus the Philistine EP
Released in January of 2007

Set List

Dressed in Red
Stars at Night
Leaving Austin
Noble Lie
Ghost Town
December Strikes Again
Here for You
Empty Pack
There is Love
Monsters to be Named

We are not a cover band