Eliot Murray

Eliot Murray

 Montgomery, Alabama, USA

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Boomerang Love

Written By: Eliot Murray

Boomerang Love

You say you'll never face the consequences
of a good love in you gone bad
you think you'll always get away with it
go on and build your castle of sand

A long long line of men whose hearts you've left behind
First you'll come to hypnotize
you'll lift them up
and they drop like flies

Don't you know you're gonna get what's coming
Don't you know what goes up comes down
It doesn't matter how far you try to throw it
Boomerang Love, it gets back around

I should've quit you at the early warning
but you had your tractor beam
then you spit me out and sent me off a crawling
Girl, you're just a siren at sea

A long long line of clues I should've left behind
First she'll come to hypnotize
she'll lift you up
and cut you down to size

Love is like a boomerang
equal part, yen-yang
give it all you got and it'll make you wanna cliff-hang
It'll come back when you think you've had enough
Girl, you know it's nothing new, it's Boomerang Love