Eliott Janz

Eliott Janz


Hey! Im Eliott Janz! I have been playing the Electric guitar for 2 years and have been loving it ever since! I have mastered playing the style of Eddie Van Halen, Joe Satriani, and Dick Dale.


Hey there~! My name is Eliott Janz. I have been playing guitar since 2004, and have loved it ever since. Within 6 months of playing I mastered Eddie Van halen's Style of playing. I have played many venues threw out wisconsin with the 80's rock tribute band called "replica."

WAPL 105.7, Wisconsins biggest rock station played my "eruption" recording in honor of Van Halen being induced into the rock n roll hall of fame.


My Recording of "Eruption" was played on WAPL 105.7 , Wisconsins BIGGEST rock station in honor of Van Halen being induced into the Rock n roll Hall of Fame.

Set List

1. Summer song- Joe Satriani
2. Crowd Chant- Joe Satriani
3. Panama- Van Halen
4. Eruption- Van Halen
5. Ain't Talkin Bout Love- Van Halen
6. Livin' on a prayer- Bon Jovi
7. Shook me all night long- AC/DC
8. Miserlou- Dick Dale
9. Nitro- Dick Dale

And many more~!