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Eli Porter is a band comprised of 5 individuals based around the Seattle, WA area that was formed in late 2007. Former drummer, Sam Hickey, and bassist, Patrick Antal, from rock band Citizen Reign teamed up together to form a new project after the Citizen Reign had split in mid-2007.

"When we started out with the idea for a new project, Patrick and I knew that we wanted something mixed up between funk, rock, high energy hip-hop and whatever else we could think of," said Sam of the beginning. "All we had was me as a drummer and Patrick on the bass."

"Having been in a hip hop band before during my college years at Western Washington I had an idea of what I wanted as far as the basslines went," adds Patrick, a current resident of Seattle. "All we knew is that we wanted to have a kick ass live show and if everything else went well then that was a bonus."

So Sam headed to a place where quick talent could be obtained; Craigslist.

Colby McGehee had been trying his hand in different genres of hip hop/rap/lyricism but was never able to find quite the right fit. Growing up in Burien, WA it was hard for a suburban kid to fit in with the ever changing gansta rap movement of the late 90's/early 2000's.

"I remember growing up and being able to write rhymes about being hard, gettin' money and girls, but in reality it wasn't me and at the end of the day." says Colby. "I knew how hard the road is for a white suburban kid trying to be a solo rap act. It is very rough and gaining respect and legitimacy from a crowd who doesn't relate it tough. I started to realize that going the band route would be the best way to relate to my lyrics."

Colby posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a band project. Sam replied to it and the trio of Sam, Patrick and Colby began the current lineup for Eli Porter. After a couple months of playing around with musical ideas and themes, lead guitarists were auditioned and Kenny McLean landed with the trio at the end of it. Kenny, who had been playing in a jam band for over a year was excited to join the project.

"Just the idea of working with an emcee and trying my hand at blending a rap/hip hop feel to a rock sound was intriguing. I had never even considered

As soon as Kenny joined the team, Sam was back on Craigslist searching for a vocalist that could add depth to the musicality. That's when he stumbled upon a posting from a Beaumont, Texas native who had just moved to Seattle, Richard Latham.

"I had just got into Seattle and back in Texas I had my on thing going on and was actually looking for something to continue that type of vibe." says Richard, who currently resides in Everett. "I had no idea that I would ever be involved in this sort of mixed up genre"

After Richard joined the group for an audition, the group began to form quickly. It was evident that musically and personally the group bonded and worked very well together.

Knowing that the goal of the project was a live show that would be able to rock the hardest of crowds yet be able to get hip hop heads bouncing the group took time in honing in on the sound. Comprising the idea was the easy part, making the music to fit was a bit harder.

NO ONE said it was gonna be easy to mix rock, funk, rap & blues together to blend a sound that hits through so many genres. Still not knowing what to label the sound that Eli Porter has established, you are left to judge for yourself. You will be surprised at how unique and different it truly is.