elipse is an alternative pop rock band not afraid to take chances. Though they respect and utilize pop melodies, they have no problem weaving in classical, jazz or electronic influence into their music. Other alternative rock bands may fall into a "sound". Elipse strives for mixture and evolution.


Elipse is an Alternative Pop Rock band hailing from Chicago. They blend elements of Brit-Pop, Indie, and Hard-Rock. Their debut EP Sleepless recalls Coldplay, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys and more. To many, they are an anomaly. They cannot be pinned into any one category. One minute they�re piano Pop, the next they�re stratospheric stadium rock circa Oasis and Muse. They�ll split the time between Brian Eno swirl and punchy indie-rock via Arctic Monkeys. But one thing remains constant. Elipse will have you wondering what's next.

What's the state of pop music when we can't see past a Beatles melody?" asks singer Keith Newsham on As It Stands (track 3). The lyric symbolizes all that the band works towards; catchy pop music that keeps you guessing. Where else can you find a band that weaves together Latin-flavored vocal lines, hip-hop beats, and overdriven guitars all in the same song? (Melody Track 2) Bassist Andrew Ruth sums up the bands' motto nicely, "Our music will always be about catchy hooks that get stuck in your head. But we want move beyond the idea that a band just carves out its little niche and sticks to it. We're looking to sample a bit of everything and pull from different genres because for us, it's just about making every song distinct and unique".

Press Quotes:
"They seem to not only be making music that they feel, but pushing themselves to deliver a fully escapable sound for listeners.. something that people can completely get lost in and enjoy."- Kyle Barrett ErrorFM Radio, New York

"Bands like these do not come around often, so when they do materialize, make the most of them." -Eric Lutz, Elmhurst College Leader

"If you can walk away without getting one of their infectious pop melodies stuck in your head, you're deaf."-James Ryan, Freelance Writer

Past Shows:
The Abbey Pub 2/28/09- Headliner
Subterranean Chicago IL 7/6/08 and 9/6/08
Swing State Lake Villa IL- 11/21/08
Reggie's Rock Club Chicago IL- 10/19/08
The Frequency Madison WI- 8/30/08

"Proud Tears" and "Melody currently receiving radio airplay on Elmhurst College Radio, Fearless Radio, and Radio DePaul


Proud Tears

Written By: Keith Newsham

Only want your silence baby
You need me unless you say that you're fine.

Don't end in violence baby
You need me unless you say that you're fine.

Oh don't go unless you're sure. don't go unless you're sure. you're sure.

Tell me how ya think that you'll make it out
Tell me in the rain, take a lesson now
It's not worth it
Proud tears you know that you'll prove me wrong. Write you it'll write you a hundred songs.

Only want you revealed baby, you're loveliness has lost it's appeal. Well you can feel.

Only want a moment baby where
words are flowing out they can fly
they can rise.


Stop. I'm Out of Breath.

Written By: Keith Newsham

It Caught Me. Off Guard.
It Caught Me. Behind Bars.
And Your. Well Your. Here in Spirit
She's Selfish. I'm Lost. Standing at the Airport Terminal
What A Way, What A Way, To Kick off the New Year

Stop The Clocks.

I Saw You. I Saw You. There

Can I help? Can I help? Can I help? Help me.

It's A Reflex. Can't Help it.
Still I feel All My Shame.
Be A Man. Hold It In. Be A Man. Drink the Gin
Am I a coward? Or Just Grieving? What's all this noise I see?

My Memories are Nothing Next To Yours.
My Childhood's Tryin to Die. I'll Put a Stop. To That.

Stop The Clocks.


Sleepless EP- Re-Release to be Announced Shortly

"Proud Tears" and "Melody" are receiving radio airplay on Elmhurst College Radio, Fearless Radio, and Radio DePaul

Set List

Stop. I'm Out of Breath, Proud Tears, Melody, Your New Celebrity Gossip, The Eye of Your Storm,
As It Stands, The Diner, Good Evening, Spirit, Lisbon
Butterflies in Mexico, Modern Dreams

Set Length: 30 min- 60 min

Sometimes doees Covers: Radiohead (Karma Police, High and Dry) Oasis (Live Forever)