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Fox Elipsus... @ 2008 NORTH AMERICA TOUR: Borders, CHEEKTOWAGA NY

Buffalo (Cheektowaga), New York, USA

Buffalo (Cheektowaga), New York, USA


PITTSBURGH (North Hills), Pennsylvania, USA

PITTSBURGH (North Hills), Pennsylvania, USA

Fox Elipsus... @ 2008 NORTH AMERICA TOUR:Borders, COLUMBUS (KENNY)

Columbus (Kenny), Ohio, USA

Columbus (Kenny), Ohio, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



"On a recent Thursday night, we entered to the surreal experience that is Fox (from Elipsus...). A British musician in town for the month, Fox is a one-man Pet Shop Boy. Combining pre-programmed drum loops, a Casio keyboard and a voice that would make Boy George wish he were George Michael, Fox rips through '80s new-wave synth-pop classics as well as (many originals and) modern hits like Coldplay's "Clocks".

I was dumbfounded. Amy, the friendly and very personable bartender that night, said Fox had been "doing his own thing" all night. His appearance was part of an ongoing music series the bar is trying."
- The Buffalo News

I am the harshest critic of music. I am worse than Simon Cowell. For me to say someone is good is so rare, I hate 99% of music. So that’s why I told you before, be prepared for some severe criticism. Well… Elipsus... rocks!

I couldn't believe the singing. The singing is beautiful, the lyrics are great, the music... everything.

On CD1 the standout track is Outside (the revolution song), though Living In Luxury is excellent. Song For The Terrorists is the most controversial song on the album, probably one of the most controversial songs I've ever heard. I understand exactly what it means though: "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter..." I don't know how people will react to that though.

My favourite song on CD2 is Blameless. That is just a great, great song. Your political speech was chilling, "Denounce The Pacifist." I realized I knew the words from somewhere, but as it went on I was thinking, yeah, this applies to what's going on in the political world right now. And then at the end it says who it is by... and a chill went right down my spine.

Elipsus... is gonna be very very big. It's better than almost all the crap on the radio. I've been listening to the CD over and over. The lyrics really mean something, the music is great, the vocals are phenomenal. I can't wait to see them live.

We’re bringing up our kids the right way: listening to Elipsus… not #8 (Fantasy) though. That ones just for me and the wife... - Brian Dever of W, Inc.

OH MY G-D!!!!!!! I really can't even put into words how I am feeling after receiving the double CD in the mail from Fox Salehi, lead singer of Elipsus... This review is written after listening only to the first 7 songs (it's late and I have to go to sleep), and checking out the myspace page and his personal website...!!!!!

Nonetheless, off the top of my head I can think of a few to start with...AMAZING, ABSOLUTELY BLEW ME AWAY!, WHO IS THAT SINGING? (jk), EMOTIONAL, BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL, MOVING... I love it and am so proud of all that they have done so far, and can't wait to see what's in store for their future!!!!!! It means the world to me that they sent me an advance copy!

It absolutely blew me away. Are Elipsus... gonna make it? I have no doubt in my mind. - Elyse Allen, West Hollywood Entertainment

Holy Shite, man...... I Cannot Stop listening to Elipsus tracks!
Some of the most Amazing Songs i have Ever heard. Simply Amazing vocals,...the keys are arranged so saddened and haunting....every part of the recordings add to the "atmosphere".

Some of my favorite bands are Muse, Placebo, Depeche Mode, even older synth bands like Sisters of Mercy and Nitzer Ebb....and if you mixed them all with Amazing Vocals(George Michael meets Michael Hutchence ) you might have an idea of where Elipsus... may end up.

I am Blown Away. If Elipsus EVER make it down to Birmingham AL...

APSIS, Birmingham, AL

- The Sonicbids artist APSIS, Birmingham, AL

Changing History

Welcome to Elipsus… An intertwining genius of two musicians, Fox Salehi and Brent Persia, whom both possess an intense passion towards an innermost drive to succeed.

Elipsus began with Fox Salehi, who has played live shows in Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and Oxford, UK and met Brent Persia in the summer of 2005 in Buffalo, New York. They spent nine months mastering two CD’s that eventually became, “Changing History.”

Born and raised in Oxford, England, Fox Salehi traveled to America devoting his life to making music. He possesses intense political and social beliefs, which are heard in his passionate lyrics and bittersweet melodic vocals. Fox performs lead and backing vocals, pianos, synths, drum programming, as well as being a poetic lyricist. His wish is to send a message of freedom, democracy, peace, and equality.

Fox has written: “ . . . people are the same wherever you go... the songs promote equality, protesting the widening poverty gap and the society neglecting those near or below the poverty line or in the third world . . . songs against war and prejudice, regardless of the excuse . . . songs inspiring people to open their minds . . . songs that reflect every tiny ounce of passion, conviction and belief we have.”

Fox Salehi believes that every person, place and creature on this earth deserves the exact same respect, rights and love regardless of color, gender, nationality, political or sexual orientation.

Brent Persia is a native Western New Yorker, a multi-instrumentalist, programmer, co-songwriter and vocalist, as well as being the mastermind behind the production and engineering of, “Changing History”, their 34 track collaboration. Brent is a member of Elipsus, as well as a musician in his own right. He has played venues from Corfu to Niagara Falls. He also has his own studio where he meticulously produces professional tracks.

Musically, this duo causes a stirring deep within the subconscious to rise allowing one to let go of inhibitions regarding mores indoctrinated inside of us by society. This can be heard in a track entitled, “Denounce the Pacifist” which is Fox speaking of the Nuremburg trials immediately leading into “Song For The Terrorists…”, a harrowing plea for people to rise and awake from slumber to become aware of the atrocities occurring throughout our world. The political nuances in most of the songs are attributed solely to Fox.

Brent can be heard on, “Because of You”, an offbeat bass line accompanied by an alternative vocal twist. He has another astounding song I adore, entitled, “What Did I Do?” with multiple invocations coupled with astounding harmonics.

They also do a tune called, “Fantasy”, which is one of my favorites and an instant club hit arousing intense stirrings with a deep throated spoken word voice and bass boom beat which is playful and erotic simultaneously, bringing you that London pop feel.

The title track, “Changing History” with piano as a crescendo, rises as Fox’s vocals bring you trailing higher with the background building, building allowing the listener to experience love, pain, laughter, heartache, love and regret altogether as an orchestral tribute to an extremely special soul.

For a duo, both of these musicians far outweigh conventional music, bringing you a slight twist on all genres of music. From this 31 track CD, you will find something for everyone. I highly suggest grabbing this while you can; the both of them are going to soar quite far.

Visit Elipsus at:

and at:

Brent at: and

His studio at:

Their upcoming venues include:

September 8 2007 at Club W CD Release Party
Delaware Ave Buffalo, New York
Cost: $3.00

September 26 2007 on This is NOT the Apple
ONE HOUR WITH ELIPSUS: Susan Marie presents a candid discussion with Fox from Elipsus, with guest Josh Smith, the Rated-R Rockstar, archived online at:

You can purchase their 31 track double CD for just $10, HERE:

It is also in Borders and Barnes And Noble in the Buffalo area. Ask your local Borders to order in Changing History by Elipsus... from the Cheektowaga or Orchard Park stores' local music sections in NY.
- Nightlife Magazine, Buffalo, NY

Overall: You have a very beautiful voice. I have to agree with the reviewer in your press who said you have "a voice that would make Boy George wish he were George Michael." Oddly, you do sound like GM at times—and I mean that as a compliment. There's enough variety in your music that I didn't get tired of the keyboards (sometimes I do), and I'd definitely go see your show! Your EPK looks great to me and it's awesome you have so many tracks to listen to. I definitely think you can keep building it as you get more press etc. Also, I might put the photos of you or Brent or both first, and then the photos that correspond with different songs.

Way Back Home:
Wow, I really like this. Bad lyrics can make me dislike even good songs—and your lyrics are lovely. Keyboard riff reminded me of Aha—in the best way possible!

Song for the Terrorists:
I like the lyrics… which is why the sort of happy music in the background threw me off. I get the message and I don't disagree with it, and it's certainly relevant and important—almost too important to be diluted with a catchy keyboard hook. Sometimes artists can balance message songs with amazing music and they really just hit it, but I think you're not quite there yet on this song. The last verses are the most powerful. I think that's because the keyboard is gone and it's just a good beat and your voice.

Now We Rule the World:
I think you got it better on this one.

Something in your eyes:
Hm, I don't like this one as much. It reminds me too much of 80's soft rock. The song is a little predictable, not as fresh as the other ones.

Oh my gosh, I think I'm blushing. Should I be listening to this at work? Wow. :)

The Only Way:
And we're back! This is fantastic, fresh, and I really like it!

Thanks for inviting me to take a listen. Please remember that I'm not a musician or a reviewer, and take whatever I say with a lot of salt; That said, I can see you guys really going far with your music—please invite us to your shows in Boston!! - Pamela Worth of Sonicbids

I really liked Changing History and that I was well impress right from the first hearing. Some songs grew on me and others I liked from the start. My favourites are: Changing History (a real winner, beautiful opening for the album), Way Back Home, Something in Your Eyes (so sad!), Outside, Song for The Terrorists, Follow (energetic!), Empty Oceans (this song is my number one, I love it! Your voice sounds brilliant!), Fantasy (you horny devil) and Eastern Seabord from cd 1. On cd 2 I love Lonely and November (Stef had burned the music for me a few years ago and to hear the songs complete was great), Dominoes, Anderson Brown and Believe.

If I had to choose a track as first single it would be either Changing History or Empty Oceans. I believe these two songs to be of the best you've written. Well done! There are no songs that I don't like, not a single one. I prefer some to others, but all of them are really good. Your voice is the best thing on the album. My only criticism is that I miss more energetic tracks, to dance to. But I guess Changing History is music for when you feel mellow.

So, oficially now: CONGRATULATIONS!!
- The University Of Pontevedra, Espana

Let me listen to your music: these are out of order the way I have them in my playlist are according to the artist(s) - I am also not paying attention to who did what just going by feel here.

I was just watching "The United Stated Govt vs John Lennon" . . . then came here.

1. Changing History: piano is essential, makes it powerful, this reminds me of a cry to someone you knew who was treated badly and you were there to comfort them. The music keeps rising to s crescendo as your voice does, as you become more passionate about being helpess to a situation and that piano in the background keeps going like a constant reminder of pain. It builds and builds as an orchestra along with your voice in anger and pain and regret.

2. Something in Your Eyes - The lines "I'm losing you" at the beginning is powerful. I adore this one, gave you a review on this before. It is haunting but at the same time what I refer to as beautiful hurt and something everyone can relate to - that love, lost with no answers, no closure even though you know it deep in your heart it is over, you do not wish to admit it to yourself.

In all of the songs, the music goes perfectly with your voice . . . the meaning . . . the message.

3. Denounce the Pacifist . . astounding, I love that. Then it leads right into Song for the Terrorists PERFECT . . . nice intro . . . I also gave you a review of this before too. I wish to add this is what is going on right now, our boys cannot go home.

I want to play Denounce first on the show and let it run right into Song . . . the first song played.

4. Making Peace - Good God, this is you leaving . . . the music again, is haunting with the beginning and it directly brings the exact emotions across that you meant because to me, that was a haunting time for you. Then it becomes happier, rising a bit and to me, this directly corresponds with yiu leaving, that kind of pain with your message about war . . .

5. Empty Oceans: Here you compare nature (the blue skies) with yourself and how you feel not only towards yourself but another. Someone across the sea? Yes . . . the piano is crying here along with your voice . . . awww . . . you miss this person, they meant a lot to you and still do. (the background vocals, perfect) even though you are actually letting go in this song. You feel that pain still. Again, searching for an answer, some sort of closure, a wish, to see them again perhaps . . . to say . . . look . . .

6. See If You Can Reach Me: upbeat dance like intro - Oh this will be one for the clubs for sure - another hit (even though the lyrics are quite sad) it will be a club tune for sure. Just by the beat. Is this a wish for someone to see you now?

7. A Different Corner - the piano is lovely here . . . what language is that? I am not familar with this song . . . but your voice is sooooooooooooo tender . . . Oh I just wrote of this, I just wrote of this, what is worse . . . what is worse the ugliness of the world, pain in your life or the absence of beauty, beauty leaving your life. It is beauty . . . leaving it that causes pain, we are used to the ugly. (will have to send you that write)

9. But Only In Dreams: such a tender voice . . . this is beautiful hurt again, a seriously confused person who needs to find themself - oh I know this very well, they involve you in their madness and you are the one left wondering. They may not even realize or mean it. Most times they dont. Christ, this tune is my life.

10. Revolution Outside: This is ok two things I see here and not only war and death but I also see some of your own pain in here too - from your own life . . as in your own soul, a revolution going on inside, it sounds to me as if you are singing of the world and also of your own soul.
Is there another version of this? This can also mean every single person, what they feel inside themselves . . . you speaking, I love that, it is strong, sends a message, a lot of times if someone does not hear all of the words, they will hear that and a lot of times become a kind of "anthem" that fans will may along with your songs .

The ending is lovely . . . is that both of you?

1. Because of You: there is an offbeat something here that is astounding, sounds like a bass or something. Oh wow, Brent - yes? What an amazing voice . . . reminds me of an alternative twist to it . . . this is the first time I have heard him sing and you in the background now or is that him overdubbed? Oh man, he can hit high . . this is lovely . . . I adore this, I wish to play this . . . a tribute to someone who was kind enough to hold thier hand out in love and kindness. Like a mentor but so much more than that, gosh this is beautiful. I know many people I would send this too . . . I wish I had written this. The both of you have amazing voices, what a gift. This is a hit. For sure . . .

2. What - Think Twice Radio (Susan Marie)

“Your music is all that you say it is, haunting, political, controversial. I enjoyed your voice and the music is professional. Nice work.” - Krystal Jayden

“Loved it, as I said in my email. Captivating, thoughtful, relevant, and utterly enjoyable.” Sarah Carpenter

"Song For The Terrorists is the bravest song I"ve heard written in a while.” - E-ROCK REMASTERING

“I was just on myspace listening to your new music and I really enjoyed it. I think you have an outstanding and fresh artistic ability that helps you create music that is both powerful within the notes and the lyrics as well. I am not just saying this without any expertise because I myself am incredibly interested in the arts (too bad i never went to school for it). Your music sounds great anyways and I can't wait to tell alex to hop onto to myspace and check out. I am looking forward to listening to album in whole. (ps. my favorite song is Changing History, I think its wonderful and beautiful)” Keki Hadjiski

“Yep, another thumbs up from me too. I co-sign newgeek, I hear those influences too, and those are some of my favorites as well. I think you guys are definitely going places. Everything is well done, the vocals sound good, and lyrics are fantastic, then throw in that good music, and its a recipe for success.” - do1productions

“Elipsus, your music is deeply spiritual and truthful, I am really feeling it, Keep doing your thang man. May God Continue to manifest greatness in you.…” - PG Project

“I am writing to tell you that I like your music, and I think that like you said with effort and luck, you get your record deal, and do all of that concerts in stadiums around the world, and you can change the world it will be wonderful for all and even for you for achieved that dream. I hope soon to see you in MTV or whatever, with your music, like all the way you said."
Diego Martinotti - The Fans of Elipsus...

But Only In Dreams - it is SO SO BEAUTIFUL Fox - it makes me cry and I am crying now because it brings out so much intensity... I know everyone will love it because the words and music are so emotional.

And Fantasy - WOW!!!!! I read the words a while ago - I only had time to read them once and thought they were SO sexy but also beautiful.....but when I heard the music....... my God it is SEXY Fox, it is THE sex, no wonder everyone likes it - what a surprise! - I never expected it to sound like that, it is great, you couldn't have produced it any better, really. Was it always your intention from the start to do it that way? Your voice is so sexy too, the way you sing/rap it. I think your voice is sexy in the usual way you sing, as I know it normally but it is so sexy this way too- you really, really, set the mood with this song, the way it is produced - now I know why you always say how brilliant Brent Persia is.
It has to be a BIG HIT - everyone is going to love it - God it excites me thinking about it and i've only heard it once! It is pure sex, but, and I mean this, not in an offensive way, DEFINITELY NOT offensive, you say nothing offensive in it and the way you have written the words is beautiful. If people have issues with this song, dont worry about it, you can't make everybody happy, and there are millions of people out there who are going to love it.” - Susan Van Der Merwe, the Ipswich Evening Star - Susan Van Der Merwe, Ipswich Evening Star


NORTH AMERICA SOLO TOUR: 45 states, 150 dates (30 down, 120 to go)... please come and see me live in your area between now and June! New dates announced every week! Do not miss this passionate, intense, haunting, and highly successful solo show that has been a hit all over the country, and the epic album that the tour is promoting!

Available for $10
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Lots more merchandise at the Elipsus... Music Shop.

--- A haunting 34-track double album full of unforgettable and moving pop/rock/new wave hits and soulful epic ballads, covering various genres and styles, and highly impressive mainstream-radio-quality production.

Previous Demo-only Releases:

2006 - "North Of The Midlands" (10 tracks)
2005 - "Honorary Dromedary" (8 tracks)



NORTH AMERICA SOLO TOUR: 45 states, 150 dates (30 down, 120 to go)... please come and see me live in your area between now and June! New dates announced every week! Do not miss this passionate, intense, haunting, and highly successful solo show that has been a hit all over the country, and the epic album that the tour is promoting!