Santa Cruz, California, USA
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Eliquate is a live indie / hip hop group based out of Santa Cruz, CA. The band blends the live instrumentation and DIY energy of an old school punk show with the clever samples and passionate connection of an intimate Hip-Hop set. Whether you like to think, dance, or just watch, this spectacle leaves the night open for your interpretation. Blending Hip-Hop production and ethics with the high energy of an amped-up rock show, the group turns any venue into an engaging and intelligent party.


Eliquate is a live indie / hip hop group based out of Santa Cruz, CA. Simply put they are comprised of Elliot Wright(Emcee), Jamie Schnetzler(Guitar), Cosmo Stevens(Bass), and Dan Wells(Drums). Once they get on stage however, no one stays put and nothing stays simple for long. The band blends the live instrumentation and DIY energy of an old school punk show with the clever samples and passionate connection of an intimate Hip-Hop set. Whether you like to think, dance, or just watch, this spectacle leaves the night open for your interpretation. Blending Hip-Hop production and ethics with the high energy of an amped-up rock show, the group turns any venue into an engaging and intelligent party.

Biography written by Mat Weir:

If all we have are dreams, then dream big, spits Elliot Wright, frontman and philosopher for the five-piece, California Beat Rock troubadours, Eliquate, on their latest EP, Who The F*ck is Eliquate? Packing an arsenal of rhymes that range from satirical social commentary and inner-soul searching to all-out, shake-your-ass-til-the floor-is-wet jams, Eliquates music has been charging parties up and down the West Coast since 2009. In that time span, theyve graced the stage with underground royalty such as Murs, Del the Funky Homosapien, Zion-I, and RJD2 just to name a few. But, who the f*ck is Eliquate anyway?

Unlike most MCs, Wright didnt start writing until later in his life. His love for words pushed him to jot down more than just lyrics but meaningful messages for Wrights peers to think about and connect with. The next piece of the puzzle would fall into place when a friend told him about a guy who was making beats that he might want to connect with. Wright met beat-maker and soon-to-be Eliquate guitarist, Jamie Schnetzler, one day as Schnetzler was eating some questionable-looking Chinese food. As Wright tells it, I asked him if it was any good, he said, yes. I tried it, it was, and Ive trusted him ever since.

The dream would continue to grow over the next year with the addition of bass-slappin sounds by Cosmo Stevens, the pounding beats of Dan Wells and Tanner Christiansens blend of samples and keyboard. In 2010 Eliquate released their first album, Arch Rhythm, perfecting their sound by tapping into a social consciousness greater than any of their individual selves. We wanted it to be party music with a purpose, claims Schnetzler.

Drawing influence from all musical styles, the creative quintet build an energetic, live performance that is second to none. On any given night, Eliquate will break from convention and bust into an improvised jam with Wright free-styling on the mic to every audiences amusement. Thats where Eliquates real power lies: theyll hook anyone on the dance floor with their passionate melodies and create fans with their ingenuity and insightful lyrics.

So, who the f*ck is Eliquate? Well, now you know. They are a powerful mix of music and message currently rocking down doors on their Northwest Tour. But the final question remains: what does the future hold for our gang of intellectual deviants? Two words: dream big.


Second Act - 01 - A Chalkboard's War Against Erasers

Written By: Elliot Wright

This reoccurring dream I seem to have every night
all of a sudden I'm standing under this spot light
and I can see the first 3 rows and they are not quite
Impressed with my first act yes this has got like
way more strange than the dream I had last night
I was a professional something just like a past life,
tonight the crowd seems anxious for action
I've got nothing, nothing that will meet their satisfaction
and I'm terrified I want to break down and just ask them
for the lines to my own play but I'm afraid they would just laugh then
a standing ovation toward the exit would ensue
as I choke on my attempts to work this empty room
those that stuck around felt no choice but sympathy
as if they feel a pride cause I refuse to quit simply
look for an exit but the crowd has not left yet,
face built for radio grabs the mic check, check
is this thing on? feedback says the next step
say something important come on they need that freshness
all things considered they've been rather patient
it's borderline rude for you to keep them waiting
stating this baited breath tends frustrating
so afraid there is nothing left to mend upgrading
to pretend this is me all along and I'm fading
the song I'm meant to sing now seems so degrading
so a long drawn pause now stands in it's stead
as my best song sung stays stuck in my head
amd I'm waiting hoping they will catch what was said
realizing it's a dream I decide to stay in bed

Special - 02 - A Chalkboard's War Against Erasers

Written By: Elliot Wright

Me I've always been me that's what makes me special
you you've always been you that's what makes you special too
we are a C+ average at best collectively it seems we're nothing meant to impress
this doesn't mean you're not special don't fret
this only means you're only as special as the next
the acceptance of this has a bipolar affect
the equal decreasing in value increasing the peer respect
it's a shallow talent pool so easy to see that less
is more in most cases in case you forget
there is an abundance of people to remind you and yet
7 billion centers of the universe I bet
not one of them would admit they would never survive
if the world ended tomorrow leaving the strongest alive
to be extras in a movie replaced by CGI
this story is not about them they are just a device
to prove that some of us are born to work the lights
the actors never know how much control we hold and rightfully so
let them believe it's their scene
but the crowd will not applaud if they don't see the fucking thing

with 7.6 billion people, all competing for the same depleting resources
all believing that there is no threshold, all believing that we are all special

Its so nice to know that we are all special
so nice to know that we are all exceptional
so nice to know that I am not the only one
so nice to know that I am not the only one

and who put such a high value on to being special
decided everything is paramount to be successful
invited only those they thought of as equals and then
found themselves alone at a party with all their friends
maestro strike up the crickets the night ends
the light bulbs flicker the doors locked
there is a slight tendency for me and the people I meet
to agree we are the exception the rest perception deceit
if the tree hits the ground in silence the leaves
will write a letter to others that surrounded that reads
pass it along to someone who they think you can hang
tell them to open up, one word…
the he died poor type
more fit for your time
a sore line between human beings and the fourth kind
a dream they chose me to dissect for sport I'm
just as average as the next accept the shortsighted
fact I can rap rather simply contort rhymes
capture little fragmented opinions and of course find
a way for that tree written letter
to make it a household name it doesn't make me better
so let up a little bit on your self or go get the
motivation needed to be average because It gets tough
when the median is full of people who are fed up
with being called average they had it though haven't said such.

Customers And Employees - 03 - A Chalkboard's War Against Erasers

Written By: Elliot Wright

In this life there are customers and there are employees
customers get the benefit of being naive
never really aware that constantly being sold shit
distracted by the merchandise they only want to hold it
they identify with the brands and fancy advertisements
used to the fact their personality is on consignment
all is fine inside their world no depth exists for them to find it’s
all at face value and they don't really seem to mind
ignorance is bliss but it's still ignorance
while we buy in to the cost of obliviousness
it may seem that they are getting out ahead
lest we forget cost comes back in the end
when it's time to check out they spend what they're worth
no substance has been purchased no purpose to their birth
and I am sorry as far as options that seems worse
than the burden that becomes of us spending that time at work
excuse me I was hoping I could get some help
could you include me make me feel better about myself
renew me, or at least point me to the shelf
that leads me to the point that I don’t have to ask for help

we’re all burdened with the blessing of others and
all burdened with the blessing of others and
all burdened with the blessing of others and
its in employing ourselves that ourselves are uncovered then

In this life there are customers and there are employees
employees are the people with the customers and their needs
too aware of the truth of operations the magic in the fabric is as magic as a facelift
with patience they go to work every single day because
they know that if they don't this whole shit would break up
those displays are just daily labor they are no longer phased by the glamour the escape the
satisfaction knowing that that shirt and how it fits you
is just a piece of plastic in a box we had to dig through
and we are getting tired of having to pick up after you
but on the day we retire we will know what satisfaction was
a hard days work and a paycheck to match it because
these two hands and my back are all that I have to trust
and at the end of the day I hope what I'm supplying
is worth the hype and the time that you took to buy it

New Country - 04 - A Chalkboard's War Against Erasers

Written By: Elliot Wright

A single word sometimes that's all we seem to need
to calm the nerves a validation that someone else can see
what is observed is so dependent on it's tangibility
it’s just deserved and so substandard like language we speak
rely on skin, not this time, this time its getting thin
we tend to blend our mixed emotion not knowing what it is
that makes us tick but you never know how complements can stick
be quick to pass the pass of judgment the lack of thus is ill equipped
to play follow the leader in either position picked
so to drift becomes the option and its nice to know that this
is just a fix it ticket cost for what I've lost and what I've missed
opportunities to prove to thee I'm worthy of this gift
of words, and a solitary word I can't define
its the one that makes me wonder if everything that is mine
is articulated space or just a concept of the mind
based on a matrix of 5 senses and I am trying
to make the best of this obscurity the vague position blind
what you labeled maturity insisted is my climb
its my word the reason I am pulled up by the belt
no matter how you define or pronounce it it's simply self

Its as simple as syntax that bends back control
the best we can do to express or compose or
sum up the feeling we feel when we fold
its the reason we search for the words we are told

we trust in words of encouragement, you know the cliches
we seek them need them we fiend them we need those those these days
my people, these are your people so please keep faith
in people redundancy to make the point and display
that we're all we we got so its not in our interest
to make them call the shots or subplot for our inventions
we're building a bridge just to burn it down and laugh
at each others misfortune enough effort to pass
but gassed is the net worth of that way of life at last
we're forced to work together or forever will a back
stepping be present a precedent of collapse
has set this misdirection but disaster makes a fast
selection of who is natural and those that get the shaft
but a mass of missed intention made suspension of the class
a necessity to get the best of the rest of humanity and sensibly
the rest will be left for the propensity of
tangling up that web preventing the
freedom we were so sure we'd get eventually
since the means to make our dreams are relentlessly
misused confused to make friend into enemy
I choose to shoulder to shoulder as one entity
send the best they can I have the words and what they meant to me.

Hammer And Nail - 05 - A Chalkboard's War Against Erasers

Written By: Elliot Wright

Consequence for a home that I have got to build
the doctor bill is nothing compared to what I owe the hospital
I'm not steady with hammers bang them until I've got my fill
because paybacks a motherfucker and I'm out to stop that nail
from serving a purpose other than building my structure
so I had to come down hard on that motherfucker
bang him into place
whoops another finger breaks
nail callously laughs and slowly bounces away
not to be outsmarted by a faultiness in tools
I don't fault my precision because I learned in school
to measure once cut twice placate the rules
as I hold my hand in agony I know that I've been fooled
by my hastiness and my apprenticeship like behavior
I grab another nail In an attempt to save the
little face that I have left and moreover my home
as I steady up the hammer just to break another bone

It goes brick by brick and hammer and nail,
it goes brick by brick and hammer and nail,
it goes brick by brick and hammer and nail it goes

Phase 2 lay the floor, yes I do this second
it didn't work before and you would think I'd learned my lesson
but accepting that I am not really a carpenter
I decide to replace efficiency with harder work
of art of the half assed wholehearted martyrdom
dying for a home that I have built from the start of about
20 minutes now
and I wonder that why not a house
exists before me before seems so much harder now
I'm using drills and saving my fingers
learning from my mistakes and getting much less injured
beginner faults replaced I'll have it built by winter
but alas to find my castle looks nothing like the picture
so back into my ever-growing bag of tools
trying not to start this from scratch has kind of proved
a little more difficult than simply drawing blueprints
trying to work an angle but strangled by my obtuseness

Stanley Yelnats - 06 - A Chalkboard's War Against Erasers

Written By: Elliot Wright

I took that hole yelled into it yelled back
I realized I have more holes than Stanley Yelnats
that's looking for a treasure that never really existed
I realized pleasure is derived from persistence
initiative takes more than practical magic
that feeling after it happens can't get it back but imagine
if I could actually fathom that it's the hurt that establishes
what I'm worth and the tragic part is curbing my bad habits
discern everything I build will burn
and it's the act of letting go that makes me actually learn
in turn It's the ash that makes the fertile ground firm
to grow me a new path as I walk to earn
my right to run the sun will set
on my life but fun ain’t worth it yet and bet
when that comes I will not forget
the pleasure of footing my path starts with the first step

And there are so many different ways I don't want to live
I don't want to be the kind of guy you're forced forgive
that's why these tired eyes precipitate like a sieve
boys don't cry we take that shit to the chin
define insanity by repeating mistakes
and not seeing a difference between succeeding and catching breaks
advice is a form of nostalgia take it from Kurt v
paint over the ugly parts and pass it to me please
I need a little bit of childhood to come back
a little bit of the old days for some that's
enough I don't want to live there it's nice to visit
linger long enough to actually have forgiveness
it's all a cycle like Chancy Gardener said
" being there is more than a place inside your head"
seeing bare-bone and naked the self I accept that
the walk of 1000 miles starts with the first set back

Suspect - 07 - A Chalkboard's War Against Erasers

Written By: Elliot Wright

What do I know I've never been oppressed
I've never been the victim or number one suspect
my struggle is a relative battle with my identity
I worry for those left behind
I envy those ahead of me
Struggle serves as a function for the user
a summing up of everything placed in place to prove the
merit and character of the subject in question
in this case it's me and I'm open to suggestion
let's then look at the way we gather facts
either read from a book or obtained from a class
that’s both definitions of the word so when asked
if I'm certified and what credentials I have
I reply, not much but I'm me enough to pass
at least when my last breath seeps from my gasp
my tongue will be in cheek and I'll secretly laugh
at the times I've wasted trying to get time back

My certificate is the fact that I'm opinionated
what makes you listeners is the fact that you're glad you waited
what makes me smart is the fact that I graduated
and what gives me heart is the fact that I had to make it
it's taking longer than expected
but perfection is a troublesome goal when you're so damn misdirected cover exposed and I'm gifted by the list of lessons
no wonder I chose a profession which I can address them
one by one and present them as my struggle
it's so much fun to add piece to puzzle
of what makes an Elliot lessons are not subtle
it makes my bellyache and keeps me at a constant stumble
though it's not as scary as getting shot
it's the most that I can do and the best that I've got
it's all apologies presented to you
it's your call your decision whether or not it's the truth.

I’ve had a lot of time to try and figure this out
out of mind my sight was privy to doubt
concerningly fine with positioned amount
in due time my time is inherently now
so if I look to close I fear that i’ll find
that this was mostly a waste of my time
I can’t keep focus, suspect try
to not seem hopeless hope this is mine

What We're Made Of - 08 - A Chalkboard's War Against Erasers

Written By: Elliot Wright

Indeed as I proceeded to see it so fucking be it
conceded being the reason that we stuff the defeated
I need it like human beings need breathing
and being human needs reason
and seeing fluid is teasing
the very movement is leaving
a scary feeling revealing
when I look up at the ceiling
I go nuts because it's peeling
feel the rush of 1 million
men all dressed up to be children
who filled their guts as they pillage
and look like...

if it's tough then it's real
but it's the fluff that appeals
so just trust what you feel
give it up if it steals
the abrupt at the keel
always look up as you steer
don't trust luck if it's fear
it's all a part of it because nothing is fair
I'll take a piece of every day
to arrange how my mental state has changed
brain has room for what it contains
strange I think of how behavioral chains
constrained me from framing the caption of the day
I got the same sort of stable beat thinking of a name
for inane scribbled babble from the shadow of my brain
insane we put too much value on chump change
it's all what kind of sports you are and how you play that game

We're made of substance, beauty, humanity, honor, problems, progress, vanity, squander, community, culture, family, departure with style and talent we candidly conquer

I inhale these breathes expecting oxygen
getting a third the acceptance the rest toxins
approximate the objects examine what's lost in
the breath that I take and how my lungs have been accosted
loss is a process of not being a prospect
of cancer research and I'm so fucking exhausted
this simple action took more effort than expected
I tried to take it in my lungs collapsed and I rejected
slow down this is a step towards acceptance
the air is so fucking sick that I am sick and feeling septic
I step with my check list of shit that's been neglected
this deep wheeze impedes me to breathe free infection
speed speech we means I breathe find my essence
because taking in polluted air is something that connects us
it brings us together in hailing this shitty weather
It would be better if we fixed it but I guess we are not that clever
asking favors of mother nature when we've never met her
I formulated my complaints in neatly written letters
she wrote me back and said best to get a sweater
this world is getting colder and the blood is getting redder
I told her that this cold has made me feel so weak
she told me she's holding a similar disease
slowly growing closer to her inevitable defeat
an infection in her left lung she called it
human beings

Not That Simple - 09 - A Chalkboard's War Against Erasers

Written By: Elliot Wright

scenario A: slip and fall maybe break an arm
you know nothing but the fact that you're in pain and alarmed
you go to see a doctor he fixes you and you’re on
your merry way that very day like nothing is wrong
and there is no way in hell you could have fixed it by yourself
you have health insurance so you're happy for the help
trust that the dock knows what's best for the future
when it breaks he resets it when it splits there is a suture
who could blame you for giving up on your health care
it's your safety you need it but they treat it like welfare
scenario B: see a man snatch a purse he runs down the street but passes by you first
in his free hand you notice he is holding a knife
so you think it's only money and I value my life
but being a good citizen you figure that the least
you could do is get out your phone call up the police
it's a nice neighborhood so the cops are on the scene
in time to bust the villain and promptly restore peace
trust that the officer knows right from wrong
giving up a little freedom thinking it's how it belongs

all I'm saying is it's not that simple still
all I’m saying is its not that simple still
all I’m saying is it’s not that simple
the grey space between the great space we built

scenario C: you're feeling a bit under the weather
not quite sick but thinking safe is always better
so the P.h.d relates thee
symptoms as a freeway need
for three a day implements the doctor's greed
that pushes these prescriptions
at the cost of the processing equipment
next thing you know you're crazy as Sally Fields
you trust that the pros know best how to heal
when left to the hands of professionals you yield
your agency over I attempt to make appeal
scenario D:
you are standing on a street
minding your own business assuming you are free
to mind your own business believe what you believe
but the owner of this business doesn't need to agree he
owns where you live this makes you property
plus he's got the cops to come and stop and seize
you resist, pistols whipped, you're on your knees
all of this for the sake of keeping the peace
it's a thin line connecting protection to oppression
when left to those who know best it's best to just accept it

We are so quick to assume others know what’s best for us
like we wrote that tune but don’t sing our own chorus
its a scary prospect caring for community
saying “they should have known better” is not immunity
so quick to blame the ominous vague “them”
we’re all in this together so we better make amends
if you want something done right, do it yourself
they said that they knew better we could really use their help

Honey - 10 - A Chalkboard's War Against Erasers

Written By: Elliot Wirhgt

Honey, I'm looking over last month's statements
and I got to say concerns are raising I've been making
a few calculations on our spending verse our savings
and taking both our incomes attention must be paid we
need to rethink the word need please believe me
I also enjoy that new TV
you've got to see it's not a matter of greed
we need to see eye to eye we need to agree
that the kids are getting older and soon will need degrees
not just BA's but masters that shit ain't cheap
housing, tuition, books, gas hell I'm
not sure I can get a loan I'm barely paying off mine
honey, her husband interrupted unexpectedly
I've got a plan sub prime tap that home equity
I saw it on TV Greenspan said trust
you're sitting on a gold mine called the bank of us

and now their out of habit
and now their plans failed
and now they have to have it
because it's on sale

at least we own the house
well the bank does now
it wasn't a fixed rate but hell no money down
ain’t bad when the drag and chase pace breaks how
should we celebrate I know a night out on the town
just you, me, the kids lobsters all around
not a second to give even a second of doubt
that this all will turn exactly how it should out
-of-pocket comes the reality of checked bank accounts
not at the dinner table this is celebration
working hard for our money deserves a paid vacation
eat your lobster baby don't waste it the days of frustration
and pain have been escaped
it's the land of milk and honey and money for nothing payments
standard of living doubled with no increase in wages
came home to find a note on the door that read E-V-I-C-T-I-O-N

Picture Of A Picture - 11 - A Chalkboard's War Against Erasers

Written By: Elliot Wright

Billy! His mother calls her son in for dinner
notices he's missing his coat though he knows it's winter
embarrassed she allowed him into the yard to play
she decided to remember she told him to behave
billy sang that he never had a coat that he could claim
still the saying goes mother knows best to facilitate
her own renderings maybe she was remembering
everything as it was categorizing a memory
when in truth it was never the actual events
she was recalling rather how her memory had presented
information stored that turns into present tense
so according to her the situation represents
yet another occurrence of Billy being dishonest
"now boy get your ass inside" "but mom I promise"
"but nothing it's up straight to bed
how dare you defy me I know what I said"

It's a picture of a picture a memory of memory
comprises your existence and accounts for everything
identity is a mindset subject
I'm choosing to remember this like I get
no second chances
but to romance this
past though it never happened I won't be damned if
I'm subject to my retention
I can reinvent that
I leave out every single part that is hard to mention

Billy hears his mother call him in for dinner
surprised she let him go out dressed like this in winter
it was cold she was right there was some regret
it didn't need to be said that mother knows best.
now she looks pissed as if he had just dismissed
a direct order in short the message had been mixed
her words versus
his learns hers wins
in turn this gives
him further hits
now his punishment is subject to his mothers disposition
she said that he looked fine when they were standing in the kitchen
picture of a picture never really being anything
Billy was just a kid but insisted that what was said to me
was mere reflection of life lived in the past tense
the only way to catch it is to be there when it happens
surprised by his mother's reaction life slides by remember why it's so hard to capture

She remembers, always being there for him
he remembers, her actions were embarrassing
she remembers, giving words of wisdom
he remembers, those words were abysmal
she remembers, his bright future
he remembers, that home couldn't suit ya
she remembers, always keeping him warm
he remembers, never being warned she remembers her own memory
he remembers, all she was remembering
she remembers, a bittersweet end and
he remembers, all he can pretend

Skin - 12 - A Chalkboard's War Against Erasers

Written By: Elliot Wright,Abacus

It takes a certain type of knuckle dusting
cleared them from the sucker punching
substance out the picture with elixirs of unjust obstructing
sucking down the liquor of the picture-perfect trust of nothing
served to me in bottles but I'm reckless so I swallow stuffing pockets of tomorrow in today we live it up to cut the
ties to anything that takes the second-guess confessed to just bring me a step closer to accepting with the bounce infected
records don't spin or get broken for the record set it straight
a check update for all of my influences
that move me to pursue the path they chose and improve it
evolution is a product I’m the product of this music
the fluid in my lungs is a tribute to the truest
education I've escaped by making my institutions
work for me worth the fee was never told to do it
to keep cheap talk embarrassed compared to unique's
that look at us like we're homeless we don't have to prove it
it's the risk that makes this life worth living
and this is fucking it so tonight we're all forgiven
sit back exist inside of this rhythm
because the gist of this is your happiness is our privilege
deliver us from evil, evil is just a myth
believe it or not it's all intentions so we give
the best to you because you're worth it like we strip
the awkward conversation relating to you as if
we've known each other for years we're family bring it in
beholden unto your peers and never-minding of skin.