Elisabeth Blair

Elisabeth Blair

 London, England, GBR

Elisabeth is a Michigan native, based between London and Chicago. As a singer and songwriter she has developed a distinctively haunting style that's been refined as she's honed her craft in the folk music communities of Chicago and London.


Elisabeth Blair is a folk vocalist and songwriter with a wide pallet of acoustic expression, ranging from her own original songs to bluegrass and traditional folk music. Her voice has been described as haunting, and as having an Irish-tinged lilt.
With a background in visual art, she seeks constantly to collaborate with writers, puppeteers, actors, and filmmakers. In addition to her own original acoustic songs. She recently created her first solo demo album, Country of Origin. She also writes, arranges and records commissioned multi-layered vocal pieces for theatre, puppetry, and magic performances, and recently completed a full children's audio-book style album with narration and original music; a collaboration between herself and London-based magician Christopher Howell.


Duck Duck Goose

Written By: Elisabeth Blair

you know I once went to the sea
I had to go away
everything in this book may be wrong
everything in my head may be wrong

I will grow and stay or go
but right now I'll believe in this
and in the situation
perfect and full of mistakes

duck duck duck goose
oh god whose
light is this - is this yours?

all of these distractions
I'll take them all away


Written By: Elisabeth Blair

Boom boom boom
I am a waterfall around whom
crowds gather
I will lose, have lost, was wiling to throw
my sense of direction
into the ocean

and I cried when the train pulled around and away
I said 'I will come back someday'

I've held this singularity
I've kept it to myself
My generosity has taken the shape
of snowballs in God's face
and he is perhaps pissed
or has lost his patience

sometimes I can see the blood and the gold
as colors in the kaleidoscope

Lights lights city ship boom
beating out the smooth what and when whom
until my questions become a song
unsatisfied crowds throng
and catch me with their glances full on
so that as I walk around I hear
'are you her? Are you her?' and
'Are you that one?'

and sometimes I hear nothing from anyone

a woman needs a room of her own
a woman needs a room of her own
boom boom boom

but we all must evolve, we must evolve
however godawful slow
deep sea convections over 10,000 days
a rising up of direction
to take or to steal
to obtain by any known means

and we - who are we?
we are the Madrid and Paris overflow
jet streams crossing longitudes
we are little children clutching little maps
hoping for a reward
or maybe for something colorful to burn

but now it's time I suppose
to love myself despite my allowing these things to always occur

they say that the canyon must love the river
I will live my life in this fever

and I'll stop trying to invent a cure
but I'll hope for one anyway
since hope is the most productive bit of the game

I left the ocean on a train
holding onto a drawing
of an empty wooden cup
now I am all grown up
I am all grown up
I am all grown up
I am all grown up

Halifax Explosion

Written By: Elisabeth Blair

"Where am I, where am I?"
he said
"Where am I, where am I?"
he said

I told him I didn't know
I don't know why I said that

"The Lord have mercy on me"
he said
"The Lord have mercy on me"
he said
"What will my poor children do?
What will my poor children do?"

I should have not allowed
myself the chance to voice this

I am myself with you
and if anything around us raises flags,
hoists sails
with quick hands I know
the shocks of the moment would be flung by you
into the streets


Little Bird

Written By: Elisabeth Blair

oh lord, the same things keep happening
vines along my walls
I forget to water them all
and the fog rolls by
and soaks them through
with pieces of dew

there was water in my hands
held to a little bird's beak
feed the bird and take good care
feed him too much and the bird will fall

come rest with me on the fenced off wall
and don't make me leave the vicinity
where I dropped this little bird
don't make me
don't make me

the people, they want me, for something, I don't know
but I have only some songs to show

lover, you fell and it's my fault you know
I dropped you and then there was a hustle and bustle
and I was on the ground
trying to find you, little bird

oh lord
the same things keep happening
come on, help me lord
to sing

trying to look like I don't really care
singing songs, looking up at my hair
simple little lyrics and a nonchalance
a little bit of angst and a story of haunts
bad dreams

the other morning and I promise you it's true
I woke up saying 'oh my god' for you

To Be Alone

Written By: Elisabeth Blair

to be alone is okay
on the river and elsewhere

to be on the ground is worth it
is worth it

this is what it costs to be free
to be allowed to hear the waves break

though alone, they break

I listen and I am home
I'm home, I'm home

though alone, alone, I'm home


'The Warehouse Recordings'
A low-fi set of DIY recordings made in a warehouse in a hidden corner of London; some of the songs are improvisations. To be released July 2010.

'Christopher Howell's Magical Island'
A music and story album for children based on London magician Christopher Howell's live performance, featuring 5 original songs.
Released January 2010.

'Country of Origin'
9-song demo album. Entirely homemade, it includes songs inspired by the Halifax Explosion of 1917, the martyrdom of Joan of Arc, and the Futurist movement, among other bits and pieces. Released in November 2009.

'what do words know'
5-song EP released by folk noir duo House & Bird, July 2008.

Many more songs, especially those which were born of collaborations and which do not currently exist on any album or compilation are available in streaming format at www.elisabethblair.net.

Set List

Orriginal music, but also occasionally traditional folk tunes. Set can be anywhere from 25 mins to 2.5 hours.