Elisabeth Lohninger

Elisabeth Lohninger


Nervy, fresh and somewhat recklessly Elisabeth Lohninger approaches her musical endeavors. A thrilling performer and writer, she lends her "rich, passionate alto" (Jazz Improv Mag) to an ecclectic mix of original songs and covers.


"..one of the best vocal jazz recordings this year!" allaboutjazz.com

"A rich, passionate alto“ and “A haunting alto of controlled force” , that is how critics describe Elisabeth Lohninger’s voice. Lathered on lusciously all over her new release “the only way out is up” (Lofish Music, 2006), it catches the listener by surprise with its sheer sonority and smoothness. Having lent her vocals to a very diverse range of releases over the last ten years, Elisabeth Lohninger is not only a seasoned, polished singer but a vocalist with tremendous depth and range.
An internationally touring artist, Elisabeth Lohninger has performed at Festivals and jazz clubs in the US, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy and Slovakia, with performances at world renown jazz clubs such as A-Trane (Berlin), Porgy & Bess (Vienna) and the Jazz Standard (New York).
Born and raised in Austria, Elisabeth started her performing career at age six, singing Austrian folksongs in three-part harmony with her sisters. Driven by her musical curiosity, she soon ventured into other stylistic directions and studied classical music and jazz, finishing her studies with a Masters degree in music and English Language and Literature. In 1994 Elisabeth Lohninger relocated to New York City and teamed up with pianist Walter Fischbacher to co-found the duo "Perfect Roommates". This collaboration resulted in a much-lauded CD called "Austrian LiedGood" – a cross between Austrian folk music and jazz - and concerts at American and European Jazz Festivals (such as Texaco Jazz Festival, Chopin & Friends Festival/NYC, Jazz Festival Seeon/Germany). Her pop-soul album "Alien Lovers", released in 2000 under the alias Tera further portrays her stylistic versatility. Further collaborations with Walter Fischbacher led to an album comprised entirely of electronica chill out tracks, which were featured extensively in the daytime drama “One Life to Live”.
Elisabeth’s first film score for Helena Smith's short film "I'm Thursdays" promptly received the Wasserman Craft Award for Original Score (awarded during the First Run Film Festival, NYC) and led to other film scoring projects such as Ms. Smith’s short film “No Verbal Response” and “A Dogday Afternoon” by New York City writer and filmmaker Claire Moed. Additional TV credits include writing songs for shows such as “The Precinct”, “Alias” and “General Hospital”. Since 2002 Elisabeth Lohninger is a faculty member at the prestigious New School Jazz Department in New York. Her 2004 CD with the title “Beneath Your Surface” (Lofish Music) garnered a flock of stellar reviews, while her brand new CD “The Only Way Out Is Up” draws from jazz, pop and drum&bass, creating a mood that is exciting and emotionally charged while staying completely authentic.



Written By: Elisabeth Lohninger

darkest hour before morning
we have found each other's arms
swaying and swooning to a silent rhythm
not a care but to dare love's wicked charms

trust me to guide you in the darkness
let me show you were my dream of beauty sleeps
it is not a place that can be found in daylight
nor a room to which you'll ever hold the keys

tonight you and i are entwined and we are one
my love, don't let go, hold me tight until the dawn

when the sun reaches your pillow
and the night has shut it's secrets away
i'll be gone, a mere strange memory
where a long lost love once lay

The Only Way Out is Up

Written By: Elisabeth Lohninger

The only way out is up
The only way out is up
The only way out is up
Better get up and get your butt out of the mud

You’ve landed a crap shoot in a loony penny arcade
You thought you played it smart, thought you had it made
But your fate took a left turn, undeniably for the worse
Looks like it’s gonna start raining through the sunroof in your hearse

Woe is me woe is you, lost your edge, now what to do
This ain’t over till, you know, fat lady makes her ‘ado
Times they can change, look a u turn straight ahead
But if you stay on your butt, you might as well be dead

Welcome to the land where murphy’s law is king
Where madness abounds, and your only sin
Is to keep licking your wounds where life spat you out
Mope all you want, but defeat is not allowed

Don’t get me wrong I know just how you feel
You’ve been round the block, you have refined your spiel
But there is no such thing as having paid one’s dues
Life is wacky, life is crazy, a derailed minor blues

The Weather In New York City

Written By: Elisabeth Lohninger

I walked down Avenue A
a blizzard pounding away
snow fall in New York City
guys wearing plastic bags for shoes
shrinking into coats, but no use
cold wind blows without pity

it's so amazing, exhilerating
as cars drown in snow and there's nowhere to go but

out in the middle of Avenue A
where the cross country skiers all day
bless the weather in New York City

You never know what the weather brings
oh no you don't

As The Tides Turn

Written By: Elisabeth Lohninger

a stale morning puts an end to a bleak darkness
as we sit and face the truth
a room filled with discarded words, a broken future
can not contain what we have lost

too late to reach across the gap between us
we have to let it go
the time has come and gone to see what's missing
at the end of this night I am alone

who is to blame?
do we name names
as monsters of our past
rear their ugly heads
we truly believed
that you and me
could be us until the end

as the tides turn
as the tears burn
it becomes clear to see
that it's not you and me


Elisabeth Lohninger: The Only Way Out Is Up (2006)
Elisabeth Lohninger Quartet: Beneath Your Surface (2004)
Elisabeth Lohninger: Zarah Lebt Anders (EP, 2003)
Teradox: If (Electronica, Chillout, 2003)
Tera (alias): Alien Lovers (2000)
Elisabeth Lohninger, Walter Fischbacher: Austrian LiedGood (SBF Records, 1998)

Set List

my typical repertoire is mostly originals from my albums, with occasional jazz standards thrown in and re-arranged.