The Gatorbone Band

The Gatorbone Band


Rich and diverse story tunes are what Elisabeth Williamson brings to the table with a voice that rings with honesty and experience. Her many years as rhythm guitarist and banjo frailer serve her well as she accompanies herself on her compositions written and performed from the heart.


I've performed for the last five years or so in the group, VTW, Valla Turner/Thomas Williamson) now known as Gatorbone, out of my home state of Florida. Recently, my own songs have finally sprung forth.


I am in the process of working on my first solo (with a lot of wonderful help!) project of 15 original tunes. I have most recently appeared on the VTW project. You can check that out at under VTW. I have also made guest appearances on several artist's recordings including among others, Larry Rice. I sing lead and harmony vocals as well as play rhythm guitar and banjo. I work frequently as a backing singer in studio recording projects.

Set List

I have only ever played songs that moved me somehow or meant something to me and that's been fulfilling. My sets are now liberally sprinkled with originals as well as tunes written by my many heroes and heroines, the list is LONG.