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Elisa Flynn

New York City, New York, United States

New York City, New York, United States
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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"This Woman's Work: Elisa Flynn"

With many years of experience already behind her and a burgeoning career surely ahead of her, Brooklyn-based musician Elsia Flynn proudly releases her first solo EP, Dimestore Mary.

This five song set introduces Flynn as a talented guitarist and songwriter with a distinct penchant for lo-fi deliveries and old-school punk stylings. The result is an addicting collection of music, both raw and rigid in its execution. And something tells me that's exactly how Flynn wants it.

Fans of artists like Barbara Manning won't be disappointed. - Womenfolk.com

"Elisa Flynn, "Dimestore Mary""

High energy folksy pop abounds! Elisa Flynn calls to us from the borough of Brooklyn. She brings us that urbanized folk with authority carefully crafting each note with dramatic grrrl rock not far behind. An independent thinker who manages to really write some damn engaging tunes, Elisa Flynn is an artist who embraces alternative rock from the ‘80’s and ‘90’s putting her own unique spin on it. Fun! - smother.net

"Elisa Flynn - Authentic and Stunning"

Since we announced Elisa Flynn as a Radio Star in March, we have become ever more endeared to her work. People pause to ask "Who is THIS?" when we play her songs. Her music lingers, like the soundtrack to now only vaguely familiar moments of the past. - Church of Girl.com

"Concert Review: Elisa Flynn at Union Hall 12/17/07"

The songs on Elisa Flynn’s myspace page throw off some sparks, which was what brought us here in the first place. Backed only by musically diverse drummer Anders Griffen, Flynn sputtered and then caught fire, doing an impressive job under adverse circumstances. Nursing a cold with a pint of Guinness, she still sang terrifically well, casually, without a hint of affectation, which was even more impressive considering that for some inexplicable reason the drums in the small downstairs room here are miked into the sound mix. Even though Griffen clearly had a feel for the room and played with a considerable subtlety, there were times when he drowned her out. Obviously, it wasn’t his fault.

Flynn at her best has a great sense of melody along with a fondness for minor keys. Most of her songs are lyrically-driven, pensive and darkly reflective, yet rock with a guitar-driven bite. They’d probably have sounded more fully realized if she’d been playing electric instead of acoustic tonight. She may play under her own name, but she’s definitely a rocker. Her tunes match the mood of her lyrics. On more than one occasion tonight she proved how effectively she could turn a minute change in the melody into a pivotal moment. Unlike a lot of indie types, she likes dynamics and knows how to use them: no jarring barrages of noise during quiet moments, or vice versa. The mood of the songs varied from the somewhat bizarrely amusing Turtle King to the thoughtfully rustic Big Sky. Her best number was a burning, staccato rocker that unexpectedly turned the verse/chorus dynamic on its head, the anthemic verse going down into a quieter refrain and then back again...
See her next time out and you will probably be in for as beguiling and promising a show as she played tonight.
- lucidculture.wordpress.com

"CD Review: Elisa Flynn "Songs About Birds & Ghosts""

Listening to this cd - Flynn’s second solo effort - the first thing that hits you is what a damn good singer she is. The phrase “indie rock song stylist” may sound like an oxymoron, but that’s what Elisa Flynn is. Confident and matter-of-fact on the big rockers, she brings it down to a wounded mezzo-soprano on the quieter songs, with a casual vibrato that trails off effortlessly. Flynn’s thoughtful, frequently dark songwriting gives that voice plenty of opportunity to soar and glimmer throughout a mix of scruffily clanging, upbeat guitar-driven fare and slower, more sparse material, often in 6/8 time and minor keys. Lyrically, she balances wry, smartly literate, frequently sardonic humor with an undercurrent of unease. This is the kind of album you want to put on the ipod and let it grow on you as its layers fold back and reveal themselves. There’s a lot to get to know here.

The cd kicks off with Timber. It’s a big, bounding, characteristically wary anthem that builds on from Flynn’s sharp, incisive choral work to a fiery crescendo on the chorus, drummer Anders Griffen getting the next salvo started with an evil cymbal crash. “The house has fallen down around our ears but I still live here…I’m not afraid of the crashing sound,” Flynn resolutely insists. The album’s second cut, Normal is a requiem, its ghost skipping across the room along with the song on the record that plays in the background, Flynn explains. With its skittish rhythm and early REM-ish guitar, Kathleen is another ghostly tale, this one decidedly more playful.

I’m Afraid of the Way I Go Off Sometimes is actually a lot more direct, less tongue-in-cheek than the title would indicate. Big Sky follows, wistful and pensive with Jose Delhart’s minimalist banjo over a muted, twilit rhythm section and an absolutely gorgeous, optimistic vocal. The most striking song of the cd’s ten tracks is an Egon Schiele homage, a 6/8 noir cabaret number flavored with spooky, terse piano and bells. The plaintive ballad Lost at Sea gives Flynn a chance to cut loose and wail, and she makes the most of the opportunity. The cd wraps up with the beautiful harmonies of the aptly titled Shine, maybe the only song to namecheck Fourth Avenue in Manhattan (or is it the one in Brooklyn?). Songs About Birds & Ghosts ought to resonate with fans of the A-list of smart indie rock women: Feist back when she was a cool guitar player, Thalia Zedek, Jennifer O’Connor et al. Look for it on our 50 Best CDs of 2009 list at the end of the year. - lucidculture.wordpress.com


"Songs about Birds and Ghosts" - released Nov. 2008. "Timber" and "Big Sky" are from this album.

Dimestore Mary - tracks from this 2006 EP have been played on Church of Girl Radio, Radio Crystal Blue, and many internet radio sites. ("Float" and "Turtle King" from this EP)



Elisa Flynn grew up in Yonkers, NY, and after taking years of classical piano lessons, discovered the Clash, and her life was changed forever. She decided it was her destiny to play punk rock guitar, but had no idea how. (This was illustrated in her role as a founding member of noise rockers the Bunny Brains.)

A few years later, she bought a $70 sparkly red copy of a Teisco del Rey guitar in a run-down Main Street music shop, and began her musical career in 90’s Danbury, CT, a small city with a robust local music scene. Learning as she went, she took up playing with a vengeance as a member of Freakbaby (later called Jet Jaguar), a roiling punk and free jazz-inspired combo, for 6 years.

After moving to Brooklyn, Elisa spent 2 years in The Happy Ending as a guitarist and singer, but when the band split up, she took this as a sign to change direction and go solo. After taking voice lessons from Shara Worden (My Brightest Diamond), she took her stronger voice and headed out with an acoustic guitar and a suitcase full of effects pedals. Her first EP, Dimestore Mary came out in 2006, and was called a “collection of songs raw and rigid in execution,” by womenfolk.net, with “impatience, anger and frustration find their way into her smartly crafted, mid-80s style lo-fi songs,” by lucidculture.com and “the world needs more songs like this,” on americanauk.net. She has played solo shows in many New York City clubs in the last three years to growing audiences.

Elisa Flynn's songs are like birds' nests--woven through with interesting and shiny bits. She collects situations and images the way other people might collect things, and then she turns them into songs that have sonic range and depth. Her voice is a big and wholly original soprano soaring over plaintive picking and vigorous strumming. In her lyrics, her dark sense of humor comes through in the story that makes up each song. In articulating the thoughts of a care-free serial killer, or conveying the secret terror of a woman in the Donner Party, or the thoughts of black birds flying towards the heavens, she shows her gift for articulating her characters' thoughts.

My first album "Songs about Birds and Ghosts" is coming out in Nov. 2008. Recorded at Emandee Studio in Brooklyn by Mark Ospovat; features Anders Griffen on drums.

See also: myspace.com/elisaf, and elisaflynn.com