Eli Santana & the Beastiality Boys

Eli Santana & the Beastiality Boys


Succulent Pop/Rock on a bed of Thrash/Metal served with a Progressive Garnish. Eli Santana represents the Triumphant Return of the Guitar Hero to the Pop World.


2004 Northridge, Ca an elderly woman fears for her life.

Lifetime Channel Movie Re-enactment or the Birth of Southern California’s Greatest Thrash/Pop Solo artist?

While attending a student songwriting showcase at Cal State University Northridge an elderly woman finds herself straddled by a young Eric Estrada look alike and to the horror of some and delight of many is force fed a lightning speed guitar solo played from behind the young rocker’s neck. Ladies and Gentlemen: I give you Eli Santana.

First known as the charismatic Lead Singer/Lead Guitarist in some of San Diego’s most entertaining Metal/Hardcore bands, Eli Santana the solo artist is now able to fully deliver his vision of Catchy Pop Melodies and virtuosic guitar heroics on top of high energy Rock n’ Roll. Santana is backed by Chris Morris on Keyboards, Richie Chase on Bass and Nick Terry on Drums. Collectively these talented musicians are known as the Beastiality Boys, the pride of the SoCal music scene. With comparisons ranging from Led Zeppelin to Muse and Def Leppard to Faith No More Santana has dedicated himself to producing a body of work filled with action packed, palatable originality.

“I didn’t want anything but to rock a hole in the pretentious bubble…” explained Santana after hijacking some out of ear shot performer’s slot and singing “…is that a keg in your pants ‘cuz I’d like to tap that ass” (lyrics from crowd favorite “Tappin’ It”) in front of hundreds of aspiring songwriters at the members only Taxi Convention in Hollywood. Like a Dark Comedy, Santana’s lyrics are a light hearted approach to expressing his deepest thoughts and feelings. In “the Search 4 Johnny Drama”, Santana expresses the frustration of being a classically trained guitarist with a freshly earned college degree who can’t even get a job at Starbucks. Or in the song “Proximity Infatuation” (which found a slot on Extreme Sports DVD “Smorgasboard” and radio play on LA station KLSX) Santana speaks of running away with his dream girl (now girlfriend) who he has sustained a relationship with via e-mail for years.

“You know you’re bad ass when f*cking Steve-O (of MTV’s Jackass) throws you the horns” yelled mid song by bassist Richie to Eli while pointing out the adventurous TV star in the packed and prestigious Whisky A-Go-Go while opening for the Atomic Punks (world’s greatest Van Halen tribute band). Leaving their mark at such venues as LA’s Whisky, Cat Club, the Knitting Factory, Palladino’s and San Diego’s Squid Joe’s, Belly Up Tavern and MiraCosta College with their arena rock style drum, keyboard, bass and guitar solos, crowd sing alongs, “vibe setting”/movie samples and crowd photo sessions. “He’s one of the best front men I’ve ever seen” said Palladino’s owner Jimmy D about Santana’s performance at his club.

With the release of “the Go Deep EP” now in its third run due to sales at their live shows the Beastiality Boys have made the popular CD available on itunes and CD Baby. Eli and the boys have also agreed to embark on their first tour this summer put on by Critekal Entertainment and plan to record their first full length album upon their triumphant return. So begins the quest to bear a mainstream crown on a throne of Rock n’ Roll.


Proximity Infatuation

Written By: Eli Santana

You couldn't script this if you tried
With every volume of fiction on your side
Angelic Surprise, Equipped with Blue Eyes
Can Planets Align even if it's Thursday? (Oh Well)

Despite My Non-belief and Logic's Explanations
A sigh of fake relief because "I'm not trying"
Weave these events to boast a Random like Precision
Leading me to you

If I may, Steal you away
Just need a moment of your time
Let's schedule a day, like maybe today
To flee the scene, just you and me girl
We'll try out different lives for size

So ends the trailor of my future favorite feature
No near premiers only selected theaters
Coughing up butterflies, a symptom of excitement
Which has caused dismay

Sweetest Irony is taunting me with interstates
Let's wash these time zones away
Cyber Soul mate I don't think that I can wait
To move this screen and have you "ravage" me


Sweet without the sour, would never taste so sweet
I've been living off of sour, Now let me taste some sweet

I'll savor the flavor you are, indulge in every sense
I'd savor the flavor that I'd be a slave for. It's True.


Test Drive this life because
Our next chance to dance might be
"another life when we are both cats"

Go Deep!

Written By: Eli Santana

If the Silver Lining in a Haystack Hiding
is still glamorous and garnished with a garantee
I'd have the Haystacks Burning, Arm Tropheys Purring
Give a two week hint, my final stint with Norlmalcy

I won't be Proud enough to say
I hope that's Me Some Sunny Day
And if Hail Marys aren't fufilled
I couldn't complain but I will

If the Trail of Bread Crumbs wasn't meant for Millions
Why do Millions go;
"I know there's Gold in them there Hills"
On a Giant's Shoulders I'll be dropping Boulders
On those who'd Dare use Tested Air and Follow Me


One Switch for Light
The Low Dim we thought was Bright
Time for this Bulb to Stretch it's Eyes
And Realize, that No-One else is lighting the Way

(Ridiculous Speech inspired by Mitch Hedberg R.I.P.)


The Search 4 Johnny Drama

Written By: Eli Santana

All I've built up, just to wind up
with a View beSide the Ocean
An Angel's City shows no Pitty
for a Quest without Ambition

Dead Empire, It's just me again
Untold Story documenting
The False Start Odyssey

Marching from Ground Zero
Reset my Origin
Day Job for a Hero
Apply Within
To see if I can build it up again

Repetitious, So Ficticious
are my reasons for this Freefall
Learned my Lesson about guessing
Which of these Doors makes Immortals



It seems so far away
and getting futher everyday
and the Farthes was Today
I bet you anything you say;
"I knew that it would end this way. With you. Alone.
Waiting for a chance to be Nothing Short a Miracle"




The Go Deep EP (2006) - Solo
The BR-8 Sessions (2005) - Solo
Kyzer Sozay- Into the Deadlights of your Eyes (2005)
Shrike- Destinos (2003)
GlowBull Scar- It's On! (2001)
GlowBull Scar- Against the Grain (1997)

Set List

40 min. Set

Rain Dance
The Cocksmen Anthem
The Search for Johnny Drama
Tappin' It
Sufragette City (David Bowie Cover)

Proximity Infatuation