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The best kept secret in music


"Billboard Magazine"

SKINNED BACK: We love the fact that singer/songwriter Elisa Peimer tells it like it is in her songs. The woman simply does not mince words. For proof, all one needs to do is investigate her first full-length album, "Shed This Skin."

The project offers a truly gorgeous array of nicely crafted songs that are underlined by lyrics far smarter and more clever than your average confessional pop. Peimer has developed an appealing vocal style that sees her glide with notable ease from white-knuckled belting to seductive whispers.

Peimer has earned high marks for taking her music to the clubs of New York. She's become a staple at venues that include Mercury Lounge, Fez, Arlene Grocery, and CB's Gallery.

Adding to the artist's increasing profile is the use of two cuts on the album - "Leaving Here Tomorrow" and "Lullaby" - on the daytime dramas, "As The World Turns," "Another World," and "Guiding Light."

- Larry Flick

"Indie Music"

WOW. This girl is talented. Elisa Peimer, from New York City, is able to successfully combine her folksy, country, ballad sound with a touch of classy soul and turn it into a smooth-sounding CD. Peimer’s CD, "Shed Your Skin,"has gotten considerable airplay on NYC stations and she supplements this with frequent, popular appearances at bookstores and clubs. I can hear strains of Indigo Girls and Paula Cole in her story-telling vocals that leave you wanting to hear more and more from her.

Type of Music: soft folk with a pop-py streak

Hometown: New York City

Highs: The first track is an incredible use of gentle-sounding vocals that speak some great lyrics. This where I first heard the Indigo Girls’ influence that she pulls off in a big way. The beautiful piano beginning on "Close" pulled me into a song that is a simple love ballad with a twinge of country woven through it. In every track, Elisa’s gentle voice flows over the well-meshed guitars, drums and bass from her excellent band. In "Driving in the Rain," Elisa describes perfectly the feeling you feel when you’re driving just to drive, as if driving will take away your worries. On "Last Train to Baltimore," a soul-packed ballad with
southern blues written all over it, I had to check the CD cover to make sure it wasn’t a cover of some 1930s blues single.

Lows: As the Elisa progresses, she will vary the styles of her songs even more and continue to bring several musical genres to her songs.

Favorite Lines: "You didn’t want to jump because you didn’t want to fall" is a great line from the first track, "Lose My Way," that perked up my ears and made me want to listen to what she was talking about because I think everyone can relate to that statement.

Who would love it: Lots of fans here, I think. Fans of the Indigo Girls, Paula Cole, and any other earthy girl singer will fall in love with Elisa’s easy-to-listen-to sound.

Foes: Elisa Peimer is not going to win over any Megadeath or Metallica fans, but then again, she doesn’t want to.

Keep your eyes open for this Elisa Peimer, but, more importantly, buy her debut album "Shed this Skin," which she’s plugging in NYC to rave reviews. She getting some airplay around the country, so after you check out the CD, call your local new music station and tell them to play some Elisa Peimer.

- Maureen Keller

"East Coast Music Publishing Newsletter"

I'm rarely impressed by an artist, but I was blown away when I heard Elisa Peimer. I would not be surprised to see Elisa on a major label soon! If you want to hear some great music, I suggest you go out and buy Elisa's 4 song CD, which is self-ntitled Elisa Peimer and her full length CD entitled "Shed The Skin". This is some of the best music I've heard this year.

Elisa Peimer's style could be compared to artists, such as Jewel or Sarah McGaughlen in genre, however her songs are stronger lyrically, vocally and musically. I found on Elisa's first 3 song CD "Leaving Here Tomorrow" to be a highly moving ballad, which I was compelled to listen to time and time again. It came as no surprise that Elisa's had a great deal of success with that song in film and television. I recently listened to Elisa's new CD entitled "Shed The Skin". This CD was full of cleverly written songs that were highly commercial and relateable. I felt Elisa took me through a roller coaster ride of emotions with her highly visual lyrics that we can all relate to, but are written in her own unique way. Her voice is strong and beautiful at the same time.

I loved all the songs on the 13 track CD "Shed The Skin" and could see any of them becoming radio hits. My favorite track is track 11 "Damage", this song is very cleverly written and most people can relate to going out with someone who is "damaged". It is a rock song with moody tempo changes. It's an all around wonderful song. I also loved track track 4 "Cellar Door" a song with a driving force and written in a unique poetic way with wonderful tempo changes, track 3 "Close" and 13 "Cracked" are beautifully sung ballads, and track 7 "Driving In The Rain" is another favorite of mine, but they were all wonderful songs with top hit potential.

I have no doubt Elisa will be a big star! Remember her name, because I'm sure she's going to be huge! In fact when I speak of her, I always say she's going to make it in this business. I rarely listen to music for shear pleasure due to the large amount of music we listen to, but I find myself listening to Elisa's music and really enjoying it. Do yourself a favor and check her out, you'll be glad you did!

- Mary Ann Thomas


EP - 4 song ep
Shed This Skin - 13 song album
Transparent - 10 song album

tracks from all albums have been played on broadcast and internet radio


Feeling a bit camera shy


Never one to mince words, singer/songwriter Elisa Peimer has cultivated a rare talent of weaving interpretations of personal experience with alluring pop melodies, flavored with a unique dose of rock, country and folk. With a voice that moves effortlessly between a shout and a whisper, Elisa expresses a surprising tone of idealism, self-discovery and empowerment in songs that are a celebration of the universal human experience.

Her addictive songs have been called “truly gorgeous” by Billboard Magazine and "impressive" by CMJ. Elisa and her band have just released their third studio album, “Transparent,” as a follow-up to their critically received CD, “Shed This Skin,” and their initial effort, “EP.” “Transparent” was co-produced with John Kurgan, whose credits include work with Sting, Stanley Clarke and Stuart Copeland, as well as production duties with Neil Dorfsman (Sting, Dire Straits, Paul McCartney). It’s a unique enhanced CD release – it contains a full-length video of Elisa’s song, “Turning Circles,” as well as a web link directly to Elisa’s web page. Elisa’s songs have garnered national press and radio airplay across the country, including one of the top radio stations in New York City – The Scott And Todd Show on WPLJ.

Elisa’s music has had a wide range of exposure - independent films (“Voices of Inspiration” airing on UPN in New York City and indie film “Babydoll” Forever), charitable compilations (“It’s About Eve” benefit for breast cancer research and “We’ll Carry On” benefit for September 11 charities) and nationally distributed music samplers (Step Magazine sampler and Oasis radio sampler). They have opened for KC and the Sunshine Band, and their moving, intimate performances have earned them a steady local following at New York City clubs including Mercury Lounge, Fez, Arlene Grocery, and CB’s Gallery. With each performance, she gains new fans while continuing to enchant her loyal audience.

Elisa’s music has made quite an impact on the online world as well. She is featured on several popular online music sites, including mp3.com (where she was voted “Song of the Week” on Women of mp3.com), and LoudEnergy.com (where she’s in the Top 20 Pop downloads). Elisa was also featured as an “Unsigned Beauty” on iVillage.com, the top women’s website in the country. Her album, “Shed This Skin,” was voted one of the Top 25 albums of the year by INDIEcator.com.

Elisa was a recipient for the past four years of an ASCAP Popular Award and is an approved member of the national independent women’s music collective, Indiegrrl. She also has licensing deals with Columbia Tri-Star Television, the Oxygen Network, Muzak and MTV.

“Beyond the difficulties we face in life,” says Elisa, “there’s an undercurrent of joy that, to me, is best expressed through music.”

Judging from the buzz that is growing around this new artist, that philosophy has obviously touched a nerve.

Elisa Peimer is one artist on her way to becoming a household name.