Quimper, Bretagne, FRA

A musical journey betwenn the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean


Elisa Vellia
Grèce-Bretagne / GR -FR
Greek song celtic harp

Between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean,
between her native ground, Greece, and her ground of
adoption, Brittany, the greek singer-harpist weaves her
own musical universe.
Elisa Vellia was born and grew up in Greece. Her love for
adventure and discovery found her leaving Athens for
London where she discovered the Celtic harp. Her musical
journey brought her to Brittany where she settled, as the
ideal place for her to express her own music, one with no
After a second album of personnal compositions Ahnaria,
Elisa Vellia proposes us a new interpretation of antique
greek music with the harp : « The walking woman » (Le
chant du monde -Harmonia Mundi avril 2011).
Elisa Vellia chant harpe, Bruno Sansalone clarinettes,
Christophe Gauvert contrebasse


« La Femme qui marche » Chant du monde/HM - Release 14/04/2011

« Ahnaria» Chant du monde/HM 2008 sélection Fip

« Voleurs de secrets » Chant du monde/HM 2005
Fip Selection, Best seller in World 2006 for "le Chant du Monde"(Harmonia mundi)

Set List

1 Apano stin triandafilia 4'14
2 Mia Smirnia sto parathiri 4'06
3 Kalinihtia 4'05
4 Pause à Hios 1'04
5 Anathema ton etio 4'02
6 To tragoudi tou andrea 3'55
7 Exi Epta kalogries 3'34
8 Amygdalaki tsakissa 4'02
9 Pause à Samos 0'54
10 Mes tou onirou tin skia