Elisha Jancik
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Elisha Jancik

Long Beach, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2021

Long Beach, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2021
Solo Hip Hop


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Elisha Jancik is no stranger to struggle and overcoming hardship, beginning with his first near death experience as a baby almost drowning in hot water having been left alone in the bath tub. He would be rushed to the hospital with 2nd degree burns all over his body after being found curled up under the pure hot water pouring out of the faucet. “I wish that was the worst part” he says. Injected with morphine for the pain and wrapped in bandages he’d just stare off into space, unresponsive to his father who would scream in his face. “From that day my parents rejected me, convinced that the morphine made me mentally retarded. My parents are deaf and extremely insecure and narcissistic so the thought of having a mentally disabled child was intolerable.” 

His mother would abandon him a year later to care for deaf children as a dorm supervisor while his father left him alone in their trailer (paid for by his grandmother) or to roam the streets alone as a toddler while he was away using their welfare checks to feed his addiction to PCP. “Before I was born my dad had already been in two comas from overdosing on Angel Dust and was convinced that he was Jesus Christ. He was insane, my mom left me with a monster who wanted the welfare checks. It took me years to realize my mom played the victim while all she really wanted was to be with other deaf people and to be an alcoholic.” Elisha recalls, “I remember being on training wheels trying to keep between the solid yellow lines in the middle of the street as cars drove slowly around me.”

Discovering Tupac at 9 years old, Elisha began using money he earned from selling candy and trading cards on the school bus to buy his albums. “I believe he’s the reason I’m alive today,” Elisha says, “Nobody talked to me like Tupac. Even though it was through CDs, he showed me it was ok to acknowledge suffering, to be angry at injustice, to believe in better days, to 'fight' with the pen, and most importantly to have faith in God."

One day when he was 14, listening to the “R U Still Down” album (while on acid), he took a green felt tip marker and a legal pad and began to write. “I don’t remember what it was about but I was dealing with the shame of starting High School living in the barn behind the remains of a house we lived in that burned down and the loneliness I felt.” He recalls, “It came out as a rhyme that filled the page. It was like medicine, a way to get poison out of my soul.”

At 18, Dancin’ Dana, a top 40 radio station DJ in Wilmington, North Carolina invited him to do commercials but after only one commercial Elisha's legal troubles would cause him to move to Texas, convincing the judge to let him try going to the deaf college where his mom worked as a guidance counselor. After only a few months being there he got into trouble again but was able to transfer his probation to California where he found a job. 

At 23, a boyfriend of his then girlfriend's roommate, Alfie, invited Elisha to meet his close friend, a producer out of Los Angeles who worked with the Outlawz. This was his dream. However, Elisha’s first son was born just before the meeting was to take place and, though he was no longer with his first son’s mother at the time of his birth he was there when he was born. Holding his son in his arms and wanting a better life for him than he had, he decided to leave hip-hop and selling drugs to be “legit” as he puts it making quotations with his fingers.  

In his hiatus he would find success in sales and marketing, later becoming a public speaker and business consultant. Only to come full circle, because of the lockdown, back to his first love, hip-hop. This time equipped with entrepreneurial skills to start a record label along with his wife and “favorite producer” KastleQueendom.

Having been diagnosed with Complex PTSD from childhood trauma just recently, only now making sense of his feelings of shame and alienation from others, he hopes his story will spread awareness about mental health so that others might be able to recognize the effects that trauma has had on them and how to begin the path to recovery knowing they're not alone. Using his first language of American Sign Language (ASL) to include the deaf community as well he has founded DeafBoss. His goal is to equip the deaf and their children, hearing and deaf with the resources and support to improve their lives as well.

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