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I recently sat down -- and I use the term sat loosely, as I more stood hunched over a folding table in the parking lot behind KC's Music Alley -- with Fredericksburg locals Nate Compton, Kirb Compton, and Nathan Thomas, or as they are better known around here, Elisium. It wasn't a very glamorous setup, but the lack of glitzy accommodations is not to be misinterpreted. Elisium has more stage presence than many bands than I've paid much more money to see. Their lead vocalist and guitarist, Nate Compton, says that their band name originated with a term from an atomic model of the origin of the universe. He says that Elisium is basically, "when music and life are the same thing." They realize the strong connections they make between music and life, and want their fans to get the same experience while listening to their music.

Drummer Nathan Thomas adds that, "Elisium equals The Matrix." Elisium's musical influences and changing tastes have helped their sound evolve over the years. Initially, they were most influenced by grunge rock such as Nirvana and the early Offspring. Their sound evolved as they became more interested in metal and hardcore influenced rock such as the Deftones and Korn. Other musicians who influence them, or that they just have a great deal of respect for include Chevelle, Karnivool, Fair to Midland, Pink Floyd, The Doobie Brothers, and ZZ Top. They say that their sound is frequently compared to Tool. Bassist and backup vocalist Kirb sums it up by saying that they are influenced by, "anything and everything that is solidly produced and well written music." He also jokingly adds that the sixteenyear- old solo artist, Justin Bieber, is his hero.

Their respect for well written music comes across in their thoughtful and though provoking lyrics. They view song writing as a collaborative activity. They start with a guitar riff or a bass line and just build on it together. Nate Compton says that "we don't believe in the one-person-writesan- entire-song philosophy. None of us are Roger Waters, although secretly, I wish I was." Their song "Seldon" has a particularly eerie back-story coming from an activity in Nate Compton's high school sociology class. The students were sharing stories of important events in their lives when his friend Scott told the story of his younger brother's death. Scott's younger brother had a dream in which his grandfather, who had passed, appeared at his window and told him that he was going to die at camp that summer. The child relayed this dream to his parents, so they did not send him to camp that year. Later, he and Scott were riding their bikes on Camp Seldon Road, where he was hit by a car and killed. The way that Scott relayed this story really touched Nate, and inspired him to write the song Seldon. Nate said they wanted to create a song that was "more or less about trying to understand the experience of loss, having not experienced it ourselves." Shortly after the song was released, a close friend and impromptu band manager passed away after a similar dream premonition, which Nate says was "a very significant moment in the history of the band."

Although they classify themselves as a "dark rock" band, in that they don't write songs about happy topics, when they play live shows they add in some up-beat covers. Recently, they have incorporated their version of Men Without Hats' "Safety Dance." Kirb says that covers like this are chosen by "random accident. We toyed with a couple of ideas, but it is really hard to do a rework of a song, because you've got to bring the original song to the crowd with your own take on it."

The Fredericksburg trio has recently released their first album, Things They Carried, on Itunes. Nate says that "everybody should buy it, because they have broken brakes and may die in their tour van." They have upcoming tour dates listed on their site at http://www.myspace.com/Elisium. Nate adds that if you come to their shows, "you get to see cool music, get sweet deals on merch, and free hugs."

From the perspective of someone who has seen Elisium play live many times, I can tell you that in addition to free hugs, expect a lively and entertaining rock show. Every performance that I've seen has been unique, and consistently of high quality. I have on occasion been to concerts where the band sounds good in their recorded music, but disappointingly off pitch and sloppy live. This is definitely not the case with Elisium. Their professionalism and extensive practice show with their crisp performance and amazing vocal harmonies. It is obvious that they truly enjoy playing, and they make all of the hard work of composition and performance look effortless. I would advise you to go and experience their live music and meet these down-to-Earth, funny guys, before they blow up like their hero, Justin Bieber.
- No Apologies Magazine

Elisium - Fredericksburg, Va

These guys hit the stage first with energy and vigor showcasing some of the best talent of the day. Even though they went on first, they bused in some of their fans and had a great show. Easily the best band of the day, both in energy and unique sound. Their cover of “Safety Dance” just kicked ass. The DJ admits being a fan of the band, however they put on a stage show and set list the showcased their talent well, despite going on first. - TheMusicHotwire.com

I was getting weary, waiting for Elisium's set to end. They were the final band of the night. Earlier in the evening I met Junior, their drummer. I told him I wanted to interview his band after their set, but Jesus I had no idea it would be that late. I did not pace myself for such work. Their Tool influence rang strong and proportioned, but my night had reached its pinnacle. I took too much. Slouched in a lawn chair, I watched as Mark tended grill. As I waited for the meat to darken, Elisium's set came to an end. Shit. What timing. I was hungry, tired, and didn't think I had it in me to make it back out to interview another band. I looked at the grub and had to make a choice: either eat this food, pass the fuck out, and hope Elisium forgot that I asked to interview them in the first place; or suck it up, skip the meat, and be a man of my word. I chose the latter. They broke down their equipment only to discover a journalist half-passed out, sprawled across a couch behind the stage with his hat over his face. The voices in my head manipulated my legs to raise from the couch. I worried that my slurred and potentially irrelevant questions would find them insulted, but they were pleasant with me and a somewhat-informative chat ensued. Believe it or not, they have been playing together since back in '97 and travel all around Virginia. They've played Alley Katz, the National, Jaxx, and the State Theatre just to name a Sharps Sessions by RBarsantifew. Their album titled Things They Carried is available on iTunes and Amazon. If you're into Tool, then you'll like Elisium the next time they're in your town. How's that for late night reporting? It must have been three AM going on six. I couldn't tell. I went back to my campsite, ate three hotdogs, and kissed the moon goodnight. Day one over so fast? Nostalgia was already setting in. - Magazine 33

Baltimore, MD (Hard Volume Records) - Hard Volume Records is proud to announce the signing of progressive metal band ELISIUM.

The announcement was made today by Hard Volume President Joe Natoli. 'We are extremely excited to be working with an artistically ambitious and commercially successful band like Elisium,' says Natoli. 'Their music resonates heavily with their fans and we are looking forward to releasing it to a wider audience.'

'This partnership is a great fit for everyone,' says Elisium vocalist, Nate Compton. 'Hard Volume has an amazing team and we're confident they'll do a fantastic job with our upcoming releases.'

Elisium whet the public's appetite for new material earlier this year. During the trio's Summer 2005 tour, the band has been incorporating unreleased material into their nightly sets. Elisium and Hard Volume have started pre-production on the band's next effort; recording will begin November 3 of this year.

Elisium is the second band signed to Hard Volume in the past 6 months, and Natoli says the label is currently looking at three more bands to add to the label's roster. However, he stresses that Hard Volume emphasizes quality over quantity.

'I have no interest in the typical label approach,' he says, 'which is 'let's find a moneymaker and then sign 30 bands who sound just like them.' Doing so only burdens the 3 or 4 bands on a label that truly have talent. So we're going to take our time to find bands who are truly unique and truly talented.'
For more on Hard Volume and Elisium, visit hardvolume.com or elisiumrockshard.com. - top40-charts.com

E L I S I U M, the 3-peice band of brothers from Fredericksburg, VA has just inked a 1 album deal with Baltimore's Hard Volume Records.

Hard Volume Records has produced bands such as Forwardhead who's progressive style and unique songwriting have set them apart from the pack.

Work on E L I S I U M'S forthcoming album will begin upon completion of the biggest show E L I S I U M has played in our 7 year history as a band - It's so big, WE'VE CHARTERED A 55-PASSENGER BUS to take folks to the show and back.

This is a crucial moment in the E L I S I U M story, and we want as many of you to be a part of that as we can. Please help support us here as we take on the challenge of bussing 50 of our closest friends and fans to Baltimore's premiere venue - The Recher Theatre.

Show Info:
Safe Home: A Concert to Benefit Abused Children
Saturday, October 1st 2005
The Recher Theatre, Towson MD (http://www.RecherTheatre.com)
6pm - 12am, E L I S I U M at 8pm
$10, All Ages
E L I S I U M'S Chartered Bus Trip!
Ticket includes:
- Show Admission
- Bus ride to and from the show
- Free Lunch on the bus
- Free stuff from Elisium and Hard Volume Records
Bus leaves promptly at 5pm from Rt. 17 Commuter Lot (Exit 133 toward Warrenton off of I-95)
All Ages, All Inclusive tickets - $20
Tickets available online @ http://www.ElisiumRocksHard.com/html/html_store.html or by phone at 540.287.8767

For more info on the show: http://www.HardVolume.com
For more info on the bus: http://www.ElisiumRocksHard.com - Fredtalk.com

Saint Diablo, Elisium, Eyes on Fire, and Say Yes will perform at Birdy's Bar & Grill in Indianapolis tonight, Monday, May 18th.

Saint Diablo is a Virginian Latin metal band, complete with gnarly double-bass chugging and what looks like a bunch of rad jimbes. Check out this video for yourself and then get your buddies riled up and come out to Birdy's tonight to catch the real deal. Unless you're yella. - Examiner.com | Indianapolis

Hard Volume Records has announced the signing of progressive metal band Elisium. The announcement was made my Hard Volume President Joe Natoli. "We are excited to be working with an artistically ambitious and commercially successful band like Elisium," says Natoli. Their music resonates heavily with their fans and we are looking forward to releasing it to a wider audience."

"This partnership is a great fit for everyone," says Elisium vocalist Nate Compton. "Hard Volume has an amazing team and we're confident they'll do a fantastic job with our upcoming releases."

Elisium whet the public's appetite for new material earlier this year. During the trio's summer 2005 tour, the band has been incorporating unreleased material into their nightly sets. Elisium and HArd Volume have started pre-production on the band's next effort and recording will begin November 3 of this year. - MetalUnderground.com


EP - "Becoming" - Released 05.22.12

iTunes Single - "AGV"
iTunes Single - "Safety Dance"

LP - "Things They Carried" - Released in 2008 by Hard Volume Records, available on iTunes and other major digital distributors.



ELISIUM is a 3-piece band from central (Fredericksburg) Virginia. Their sound is a unique blend of dark rock, and modern metal. Most often compared to Tool and Chevelle, ELISIUM sounds huge for only being 3 guys. Vocalist/Guitarist Nate Compton, and brother Kirb Compton on bass hold down the harmonies with ease, while Nathan Thomas (called "Junior") on drums keeps them in line.

Having shared the stage with mega acts like Chevelle, Flaw, Days of the New, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Straight Line Stitch, and Nonpoint, ELISIUM is no stranger to operating at the professional level. They have toured independently through 12 states, and have markets that grow every weekend.

Their first album, "Things They Carried", was released on Baltimore based Hard Volume Records in 2004, and their latest EP "Becoming" was released in May 2012 to great reviews. Currently managed by Lafayette Garage Band Booking (also manages Saint Diablo) ELISIUM is looking forward to conquering more and more markets, and making even better music.

ELISIUM is dedicated to the idea that music is more than just entertainment, and that our lives, and the very fabric of the universe are united by rhythm and vibrations and harmony. With song lyrics and themes ranging from determination, reincarnation, and man's many attempts at describing the universe, they are not afraid to tackle serious themes in powerful ways.