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Out of this World Annointed Crunkness, Straight up Preaching on beats! Messages for the world and the Church! always ministers first and let the world have superstardom.


Elite was fomred in 2006 by two Southern style rappers, "T" and "D", from Gainesville, GA. The duo met in 2002 and had been doing secular music together on and off. In 2006 they found a new reason for living, a relationship that would change their lives forever, CHRIST; After they got into the holy hip-hop genre things have been incredible for their music and their lives all together. The Duo have been offered numerous oppritunties and stumbled at times, but, got back up.


in 2006 they released their debut album Sweat the Gospel, with hit singles like "Crunk 4 the Lord", "Shak'em off" and "Find my way". They are currently working on their sophomore album to be released in late 2009 with hits, already taking the internet by storm like "We Rich", "So Fly", and Movin' feat. JJ Evans.

Set List

we usually do 45 minutes to an hour.
our set list usually consists of the following tracks:
Crunk 4 the Lord
shakem off
we rich
so fly
put on
praise on
find my way
hard times
and many more to choose from that we just randomize on occasion.