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Elite Jessie James's music is a smooth blend of Hip Hop and R&B. It's Radio friendly with the commercial ability to reach several different demographics. Whether you're a Old School Hip Hop fan, fan of gangster rap or enjoy a little softer music to set a romantic mood, try Elite Jessie James!


When you take the commercial sometimes humorous nature of Kayne West, add the soulful creativity of R. Kelly, coupled with a demeanor that reminds listeners of Scarface you have the smooth musical sound of Elite Jessie James. The "music" itself has propelled ELITE JESSIE JAMES into the Top 20 Hottest Demanded Performers for 24 weeks on Billboard.com.

With over 600 new fan request a week, Elite Jessie James was declared winner of the Eventful/Summerfest Battle of the Bands Demand Competition. Eventful is the leading events website which enables its community of users to discover, promote, share and create events. Eventful's community of users select from nearly 4 million events taking place in local markets throughout the world, from concerts and sports to singles events and political rallies.

Elite Jessie James is currently set to begin an album promotional tour for his debut solo project entitled "The Reason Why The Block Don't Sleep." While touring in the cities the "Demanded" a live performance Jessie will serve each community where he performs by providing community service, speaking to troubled youth and filming local talent. The documentary video of the tour will be debuted at SXSW Film festival.

ELITE JESSIE JAMES style can best be described as narration of life, set to music, that relates to a wide audience. He is an intelligent artist that has an unique propensity for meshing thoughtful lyric-driven rhythms with catchy melodies around social as well as political issues. Jessie has a flexible storytelling delivery matched with lyrics that consistently compliments the music making for a complete song with easy listening ability that has reached audiences of every age and demographic. Why not? With a double major of Music Production and Music Business this singer/lyricist has also produced and engineered other instrumentalists, bands, vocalists, and other rising artists that expands over 10 different genres of music over the last seven years.

ELITE Jessie James was bred for the music business. Jessie's lineage as a singer/composer began with his father Johnny Mitchell. Johnny was an exceptional singer who performed during the preshow fights of Muhammad Ali and on platforms with the Staple Singers, O'Jays and others. Elite Jessie James spent the early years of his childhood traveling the country with his mother and a gospel group until he was nine. Jessie James began singing at age 3 which in itself was remarkable since doctors had to clip his tongue to enable him to speak. Jessie was first featured on an album at age 6. This propelled him into the theater where Jessie performed as lead singer in many musical plays. This is where Jessie found his love to perform. The stage is where Jessie James has his most unique quality which is the ability to connect one on one with each individual in a crowd.

Jessie served as a member and also elected president of the Hocking College chapter of Music Entertainment Industry Students of America or M.E.I.S.A. Elite Jessie James continued to tour through out Ohio delivering his brand of Hip Hop and R-n-B with Tightly Rolled Entertainment to venues such as Peabody's and the Wild Coyote in Cleveland Ohio, The Cleveland Music Festival, Blue Gator and Casa Nueva in Athens Ohio and various county fairs, city events and charity based performances. Elite Jessie James also received great reviews for an impromptu performance at SXSW in Austin TX.

In addition to being an artist who writes, performs, produce and engineers his own music, Elite Jessie James also is a soul touching inspirational speaker. It doesn't matter who the audience is Jessie connects with them on their level and delivers a powerful message about life from a centrist point of view. Jessie speaks about self awareness and purpose, sociology, fulfillment in giving to the community and a consistent renewal of mind state. In 2010 Elite Jessie James will be releasing a book entitled "Knowledge Is More Powerful Then Money" Elite Jessie James is also staring in the independent film "Son Of an Unknown Legend" or S.O.U.L with a projected 2011 release.


Just My Type

Written By: Jessie James

Chorus: You’re just my type. The kind of girl I like. Baby girl lets keep it real. Ooh I know the deal. You already got a man. He can’t love you like I can. Baby girl you’re just my type. Stay with me tonight. And I’ll keep you satisfied.

Verse 1: I like your style, how you walk, how you smile, lady you should spend some time with me. How that sound? We could talk for awhile; you can tell me all about you can tell me all about your secret fantasies. Then try them with me. We’ll make it happen, candle lights cameras action. All week we’ll keep it crackin with days spent relaxin vacation in Aspen, shop pop tags on the latest fashion then hop in the jag with navigation action. Dip to the pad basically what I’m asking is for you to stay with me for a night full of passion. I got the recipe for guaranteed satisfaction. Strawberries, whipped cream, bubble baths. Now turn around let me tickle you up on that. I know you like that, you gone love this. So much ice, make you feel like it’s Christmas.


Verse 2: Now slow down love. I’ll pound until you say that’s enough, it ain’t no rush. I’ll lick and rub until your tender to touch. Then all of a sudden switch up. Different position ain’t no limiting us. From various maneuvers Karma Sutra. Like Windsor Pilates, I’ll work that body. And put it all on tape so we can trace the steps, to recreate the greatest sex. Below the waist I’m the best. With the ins and outs, I know the paths the routes. I’ll make the rounds flood the streets downtown. And I’ll give it to you any way you want it right now. And it all starts tonight you’re just my type.


Verse 3: We’re off in the tub giving back rubs. With bubbles stacked up bubbly in our cups. LaQuay and Maximus singing when we making love. I make her love come down when I stroke her up. And when I touch back down to town kiss and hug. I want to be the one you’re always thinking of. What you want to do now? Ain’t no stopping us. Ooh girl you wild I like it and plus

Bridge: You’re my type the kind of girl I like. Baby girl lets keep this real. Little mamma you know the deal you already got a man he can’t love you like I can ohh girl you’re just my type shorty stay with me tonight and I’ll keep u satisfied.



The Reason Why The Block Don't Sleep

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Just My Type
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