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New York City, New York, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Duo Electronic R&B




"The Deli Magazine (NYC)"

Listed in the Best of NYC 2017 Issue in the Alt Soul category.
Listed among the top 50 Emerging Artists in NYC for 2017. - The Deli Magazine (NYC)

"EDM artist Eli Tyler drops "Lover""

EDM artist Eli Tyler drops "Lover"

“Lover,” the latest release from NY-based EDM artist Eli Tyler combines the pop-writing prowess that Tyler has become known for, with creative off-beat sampling to produce a massively catchy track that still feels true to itself. Tyler’s raspy, understated vocals play deliciously against the full force of the visceral hooks in his choruses, resulting in a tune that will pitch a tent between your ears and not budge anytime soon after. Check out “Lover” streaming below. - Olivia Sisinni - The Deli Magazine (NYC)

"Indie Week Editor's Picks"

Thursday October 11

Who: Eli T
From: Singapore
Why: One of Singapore’s most eligible bachelors according to Cleo Magazine. Eli T has a soulful voice with a ruggedness and tone similar to Anthony Kiedis. If pop music with a bad boy image rocks your boat then rock with Eli T.
Where: The El Mocambo 464 Spadina Avenue Toronto, ON M5T(416) 968-2001
- The Scene Magazine

"Eli T. Nominated for Yahoo! Singapore 9 (Entertainment)"

Eli T. is Singapore's premier electro-pop artiste, touted as Asia's breakout electro-pop act of 2012. Proud to be the only Singaporean artist signed by a distribution company in Korea, Eli also has distribution deals across the USA, Canada, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

Previously a producer for E.M.I Southeast Asia and his own enterprise Zai Studios, Eli marries his expertise in music production and arrangement with his soulful vocals. His debut album, Revolt, was produced in 2012, causing Eli's fanbase to soar to 33,000, with fans all over the world.

Revolt has garnered Eli two nominations (Best Solo Artist and Best Singer / Songwriter) in Hollywood's Artists in Music Awards 2012, and a nomination (Best Electronic Artist) at the New Music Awards 2012 (Canada).

During his Revolt World Tour in July, he and his team performed at many prestigious international events and festivals including the Mosaic Music Festival (SG), City Showcase (NZ) and Men's Fashion Week Asia (SG). They will head to Toronto in October to perform for Indie Week 2012.

He has put Singapore on the music and fashion world map through coverage on international mass media platforms like Fashion TV (Worldwide), Hawkes Bay Today (NZ) and the Napier Mail (NZ).

Eli might be a fresh face in the local music scene, but the worldwide infiltration of his music, performance and style proves that he's not just a new kid on the block. - Yahoo! Singapore

"Eli T. @ Men's Fashion Week Asia 2012"

Eli T. on Fashion TV (Men's Fashion Week Asia 2012) - Fashion TV

"Electro-Pop Singer/Songwriter Eli T. is a supersize hit with music lovers all around the globe"

Electro-Pop Singer/Songwriter Eli T. is a supersize hit with music lovers all around the globe. The artist has been nominated for 2 awards (Best Singer/Songwriter, Best Solo Artist) at the 2012 Artists In Music Awards in Hollywood, California. Eli T. and the Revolt Team have merged together to bring to the stages across the world exciting, fun, and extravagant performances. Recently, Eli T. spoke with our publication about music, fame, fortune, and other matters of the heart in this ultra-cool spotlight. Here is what formulated from this auspicious online meeting. Enjoy!

Isaac: Thank you for allowing us to interview you in this format. It seems like the world is excited about all of the great new music. What are you most excited about for your music in 2012?

Eli T.: Catharsis. I've been writing and producing behind the scenes for some time now with much skepticism for the music industry. Sound maps have progressively converged into a blur. Asia in particular favors oven-baked cookie-cutter conformists. Talent is secondary to technology and Artists don't do it for the art anymore.

But that is all about to see a change. Biting the bullet has set me on a crazy journey I can't even begin to describe.

Isaac: Which label would you prefer to sign with major or indie, and why?

Eli T.: A label that allows me to retain my artistic integrity. That is paramount. I can't even tell you how many doors have slammed shut in my face because I refuse to assimilate.

Isaac: Do you consider yourself an indie or DIY performer and why?

Eli T.: I am the creative director to my own team of 12. You decide which box to put me in.

Isaac: Do you feel that the media supports DIY performers/bands/artists enough? Why or why not?

Eli T.: Sure. Though often the wrong ones from what I see. It's a chicken and egg game and you just have to emerge the duck.

Isaac: In your opinion, what are your thoughts on how the most unusual place you've ever played a show or made a recording impact the qualities of the show/recording?

Eli T.: There are no excuses for a crappy performance. These demands are something I deal with every day.

Isaac: I am interested in knowing if in what ways does the place where you live (or places where you have lived); affect the music you create, or your taste in music?

Eli T.: Born in Singapore and living in Canada has caused a cranial crossfire as far as music is concerned. I've got the soul of the west but heart of the east.

Isaac: What can you tell our publication about the last time you wrote a song? What can you tell us about the whole process?

Eli T: Music and lyrics invade my mind perpetually. Sometimes I get bombarded by whole productions. I walk around singing phrases and hooks into my phone. Perhaps I just have too many opinions so I purge it in the studio.

Isaac: If you knew that you would never gain fame and fortune with what you are doing now, would you continue to make music? Explain.

Eli T.: Fame and Fortune, are the last two reasons why anyone should make music.

Isaac: Do you have a strong support system with your family and friends? How do they help your financially, emotionally, spiritually, etc.?

Eli T.: My brother helps me build some of my costumes. My Dad is my mentor and my mom is the strongest woman I know. I thank God for them every single day.

Isaac: As you continue your own path for making music, do you find yourself getting more or less interested in seeking out and listening to new music made by other people...and why do you think that is?

Eli T.: Music is what I love. I just discovered Lorn less than a week ago. I just heard Azealia Banks' new track last night. Listening to new music makes me feel like a kid in a candy store.

Isaac: As far as your influences, what would you say are the musical periods or styles do you find yourself most drawn to as a listener?

Eli T.: I'm into the old with the new. Like a sitar in a dirty electro dance track or a harpsichord in a glitch track.

Isaac: What is the best site/s that you can be found on the Internet?

Eli T.: Good ol' facebook.com/tuneintoeli. Our shows, updates and such are posted there. My managers also manage (pun intended) much to my bemusement to snap a picture or two of me work once in a while.

Isaac: The floor is yours; final words…..

Eli T.: It's you and me against the world. - Junior's Cave Online Magazine

"Interview with Eli T."

Who’s Eli T.?

A madman from outer space.

How you got started in the music scene?

The CEO of EMI South East Asia heard one of my demos and hooked me up with a sub-label. This was a few years ago and there’s a new CEO now. I’ve also left the label.

You always wanted to sing and play this type of music?

I write, compose, produce and arrange. That was all behind the scenes.

Now that I’ve embarked on a different journey, there’s much I want to do and this is a first of many.

What are your music influences?

People like Common, Erykah Bahdu, John Legend and Joss Stone inspire me. These days I find myself listening to Lorn, Monarchy, Brad Walsh and Hurts.

How was it to work with Wang Lee Hom (Multi-platinum selling Taiwan artiste) , Wilber Pan (Multi-platinum selling Taiwan artiste) and The Gorillaz (Un-released EMI remix of their smash hit “Feel Good Inc.”) and Royston Tan?

Nothing like my first hit with Pop-Princess from the Philippines Sarah Geranimo. I can’t begin to describe the feeling when we started seeing lyrics, videos, and countless fans singing along with her.

What else do you do besides music?

There are other things to do besides music?

So you are hitting the road? Can you give us some insight, details and what can fans expect from this tour?

The music from the album has been updated and mixed. We’ve also added some new material and we’ve upped the ante with the new costumes and display formats.

What has been the funniest moment you guys have been or took part while touring?

Someone wore their pants inside out.

Are there any more plans for the near future?

We’re heading up to Napier, New Zealand to play the City Showcase. Gonna make a stop in Australia after. Then, the plans are to head back into Asia for a bit before we head up to Toronto.

What’s your method at the time of writing a song?

Music and Lyrics invade my mind at their own will. Sometimes a whole production will play in my head.

I usually sing it into my phone and I run into the studio.

I have one too many opinions and I need to purge.

Do you guys feel you are moving on the right direction?

I’m inclined to say yes, but who really knows. We’re working really hard, but the fans make it all worthwhile.
- Vents Magazine

"Eli T.: The Revolt Show"

As the lights at the Singapore Arts Festival went off, a group of seemingly unearthly beings went up on stage and started on their fluid choreography to Eli T.’s “Dancin’ With Fire”.

Everyone waited with bated breath for the star of the night, Eli T., who all but strutted up on stage in an all-black ensemble featuring an embellished blazer. Immediately bursting into song, “Dancin’ With Fire” made even the most chronic cynic of electro-pop sit up and listen.

It was “A Love Like This” however, that featured his talent at manipulating synths as well as his sensual voice (which reminded me of David Cook) that melted the hearts of those present, judging by the collective sigh I heard from the crowd.

“Hear Me” was an interesting change from the first two songs. Underneath the trippy synth tunes was a ballad that tugged at the heartstrings of the audience. By this time, people who were strolling around Esplanade Park stopped and listen to the phenomenon that is Eli T.

He then went on to my personal favourite of the night, “Prototype”, this time dressed in a shoulder piece reminiscent of the outfit Adam Lambert wore when he performed with KISS during the American Idol finale. “Prototype” has a tune that sounded oddly familiar, yet so foreign. A song about daring to be different, the synths and the rhythm of the song guarantees a spot in your head for the next few days.

Eli sure knew how to play to the audiencee. Completely changing the mood of the concert, he performed “Imaginary” where halfway though the song, he went off stage to sit right next to an ardent fan, presumably making it the best night of her life. Unlike other songs off Revolt, “Imaginary” showcased his voice and emotions. This song, he admitted, was written during the darker periods of his musical journey.

The Canada-raised singer even took some time in between his songs to explain the story behind his debut album, “Revolt”, which is an album about standing up for what you believe in and fighting to be heard.

Playing through “Thunder”, he announced the end of his set – to the dismay of many. “I don’t want it to end either, I’m sorry,” he quipped before launching into this last song, “L-over”, which I feel had a mandopop vibe. “L-over” also had everyone’s eyes all but latched onto him as he showcased — for the last time that night — his dance capabilities. And just like that, an hour and seven costume changes later, the show that proved Eli T. means business was over.

All in all, it was an extremely entertaining set at the Esplanade with amazing choreography, top-notch vocals and psychedelic lights. We look forward to more of his stuff, when he comes back from his regional tour in November.

Eli… who?
Eli T., the local independent electro-pop artiste to watch out for.
- Moshin' Mag

"Monday Music Musings: Eli T."

The first thing that hits you is his ice-blond hair. Noticeable from a distance, the shock of the his hair dies down as you realise how well it frames the strapping lad as he attracts curious looks from bystanders. Maybe it is/was a marketing strategy or a product of an adventurous experimentation, but nonetheless it is pretty clear that whatever it is, Eli T. has got our attention and he has no intention of letting it go.

This 29 year old singer and songwriter has been no stranger to the local music scene. You may recognize him as the young man splashed over public buses that have been traversing around the roads. Eli can thank this advertisement to his participation in the Singapore Arts Festival short film ‘I Want To Remember’ directed by local film director Royston Tan. Primarily used to inspire and promote the Singapore Arts Festival, Eli has been splashed on bus ads, banners and all sorts of memorabilia that helped him to launch his voice in the Singapore entertainment scene.

But before he took the music industry by storm, he started out like any musician by meddling with instruments. Starting young with the piano, he graduated into voice training with the choir and the school symphony orchestra playing the flute, oboe and saxophone. Yet, it was the underground music scene during his schooling years that stole his soul. Leaving Singapore for Canada to complete high school and university education, Eli took the unconventional decision to complete his education before venturing into music.

He has no regrets about completing his education though, “Everything happens for a reason and the way this album (Revolt) is approached has been thought through. And it is a body of work that wraps up so much of my experiences.”

Despite having been in front of the camera, Eli has also made himself known in the music industry behind the scenes. Eli was responsible for some tracks that he worked with Filipino singer Sarah Geronimo and has caught hearts of many overseas.

And in an attempt to explore how music could be used for education, Eli started his production company Zai Studios. There, he wrote songs for The Ministry of Education, and did various other music related projects with schools. During this time Eli also produced tracks for Singapore Idol, Taufik Bautisah, Singpost, and in by late 2009, Eli had his first taste with with a major hit song.

Eli is more than ready to introduce his music to the world. Armed with a new EP, Revolt is a collection of stories by Eli that speak of self-expression. The album cleverly mixes his soaring vocals with an intricate blend of electronic music and folk elements. Perfect for any time of the day, its message is very clear to the listen. It is a call to everyone to stand up for who you are and to not be afraid to be just the way you are. Through the collection of songs, Eli brings his own brand of electro pop that not only aims to speak to you, but will also blast from your speakers and into your sneakers.

Delivering his own brand of electro pop into our local airwaves, Eli does not seem worried that his music might be too bold for local listeners. “The album is called Revolt and it is a call for everyone to be exactly just the way they are.”, mused Eli. “I wanted to reach a lot more people to help that realize that they are not alone. Sometimes I see friends and they seem a little lost, and find that they lose a sense of direction. And that is what this album stands for, for letting people know that it is alright to be lost and you just got to stand up for who you are. I wanted to offer a different stand for people, and that is the greatest motivating force for this album.”

With the Mosaic Music Festival at the Esplanade under his wing, 2012 has taken Eli on a new adventure with the debut release of his album. “It is a different phase of my life right now and I am excited to move on. Every experience tosses itself and there is no better feeling than being on stage.”, he says with a big smile. “Yet this is something I want to keep doing, making music and producing it.”

We jokingly asked what he would be doing in thirty years. “Retire man!”, he laughs. “I love what I do and I would probably be producing a track or two.. or six!” But whatever happens in the next thirty years, we will still expect this passionate singer to still be a professional in the local music industry. Eli is definitely an artist to watch out for.

Revolt is available at all good music stores in Singapore – Starbucks, The Esplanade shop and HMV. The album is also available on iTunes, Amazon and Google music store. Eli would also be performing a stripped and intimate set of his songs from the album this weekend – 31 March Saturday, 3pm at Starbucks (One Rochester). Together with band leader Justin Low, Eli will converge his Starbucks Tour on Saturday at Starbucks (One Rochester), so be sure to catch him there live!

Eli T. will also be back at the Esplanade for a small showcase - Fever Avenue

"Underground Electro-Pop"

Don Richmond Interviews Eli T. - Esplanade, Theatres By The Bay

"Vote for Eli T. in the All Indie Music Awards 2012!"

Singer/Songwriter/Producer - Eli T. is gearing up for the release his much anticipated debut album "Revolt" and has already been nominated for not one but TWO awards in the upcoming "All Indie Music Awards" in Hollywood, CA. Nominated alongside Madonna's guitarist and Adam Lambert's music director, Eli is the ONLY asian artiste in the "Best Singer/Songwriter" & "Best Solo Artist" categories.

While determined by an industry panel of judges, a huge portion of the decision lies with audience votes. So, vote for Eli, not only the only Singaporean, but also the only asian artiste in both categories!

To Vote, Click on:
1) http://booroo.com/app/rendersurvey.asp?sid=58nbt4l0c38kd0n16337 - To vote for Eli in the "Best Singer/Songwriter" catagory
2) http://booroo.com/app/rendersurvey.asp?sid=ett03efhy5ijbua18386 - To vote for Eli the "Best Solo Artist" catagory

For more information about Eli and the upcoming album, head on over to www.tuneintoeli.com or www.facebook.com/tuneintoeli.
- Youth.SG

"Catchy (Fallen)"

We enjoyed listening to FALLEN because of the well crafted song arrangement, lyrics and the different parts of music transition. The melodic line is very catchy and easy to remember. This song starts with a good attention grabber. This song is a good example of East meets West which contains dynamic Western groove and Asian style of melodic line.
Vocal performance: Eli T.'s performance has brought out the best of the song.
Production: It has room for improvement in mixing and mastering to bring up to the highest level of the overall production quality. - KCS Entertainment

"A fun, safe dance song that’s not as daring as its singer probably is (Dancin' With Fire)"

So I listened to this several times, not paying much attention to the lyrics at first. And I liked what I heard: elements of Ne-Yo, elements of the British New Wave of the early 80s, hints of Justin Timberlake, and, most promisingly, I kept hearing, somehow, Bryan Ferry (with Roxy Music and without). It was as if Eli, a Singaporean by birth, but who apparently spent a significant amount of time in Toronto, were channeling the older, cooler, smokier, very confident Ferry. Eli has a mature voice; he certainly doesn’t sing like the 20something he is. Not that he’s got a matured voice a la Leonard Cohen, just that there’s something alluringly not boyish about it. But then, about the fifth time into listening to it, I paid attention to the lyrics—and the bottom began to drop out. “I’m chillin’ with my boys/makin’ lots of noise”? “You know it would be fly”? Really? Sung with no sense of irony. No self-awareness at the datedness of “chillin’” or “fly.” It was cheesy enough to hear people—adults and semi-adults—utter such words back in the day when they were in their time (and I use “back in the day” semi-ironically here, because even using it here is a bit off, a bit cheesy, a bit dated), but to hear them used today, in a song, in a song that’s aiming to be hip, cool, sexy, all that, it’s a bit embarrassing. And the song is not. Or it shouldn’t be. It’s fun, it’s catchy. And Eli I like. I like his voice. I’m just wondering if maybe he’s been pushed into this dance-icon potential, as opposed to where his unique voice might really be wanting to take him, into something a bit darker, more dangerous, more daring, more unconventional. This song is safe and I believe, not up to an awareness I sense is lurking down in there. Deeper than where this song, as boppy as it is, is willing to go. - Devon Jackson

"Here's What We Think About Eli T.'s Album"

There has never been a better time to make music in Singapore than now. With a burgeoning social media scene and radio stations finally giving Singapore music the support it deserves, a plethora of artistes have sprung on the scene offering something more than just lo-fi tunes and acoustic covers. Granted, the stalwarts have been holding their own for quite a while but we all need a little bit of freshness in our lives. However, I have been observing how our Singapore music scene has still not caught on the entire mainstream electronic-pop wave even though there are signs that is petering out and making way for too-cool-for-anything options like indie pop starlet Lana Del Rey. Indie pop – how ironic does that sound?

© Eli T.
Listening to Singapore-born, Toronto-raised artiste Eli T.‘s debut album, Revolt, is a sure sign that he could very well be the breakout regional star with his kitschy brand of indie-pop. The crossover from songwriting to singing is something we hear quite a fair bit in the music industry but it is highly liberating yet strangely off-form to switch from getting into the minds of other singers to espousing your brand as your own artiste. Fortunately, Eli has had quite some time to get used to the spotlight here: you may remember him wearing a snazzy black-and-white striped Depression top in the short film for last year’s Singapore Arts Festival, I Want To Remember by Royston Tan. He also made headlines by being casted in summer theatre flick Beauty Kings in that same year, as Don, the himbo part-time model that exists in circles of friends 3 degrees away from us.

Thus, taking a listen at title track Dancin’ With Fire is a sign that Eli is ready for the big time (I’m chillin’ with my boys / makin’ lots of noise / can you see the intention). From the get-go, the scat intro takes your mind straight to the club where Eli sings about “standing right here watchin’ you watchin’ me baby”. Eli’s cocky bravado is whipped out and swung around as he sings over a slightly ’70s-inspired beat and threatens to pay for love in flames. Hell has never been sexier. Now, imagine the music video for this.
Here’s what I think about some of the other standout tracks in the album:
“Hear Me”: A ballad over some loopy synth tracks – I was suddenly reminded of Robyn’s “Dancing On My Own”. Eli rips through the rousing chorus as he tries to get his other half to just shut up and listen for just one goddamn time. The intro hum was a good switch up from the pace of Dancin’ With Fire but I was not a big fan of the trippy 8-bit effects flying through the lead-ins and the overly-dubbed vocals. I can imagine a music video in the studio with Eli tied to chains and a slow-mo of him breaking through them, amongst other semi-metaphorical scenes. I can only dream.

“Fallen”: Now that we’ve heard the man trying to seduce and then win back his love in under 10 minutes, he’s wooing possibly another one in this track that sounds unapologetically campy. Even then, the lyrics sound insanely atas (It’s a wonder how you’re so astute / sagacious plunder of my love for you) which is a good sign, considering all that LMFAO crap out there right now. This is also the first time we hear Eli switch up from his hard-hitting low voice to a silky smooth falsetto as he pines over a wicked chorus. The catchy hook is so addictive, I guarantee you will keep humming it over and over again. I couldn’t get it out of my head for 3 days. Not kidding.

“Imaginary”: This track has probably the most potential to make it on radio play and craft a killer music video out of. The violins play in the background as Eli nails the song’s message of standing up to filling lies “with empty finds” and rising above hypocrisy and perception to be one’s true self. Just the message alone is enough to make this track a slow-burn anthem for listeners needing a song to shed their veneers and knock down those walls. Eli gets into true form in his runs on the second - Popspoken

"Eli is electrifying the indie scene"

There is a common notion in Singapore that our country does not have a thriving music industry, but local musician, Eli T, has a different take on things. The electro-pop artist feels that we just need more time and participation, and “less whining” in order to further build the industry.

And now that he has recently been nominated for this year’s All Indie Music Awards, which will be held in Hollywood, the 29-year-old is certainly leading by example.

Eli has been nominated for two categories—Best Solo Artist and Best Singer/Songwriter. It is undoubtedly a big feat for any Singaporean artist—to represent our country in such a massive music awards show. Now in its eighth year, the ceremony will be held on Feb 10. The nominees have not only been chosen based on quality of music and credentials, but votes as well.

Having spent years behind the scenes working with international names and companies, such as Disney, Wang Lee Hom and Wilbur Pan, Eli finally stepped out into the limelight early last year. He has been featured in the Singapore Arts Festival and has also dabbled in acting, having been cast in Singapore's Summer smash play, Beauty Kings. He also appeared in a series of festivals at the Esplanade.

Youth.SG met up with Eli on 11 January at De Le Crème in Siglap to talk to him about music, life and everything in between.

Youth.SG: Hi Eli! Is your name really Eli T? And what does the T stand for?

E: (Laughs) It is my name and the T is really my last name, as in ‘Tee’.

Y: So you were nominated for two categories in the All Indie Music Awards. Congratulations! Tell us how it happened.

E: Well, it’s the same process as the Grammys. Everyone all over the world submits their music for consideration by a panel. This one, though, is a little bit different because not only do they consider your music, they also consider what you have done within your category. So I sent in the unmastered tracks from my album. It’s not even done! But low and behold.

Y: Your competitors are from all over the world, have you heard their music?

E: They are really good! It’s such a humbling experience and I feel really honoured. For Best Solo Artist, I am in the same category as Madonna’s guitarist and Adam Lambert’s music director. There are only seven of us from all around the world.

Y: Going into your background now, how did your career in music come along?

E: It didn’t really “come along”. You know how there are a lot of stories about musicians playing the piano since they were three? It’s kind of the same for me. I started playing the piano when I was two or three. I was also part of the choir and school band, and I almost went to university for classical oboe. But there came a point when I was in Toronto where I realised I wanted to do this for the rest of my life. One thing led to another and then the CEO of EMI South East Asia heard my music, and there you have it.

Y: I read that you have dabbled in acting and modeling. Tell us more about that.

E: The modeling bit—I was walking down Queen Street in Toronto and a casting director ran after me and took a picture of me. The next thing I knew it was used for an ad campaign and I got a cheque in the mail. That is how I got started.

As for acting, I was part of the theatrical production, Beauty Kings, last year. It was good. I did a bit of acting when I was in university and even prior to that. But not as much as music.

Y: Do you consider yourself a very Indie and ‘underground’ artist?

E: I would consider myself an Indie artist actually. Not just because of the sound of my music, but also in a sense that I’m independent.

Y: Your debut album will be released in March this year, what can we expect?

E: The album is called Revolt and it’s a call to everyone to stand up for what they want in life, as opposed to conforming. It’s okay to swim upstream.

Revolt is an electro pop album and has largely urban, RnB and soul influences. When you first listen to it it, you hear the catchy melodies and the hooks. But if you go deeper, there are a lot of messages because the lyrical content is just as important as the sound design and instrumentals.

Y: Was the album done in Singapore?

E: Well, a bit of it was mixed in Toronto, but it was mostly done here.

Y: I heard you do Jazz even, and that’s very different from electro pop. So what is your music style?

E: I vary. That is why the album is called Revolt. For a while I have been doing more acoustic stuff.. You give me a song and I can give you 10 versions of it anytime. But I wanted to do electro pop because it is a new sound for me and it is something Singapore doesn’t have a lot of.

Y: How do you infuse your Western taste and Asian style into your music?

E: Well for me, music is music. There is no intentional injection from me. It’s more about the overall sound. As far as injecting my ‘Asian-ness’ is concerned, I am Asian, so no matter what I do, there would alwa - Youth.SG

"Happy New Year Singapore!"

Singapore's biggest live music theatre/venue gathers it's local musicians for a New-Year well wishing. (2011) - Marina Bay.com

"Eli is one guy to watch"

The video is an entry for the 2010 MBC audition, apparently, a global YouTube competition by Korea’s National Broadcasting Network (MBC). but my point is - it got me curious about the guy, and man, is Eli one guy to watch. - Prone to Hype

"Artistes launch fund-raising EP for Japan disaster"

To do their part in raising funds for Japan which has been devastated by an earthquake and tsunami, local artistes have come together to release an EP.
The EP, a musical recording that is between a single and a full album, will be launched on Monday 28 March.The titles of the tracks are 'Touch of Gold', 'Don't Be Afraid' and 'Little White Bait'. - Yahoo News

"Singapore Arts Festival"

Featured on the Singapore Arts Festival website - 2011 - Singapore Arts Fest

"Touch Of Gold"

MORE than 30 local artists have come together to produce a CD to raise funds for survivors of the Japan earthquake through the Singapore Red Cross Society. The CD, titled Touch of Gold, will retail for $20 at 27 Popular bookstores from Monday. All proceeds will go towards the Red Cross Japan Disaster fund.
- ectv.sg

"Singaporeans record album for Japan quake"

MORE than 30 local artists have come together to produce a CD to raise funds for survivors of the Japan earthquake through the Singapore Red Cross Society. - Huang Lijie - www.straitstimes.com

"An exciting new play!"

An exciting new play about the secrets and scandals of male beauty pageant
- TODAY online

"WIN tickets to play Beauty Kings"

Come take a catwalk on the wild side, and discover how, for men as well as women, beauty is only skin deep and vanity is never fair.

How far will a man go to prove his manhood?

Ten years ago, a sordid sex scandal rocked the glamorous world of male pageants, causing it to end in tragedy.

This year, Adam, an intrepid journalist, infiltrates Mr.Man's competition on a dark quest for answers, but only finds more questions. Benny, the boy next door's materialistic girlfriend wants Mister Man more than her man. Young and hopeful Don has his eyes on the prize, but will he get his chance before a smear campaign wipes him out? And, who are the mysterious couple who runs the pageant?

Written by Dick Lee, directed by Jonathan Lim, and starring Lim Yu-beng, Rodney Oliveiro, Judee Tan, Karen Tan, Kaeng Chan and Eli Tee, Beauty Kings is inspired by the scandalous history of Singapore male beauty pageants in the nineties where contestants have alleged pageant organizers of molest and sexual harassment. - Xin Msn

"A New Production"

DON'T miss Dick Lee's Beauty Kings, a new production starring Lim Yu-beng, Rodney Oliveiro, Judee Tan, Karen Tan, Kaeng Chan and Eli Tee. Inspired by the tainted history of Singapore male beauty pageants in the nineties of molest and sexual harassment charges, audience members get to vote for their favourite contestant and determine the outcome of the show.
Date: July 6 to 17
Time: 8pm (additional 3pm on Sat and Sun)
Drama Centre Theatre
Tickets at $43 to $85 from Sistic - The Edge Singapore

"Hunt for a Beauty King!"

As it turns out, only one of the three actors playing the finalists in Mr Man, the fictitious pageant around which the play revolves, is Singaporean. And, deadpans Lim, ‘Rodney Oliveiro [a long-time thespian] has to spend a lot of time at the gym.’ The other two are singer-songwriter Eli T, who was born in Singapore but grew up in Canada, and Chan.
- Jo Tan - Timeout Singapore

"I'm bursting with excitement"

SINGAPORE: If you think beauty pageants are all about glitz and glamour, then you are wrong. "Beauty Kings", the latest production written by Dick Lee and directed by Jonathan Lim, explores the hidden secrets and scandals of male beauty pageants. The plot centres around three male contestants in a "Mr. Man" beauty pageant -- Adam (Rodney Oliveiro), an undercover journalist who seeks to expose the secrets behind the pageant; Benny (Kaeng Chan), who joins the competition mainly to please his girlfriend (Judee Tan); and Don (Eli Tee), a part-time model who hopes to make it big at the pageant. Also featuring theatre veterans Lim Yu-Beng and Karen Tan as a couple who organises the beauty pageant, the play was inspired by allegations of molest and sexual harassment by male beauty pageant organisers in the 1990s. Dick Lee's real life experience as a judge in beauty pageants came ... - Genevieve Lee - Channel News Asia

"Eli is a chance find!"

Eli was a chance find: he’s actually from the music industry, with almost no theatre experience. Nonetheless, he had the entire crew in stitches from his very first read.
- Ng Yi Sheng - Fridae.com


Written by Dick Lee, the new play Beauty Kings revolves around a male beauty pageant set in the scandal-ridden nineties.
We speak to Lim Yu-beng who plays the organiser of the beauty pageant and the hunks of the play, Kaeng Chan and Eli Tee, about their roles.
- Razor Tv

"For a scandalous, sexy and well-oiled night at the theatre."

For a scandalous, sexy and well-oiled night at the theatre, come see stage veteran Dick Lee’s new comedy about a beauty contest for men. Audiences vote for the pageant winner, triggering a choose-your-own-adventure-style ending. Starring Karen Tan, Lim Yu-Beng and a bevy of muscular men. - Timeout Singapore


Eli T. also added a certain freshness and relatability to the social dynamics of the play, and clearly left keen impressions on many in the audience.
- Denise Lee - Penny's Day Book

"Number 1 smash-hit "Record Breaker" for Philippines pop princess Sarah Geronimo."

Hailing from the sunny shores of Singapore, Eli T. is on a mission to make Singapore heard across the globe. He has performed internationally in Vietnam and Dubai, bringing his brand of urban soul and East meets West blend of pop to audiences everywhere.

Eli T. just made his theatre debut in Dick Lee’s Beauty Kings. He also composed the number 1 smash hit Record Breaker for Philippines pop princess Sarah Geronimo, and has worked with international stars like Wang Lee Hom, Wilbur Pan and Singapore’s own Taufik Batisah. - www.Esplanade.com

"It's starting to be a rather hot July, I must say!"

I've gotten my tickets to Beauty Kings, and pretty much looking forward to the show! It features, in addition to the actors and actresses above, Eli Tee (a local musician) and Kaeng Chang (who was last seen in Macbeth)! It's starting to be a rather hot July, I must say!
- Alison - Just Watch Lah!

"One-liner Machine!"

“Comedy-wise, “Beauty Kings” features some of the most laugh-out-loud lines you’d find anywhere, mostly in the form of clueless himbo Don (played by Eli T.) Don was literally a one-liner machine, churning out hilarious line after another, and often drove the audience into fits of laughter.”
- Jeremy Yew - Buttons In The Bread

"Eli T. stands out!"

Eli T. stands out because of his precise comic timing. As Don, he has to execute punchline after punchline but he gets into a groove right from the get-go and rolls with it expertly.
- Kenneth Kwok - The flying Inkpot

"Eli T. is on a mission to make Singapore heard across the globe"

“Hailing from the sunny shores of Singapore, Eli T. is on a mission to make Singapore heard across the globe. He has performed internationally in Vietnam and Dubai, bringing his brand of urban soul and East meets West blend of pop to audiences everywhere. Eli T. just made his theatre debut in Dick Lee’s Beauty Kings. He also composed the number 1 smash hit Record Breaker for Philippines pop princess Sarah Geronimo, and has worked with international stars like Wang Lee Hom, Wilbur Pan and Singapore’s own Taufik Batisah.”
- Yfest.com


Still working on that hot first release.



Eli Tyler is a Producer, Composer, Singer, and Songwriter. He was born in Singapore, grew up in Canada, and now calls New York City home. Listed by Deli Magazine as one of NYC’s best emerging artists, Eli has performed at festivals around the world and has worked with Disney, Victoria Secret, Sarah Geronimo, Wang Lee Hom, and Wilbur Pan. 

Passionate about all things music, Eli was also commissioned by the Ministry of Education in Singapore to compose music for the national curriculum in Singapore. He also wrote the school anthem for The Singapore School of Business in Thailand and performed in Vietnam to raise money for children's education. 

Most recently, Eli completed his residency as the featured Musical Artist at the New York Botanical Gardens for the 2019 Orchid Show. He also wrote, produced and performed the soundtrack to Vera Wang’s SS2020 Fashion Film, titled 'Enchantment'.


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