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EndOfSky - 2010

The Long Halloween - 2011



ElixirOnMute is the electrifying sonic assault of teen guitar virtuoso Jordan Ferreira, Thomas Pridgen (drums/ex The Mars Volta) and Steve Jenkins (bass). Ferreira, the bands’ ambitious young leader, captains the trio after single-handedly forming EOM in 2010.

Jordan’s cinematic approach to music, sheer musical acumen, and tireless work ethic results in a complex yet refined project. The recordings completed by Elixir On Mute blossom with these three amazing musicians, producing hard-hitting yet complex tracks that will entice intelligent listeners. This is prog-rock at its best - skill paired with intentionality, pace paired with tact and power. With hired guns like drumming prodigy Thomas Pridgen and bassist Steve Jenkins on board, this formidable trio plays with tremendous balance, despite Ferreira’s attempt to create furiously expressive music. The record was written entirely by Jordan Ferreira, a Massachusetts native whose experience in the music industry and passion for film has inspired a visceral relationship to themes and sound. His ability to write and record such a dense group of tracks suggests big things for the young aspiring band-leader, especially when solidified by a rhythm section as talented as Pridgen and Jenkins.

The band formed in 2010 after a chance meeting between Jordan and Thomas Pridgen in California, after which Jordan instinctively knew that he needed to record something with the bombastic drummer from Oakland. When Jordan approached Thomas about playing on a record, he was greeted with a huge hug and the remark, "Cool let's do it.” Thomas recommended recording with Steve Jenkins, his friend from Berklee College of Music, and Elixir On Mute was born. After the formation, plans were hashed out to record, and Jordan left for California to begin tracking. Jordan says the following about the recording process:

"The next week was nuts. I booked a studio in Thomas' hometown, and flew out to California to oversee him tracking drums. It was a crazy experience. Two years earlier I was watching Thomas play in a huge rock band, and was completely blown away. Now I'm in a studio with him, making a record. It was probably the most fun I've ever had recording music.”

After Thomas recorded his parts, Jordan went back home to the east coast to get his bassist on tape. Elixir On Mute was almost a reality, “Steve came down to my home studio and we tracked bass there. He’s the man. I've never seen shit that crazy being played that close up.” Elixir On Mute (Self-Titled) was subsequently released independently on (DATE HERE).

Jordan Ferreira exclaims when describing the record:

"Everyone that worked on this seriously gave it their all. From Karyadi (Mixing Engineer) putting in 13 hours every day, to Anthony Resta working so hard, to Thomas taking that huge leap of faith. I think it would have been a crime not to show people what the finished product sounded like. It's honestly the most incredible thing I've ever been part of....I'm totally proud of this record. I love the guys in the band and I learned so much from playing with them.”

In addition to being the records' lone songwriter, Jordan Ferreira plans on releasing feature films to coincide with every sonic release, which he himself will direct. Ferreira has already completed 6 screenplays, and is eager to combine his love for film with his desire to create recklessly passionate music. Elixir On Mute plans to tour in support of their debut record.

NOTE: Due to Thomas Pridgen’s various projects including his new band The Memorials, EOM will look to other drumming talent for the majority of their touring needs.


Guitars / Vocals

Since the age of 11 Jordan has been touring and performing in Europe, the UK, and Canada with various projects. His experiences working alongside producers Mudrock (Avenged Sevenfold, Godsmack), Anthony Resta (Elton John, Duran Duran, Nuno Bettencourt), and John Ellis (American hi-fi) were all extremely important to JF’s development, and hugely inform his own writing process. Jordan’s been featured on FUSE's on Demand as well as the TLC channel, and was previously signed to Indie label PickTheBand, as a band member of the group Mindwalk Blvd.

First appearing on a record at the age of 5, Jordan has been involved in music most of his life. He’s always felt an emotional connection between the processes of creating music and film. Ferreira says, “Film has been a medium I've wanted to get into for a long time. To me in the right hands, it's probably the most expressive art form.” He goes on to talk about the way he sees film relating to his outlook for the band, “The main model that I want for ElixirOnMute is that I don't want any restraints. I want to follow what excites me creatively, and to have an outlet for it all. At the moment, filmmaking and making music are very exciting to me. I'm planning on putting out feature f