Eliza Mary Doyle

Eliza Mary Doyle

 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, CAN

High-energy, fast-paced, fun, entertaining and sophisticated Americana Folk Bluegrass


As one of Saskatchewan’s most respected and highly regarded banjo players, this young lady entered the music scene in 2001 and has not skipped a beat since. You may recognize her from such successful bands as The Midnight Roses, The Hard Ramblers, and The Cracker Cats. No stranger to the festival circuit, Doyle has played almost every mid-level festival in Western Canada over the past 14 years with this variety of bands. The level of professional musicianship she has exhibited over the years speaks volumes, and one only has to hear her perform to appreciate the originality and style her instrumentation and songwriting writing has to offer. Over these past 14 years, she has recorded and released 9 full length albums, toured Canada, the United States, Europe and the UK. She has recently released her new album It Ain't What It Seems this past fall with great results!

 Doyle’s innovative and unique songwriting and performances have impressed audiences around the world. She is a versatile player, and her charismatic performance, combined with outstanding clawhammer banjo and sophisticated songs will captivate you and leave you wanting more. With Paula McGuigan on upright bass and Liza Hodler on guitar, this is a show that you definitely do not want to miss!! 

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