Cable Quintet

Cable Quintet

 Eugene, Oregon, USA

This new band family is sure to entertain. With powerful vocals, guitar and madolin by Elizabeth Cable backed by Amy Jones singing, playing guitar and keyboard with the off the cuff humor and precise rhythms of Carlito are cutting and will make you guffah. Prowess on guitar of Bobo will have you lured into a psychodelic state of mind. Low man on the bass is Trey his bass guitar notes pull from deep in the earth.


Eliciting from the joy of music is this group of players.  Harmonious vocals with strings and percussion.  A blend that relaxes the listener with a pulse of celebration and elation.  To live is to be musical. Elizabeth Cable supported by Amy Jones, Carlito Peres, Trey Longstreth and Boris Canani.


In response to a recent MSNBC news clip Elizabeth wrote and recorded the single "Today" taking it that day April 6th, 2007 to KLCC radio where it is currently getting airplay and has just been featured on Neil Young's website: Living with War Today. She had a limited release of a short album of original blues songs in February 2007 which is getting airplay on KRVM FM radio.

Album releases to date include:
2007 "Time is a Strange Lover"
2005 "Irish Songs Live Willamette Valley Folk Fest"
1999 "Brutal Tenderness"
1997 "Live at Doc Rickett's
1996 "American Streets and Cafes 2" compilation
1995 "Let Life"
1994 "Welcome to My World" Reggie Garrett
1993 "Nine Songs"
1992 "Porcelain Chaos"
1988 "Between Red and Green"

Set List

Elizabeth plays hour long sets with short breaks with her band and can play hour and a half solo sets. Our current list of songs are listed with originals first and covers last. We prefer to play as many originals as possible and will fill set times with great versions of particular cover songs.

Rocking in the Cradle, Lover Song, Wicked Sunshiny Day, Soldier’s Prayer , Fly, Day to Day, Strange Lover, Sure Fire Way, The Looking Glass Room, Borrowed Time, Echoes of Home, Brutal Tenderness, Down To Long, I Know, Naked, Pocket Full of Silver, Humble Man, Hold To Him, Simply Bill, Irish Lullaby, I Dwell , Slide On By, Cody Salter, Moon Last Night, Private Song, Mad At Myself, My Heart is not a refuge, Safety, Something To Tell, The Queen Song, Fallen Crown, Aftermath, Inside on the Outside, Mr. Branson, In America, If I Could, Making Me Feel, Mr. Travel, Friday Reflects Monday, She, To Be Without the Moon,Gallery Shadow, Roving American Girl, Lover Song, Another Day, Too