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Reviews: My Christmas Fun Book, Levels 1-4

“I love the arrangements. The sheet music book covers are to die for!” Justin Wilde (Christmas and Holiday Music)

“They are a wonderful mix of golden oldies and golden newies!” John Braheny (“The Craft and Business of Songwriting”)

“Beautiful books. Bravo!” Melissa Vardey (All-In-One Music)

“They turned out great!” Gordon Pagoda (“Little Miss Sunshine”)

Reviews: Kidtunes CD

“Mabel may be an exception. She showed an early affinity for the classics, such as Buddy Holly and Eddie Cochran. Soupy slow-jazz journeymen sloughing through standards and mulleted metalmongers mangling Mother Goose are simply not Mabel's speed. She's more likely to appreciate Kidtunes, a 30-track various-artists compilation we received from www.pianopress.com. Bouncy “family friendly” pop tracks like “Rock & Roll Teachers,” “Green Cookies” and “School is Cool” can be irresistible, especially when sung by actual children in those raspy by-rote voices like you hear on Peanuts TV cartoons. Even cooler if you actually know of some rock & roll teachers…” The New Haven Advocate

“Thank you so much for the cool baby gift. I believe my wife sent a thank you as I was in and out of town around then. Just in case, thank you very much, it was very thoughtful of you.” Matthew Dela Pola, Producer

“I don't think I ever told you how much we have enjoyed your CD and book! Congratulations to you! Thank you for sharing them with us!” Kim Copeland, The Songwriter's Connection, Nashville, TN

“Thanks for the package with all your new projects...I listened to Kidtunes. What a cool project and I am proud because I recognize several songs on it that I've critiqued.” Jason Blume, Hit Songwriter, Author of “6 Steps to Songwriting Success” and “This Business of Songwriting”

“Thank you for the CD and book! You are really making a name for yourself!! Supercongratulations! The CD is hilarious!” Glenn Turanza, Universal Music Group

“Got the packet yesterday. Thanks. You have done such an incredible job. Congratulations! And many, many thanks for including me.” Katherine Dines, Award-Winning Children's Singer-Songwriter

“We received the CDs, and were very impressed with the high quality of the album. Thanks so much for including us in such a great project.” Bob & Mary Blinn, Singer-Songwriters

“Got the CD, my son enjoyed listening to it! Good luck.” Wendee, Award-Winning Children’s Singer-Songwriter

“Great job compiling tunes, very nice variety of material! I can't wait until they are available through Amazon.com and pianopress.com to let all my friends and family know.” Gary Alt, Singer-Songwriter

“The Holmes family did receive their copies. Thank you. We got back in town late one night and there they were. My wife and I sat down with a couple of glasses of wine and enjoyed the entire CD. It is a great collection of fun tunes!” Greg Holmes, Singer-Songwriter

“I like the CD and think it should go over well. Good job!” Jim Lipsky, Songwriter

“The package arrived today. I sat down after supper and listened to the complete CD. I think it is just wonderful. Thanks, so much.” Joyce Seamone, Singer-Songwriter

“Just wanted you to know my wife and I finally found the time to sit down and listen to the entire Kidtunes CD. I can say we were both impressed with the quality of songs and the production. I am proud to be included with such great songwriters. We really enjoyed listening to the variety of music from blues to country. I would think if anyone listens to this CD they would want to buy it. Thanks for the copies and I hope this does really well for all of us.” Leonard Eckhardt, Singer-Songwriter

“CD is well done...lots of good stuff.” Lou Anne Michel, Singer-Songwriter

“What a great Album! You did an outstanding job and I'm glad to be a part of it.” Nelson Trout, Singer-Songwriter

“Just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the Kidtunes CD. It really is a great set of songs. I think it's a good mix that a lot of different age groups will enjoy, grown-ups as well. You have done a great job also with the cover and notes, and what a cute picture on the cover. I think you have done a terrific job and I am proud to be a part of it. Thanks again for having me aboard.” Scott Gregory, Singer-Songwriter

Reviews: Song Sheets to Software – A Guide to Print Music, Software, and Web Sites for Musicians

“A valuable desk reference for everyone involved in the music industry. Highly recommended. Public and academic libraries, and at its price, individual practitioners.” Choice

”This reference lists a variety of music education resources involving computers and the Internet. Introductory chapters discuss the history of song sheets and explain the basics of music royalties and copyright laws. They are followed by information on music software, instructional media, and music-related Web sites. New to the second edition is coverage of instructional DVDs and book/audio CD sets.” Reference & Research Book News

“The idea for this book came to the author while she was working on a recording project and discovered that the sequencing program she was using required the ability to read music. Although she has a master's degree in music, she realized that many musicians who do not read music might wish to use this sequencing program. Furthermore, she realized that music education has not always been a top priority in the American educational system, and there has not been a standardized method of teaching music in school. The purpose of this book is to give help to those who may or may not read music. It is about learning and teaching music through stimulating new ways involving computers and the Internet. The first chapter contains a history of printed music and of early American religious, folk and popular music. There are composer profiles and histories of Vaudeville, Tin Pan Alley, popular song sheets, musicals, silent films, talkies and, finally, the print music business today. This chapter is written in prose paragraph form and is delightful reading. The next chapter deals with copyright laws and print music royalties, and terms and formats of this aspect of the print music business. Chapter three catalogues an enormous list of software for musicians. The list is categorized by intents and purposes, particular skills, instruments and musical styles. Each piece of software is described in an abbreviated prose paragraph. In the fourth chapter, there is a list of Web sites helpful to musicians. This chapter contains a wealth of information in a very concise form, carefully labeled by categories. The fifth chapter is a dictionary of technical Internet terms—very clear and concise. This highly organized publication is a very useful resource for those of us who teach and/or perform music.” American Music Teacher

”With a subheading of A Guide to Print Music, Software, and Web Sites for Musicians, this book is truly a grand resource for those in the music business. In its five chapters, Axford explores song sheets, print music royalties, and an annotated listing of more than 600 music-related software programs and over 6,000 Web sites for those seeking information. Some of its information includes music publishers' sites and addresses, Internet terms, artist's web sites, and short graphs on software.” American Songwriter

Elizabeth C. Axford's Song Sheets to Software is an eclectic sourcebook for using your computer as a music-education tool. The book begins with a history of song sheets, with discussions of early American folk and religious music as well as more contemporary forms. Ensuing chapters cover copyright laws and music software. Song Sheets to Software finishes with a listing of more than 6,000 Web sites for music. The book concludes with a glossary of technical terms.” Electronic Musician

“This reference presents information on a variety of resources for musicians. Independent music teacher Axford begins with a discussion of song sheets, including information on royalties and copyright law. A section on software contains brief descriptions of over 600 programs for applications such as digital audio recording, notation and scoring, guitar, children's music, and ear training. The volume also lists more than 6,000 web site addresses related to topics such as clubs and venues, conferences, folk and traditional music, radio, music education, religious music, songwriting, music history, and string instruments.” Book News
”If there had been only a concept for this book and no author to write it, I do believe that at least 4 out of 5 publishers would have picked Elizabeth Axford for the job. She is a musicologist, a teacher, a songwriter, an accomplished musician, an historian, a computer whiz and a very good writer. She therefore was able to write a very comprehensive, historical to contemporary collection of music related information that is...very cool. So what's in the book that you might want to check out? It's divided into 5 main parts, with chapter 1 detailing the history of printed music, really, really interesting actually. It also offers a primer to all kinds of early American music. Tons of stuff I didn't know...but should have. Chapter 2 explains present day print music royalties and copyrights and explores the forms and terms of music's legal side. Good to read if you think that The Harry Fox Agency is a taxidermist or that Reproduction Rights mean... oh never mind…you get the idea! Chapter 3 is a massive listing of current software for musicians with a brief description and some source information. Since I'm in the process of upgrading my studio I found this section invaluable. Chapter 4 is another very large listing, featuring web sites for musicians' needs. I tried out about 40 random e-addresses and found them to be accurate, legitimate, and interesting. Chapter 5 offers up all the tech talk and Internet language you never wanted to be geeky enough to know but, of course, need to know to make most of the music being made in this millennium. I find that I can pick up Elizabeth Axford's Song Sheets to Software, open it to any page, and have a really hard time putting it down.” Muses News

Reviews: Traditional World Music Influences in Contemporary Solo Piano Literature

“Axford has gone where few researchers have ventured by accepting the huge task of identifying and analyzing published solo piano music from around the world without duplicating the more standard work (European and American for the most part) done vis-à-vis the solo piano repertoire. Axford's stated goal was to gather, organize into a logical international framework, and briefly annotate solo piano music from around the world...Each chapter begins with a fine scholarly overview, followed by the entries arranged geographically, then alphabetically by composer...This ambitious reference work has no real parallel. Rather it is the author's hope that future researchers will augment and expand upon her pioneering efforts. She has begun this process by gathering, organizing, and briefly describing numerous published piano solos. This is the first time such information of international scope has been collected under the confines of one easy-to-use reference work. Target audiences for this work include musical researchers, pianists, piano teachers, composers, and scholars. All libraries supporting general music programs or piano pedagogy should consider purchase of this valuable reference work.” American Reference Books Annual

“The range is considerable...” Piano & Keyboard

“The opening of each chapter describes the significant attributes of each ethnic style and cultural location in splendid detail. Academic music and large public libraries should consider purchasing.” Choice

“My husband, E. L. Lancaster, and I recently purchased Traditional World Music Influences in Contemporary Solo Piano Literature. It has been fun to browse through this book. It contains much useful information. Congratulations on a monumental publication.” Gayle Kowalchyk, Alfred Publishing Co., Inc.

“The information gathered on these pages is tremendous and contemporary...441 pages packed full of information. Ms. Axford really went through much planning and research to help the readers...This is a most important reference book that will help the teacher locate certain valuable material...It is fascinating going through this book and finding names of those who are still with us. A hidden value comes to mind for teachers giving recitals on various locations throughout the world. It is a great source for building recital programs.” Albert DeVito, Keyboard Teacher

“Separate bibliographies for each world music region list examples of works that demonstrate some of the traditional musical influences associated with that region; background materials offer helpful overviews of each culture's music.” Teaching Music (MENC)

___________________________Reviews: Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah – A Multilingual Songbook and CD

“With Other Songs in Other Tongues: In 1999, Piano Press first published Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah - A Multilingual Songbook and CD. The collection includes holiday songs in English, Hebrew, Latin, German, and French as well as “Jingle Bells,” “Silent Night.” “Angels We Have Heard on High,” and “Joy to the World” in Spanish. This work has been especially popular with the school music market, music teachers serving diverse populations, and people who want to perform holiday programs in a variety of languages. The Spanish transcriptions were done by a media librarian at San Diego State University who grew up in Mexico, based on a Spanish recording. I was lucky to find a transcriptionist who new the language as a native. In a community such as San Diego (where I live and teach), the need for Christmas songs in Spanish is high. I have even had requests for the Hanukkah songs in Spanish...next edition! This songbook and CD is distributed through Baker & Taylor, and it's available online at most book and music retailers. The collection has also been a popular item at display booths at music teachers conventions and folk festivals. The project has been through many evolutions, and it is very rewarding to witness its success.” Publishers Marketing Association Newsletter
“Elizabeth C. Axford's Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah - A Multilingual Songbook and CD (Piano Press) for children is featured on her web site www.pianopress.com.” Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators Bulletin

“…a collection of thirty-two traditional Christmas and Hanukkah songs for winter holidays with complete verses in English and many in Hebrew, Spanish, German, French, or Latin as well. Each song has an easy accompaniment part that could be played on a keyboard instrument or by other instruments, and the collection comes with a compact disc.” Teaching Music (MENC)

“A very attractive collection - kids should love it!” Dr. David Ward-Steinman, Composer, Professor SDSU

“Just a note of appreciation to tell you how much my students and I appreciated your holiday songbook...Using pertinent, well thought out and motivating curriculum materials is so important to the success of my classroom. Thank you for putting together a compilation of music that has all these elements...The compilation of Christmas and Hanukkah music cuts across religious and cultural barriers...The inclusion of two versions for every song provides choice and challenge for students at any level...I’m looking forward to using this and other publications from Ms. Axford as they become available.” Heidi Pollyea, Teacher, Krusé Educational Center, Miami, FL

“We would like very much to express our gratitude for introducing to our family your book of holiday songs. Daniel practiced quite a few of the easier arrangements and gave numerous recitals and led sing-a-longs for our extended family. Next year he should be able to tackle some of the more complicated versions of his favorite songs. Since we have an interfaith marriage, we were especially pleased to find all of our favorite Christmas and Hanukkah songs in the same book. Thanks!” David and Karen Corash, Miami, FL

“My child and entire family thoroughly enjoyed the Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah music book, compiled by Liz Axford. As we are Jewish, it was particularly nice to hear Hanukkah songs as well as the Christmas songs during the holiday season. This was the first mixed sectarian music book of its kind that we had seen used by piano and keyboard students. It enabled our 8 year old to entertain our family and friends during our holiday celebrations. Making Ms. Axford’s work available on the open market would be a “mitzvah” (good deed) to all.” Mollie Spirer, Miami, FL

“Liz Axford’s holiday songbook was great because it had songs about Christmas and Hanukkah. While we were opening presents, my family enjoyed listening to me play it. The book also has two versions of each song. The beginners can play the same song as the more advanced players. Even now I play the songs to keep myself in the holiday spirit.” Mindy Hagen, Student

“Liz Axford’s Christmas and Hanukkah songs were easy to play on the piano. I liked the arrangements. I liked the idea that there was a mixture of Christmas and Hanukkah selections.” Matt Brooks, Student

“I think that this book is a fun and easy way to learn popular holiday songs.” Oliver Chiang, Student

Reviews: The Art of Music - A Collection of Writings, Volumes 1 and 2

“Greetings from Boston. I recently learned about your wonderful anthology series, and purchased Volume 1 on Amazon.com. I have spent many inspiring and enjoyable hours with this volume. Thank you for your important commitments to poets, poetry and music, and your own terrific poems! On a personal note, I have two breast cancer survivors in my family (my aunt Betsy and cousin Teresa), and was glad to see proceeds from the first volume donated to the American Cancer Society.” Alexander L.

“I was so pleased with my copy from Piano Press. It is an exceptionally attractive little book, with some great pieces. I just had to thank you for the beautiful work you do. I am ordering two copies of Vol. 2.” Shari O.

“Thanks very much for your fine publication.” Charlie R.

“I am very pleased with the book.” Vicki S.

“The Art of Music – Vol. 2 is so beautiful. Any music lover would be delighted to read it.” Peggy H.

“Since my wife was a music teacher for 20 years, she has many friends in the field who will want copies.” Edwin R.

“Thanks again for such a fine job on The Art of Music. I was totally surprised about the contest and even more surprised that 'Two Sisters' won first place. As you learned from when we spoke today, that selection has special meaning for me…I can't tell you how pleased I am that Anita's and my poem will be in your next collection. I just spoke with Anita's son-in-law, who told me that their 13-year-old daughter, Mischala, had memorized 'Piano Teacher' and recited it in her speech class. How is that for synchronicity?” Gelia D.

“I'm sorry that it took so long for me to contact you after this fantastic collection came out. I, and others I showed it to were very impressed.” Laura C.

“I appreciate being part of your company and would love to be there for the long term.” Tom G.

- For Elizabeth C. Axford/Piano Press

"Songwriting Awards"

Christmas in Florida
Unisong International Song Contest Finalist Seasonal/Novelty (2007)

It's a Guy Thing
Billboard International Song Contest Honorable Mention Country (2002)
Northern California Songwriters Song Contest Honorable Mention Country (2003)

It's Not Like We Never Drove Through Texas
Billboard International Song Contest Honorable Mention Country (2001)
Austin Songwriters Song Contest Finalist Country (2000)
San Diego Songwriters Guild Song Contest Honorable Mention Country (2000)

Not Just At Christmas
Songwriters of Wisconsin Song Contest Fourth Place Novelty (2006)

Personal Touch
Billboard International Song Contest Honorable Mention Pop (2001)
Unisong International Song Contest Finalist Pop (2000)
Dallas Songwriters Song Contest Second Place Pop (2000)
Northern California Songwriters Song Contest Honorable Mention Pop (2000)
Austin Songwriters Song Contest Finalist Pop (2000)

Whenever You're Ready
Billboard International Song Contest Honorable Mention Pop (2001)
Dallas Songwriters Song Contest Second Place Pop (2001)

You're the Only True Love
Nominated Los Angeles Music Awards
Best Jazz Song (2007)
- Elizabeth C. Axford


1) Sit and Be Fit (PBS) Music Composer/"A Hanukkah Tale" - Sit and Be Fit
2) Sit and Be Fit (PBS) Music Arranger/"S'Vivon" - Sit and Be Fit

1) Obama Ad (CNN) Music Arranger/"We Wish You a Merry Christmas" - HHC

1) The Big Bad Wolf Meets Santa Claus, Music Arranger/"We Wish You a Merry Christmas" - Theatre on Main
2) The Big Bad Wolf Meets Santa Claus, Music Arranger/"O Christmas Tree!" - Theatre on Main

1) Store Front Window Display, Photo/Senior High School Picture - Olan Mills Portrait Studios
2) Promotional Brochure, Choir Member/Brookens Jr. High School Chorus - The Collegiate Cap and Gown Company
3) Robeson's Fashion Show, Piano Accompanist - Robeson's Department Store
4) News Gazette Promo, Figure Skater - United States Figure Skating Association (USFSA)
5) The Moniter Promo, Soft Ball Player - Lassie League

1) Dr. Tabor's Diet Infomercial, Music Composer/"Big Screen TV" - Physicians Laboratories/Aaron Tabor, MD

1) NAMM Show Exhibit Booth Host/Owner - Piano Press
2) Piano Press Studio Recitals, Recital Organizer and Host/Coach - Piano Press
3) Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) Special Events, Special Events Organizer/Regional Workshop Coordinator, Miami, FL (1990-1992) and San Diego, CA (1992-Present)
4) Yamaha Clinic Concerts, Hostess - Suniland Music Shoppe, Miami, FL
5) Holiday Songs in Lobby, Greeter/Pianist - Coconut Grove Bank, Coconut Grove, FL
6) Santa Fe Opera, Usher - Santa Fe Opera, Santa Fe, NM

1) Verizon Ringtones, Songwriter/Arranger/"Christmas in Florida," "Jolly Old St. Nicholas," and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" - Verizon Wireless
2) Thumbplay Ringtones, Songwriter/Arranger/"Christmas in Florida," "Jolly Old St. Nicholas," and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" - Thumbplay
3) MonsterMob Ringtones, Songwriter/Arranger/"Christmas in Florida," "Jolly Old St. Nicholas," and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" - MonsterMob Indonesia
4) Notes on the Human Condition CD by Brian Minshew, Songwriter/ "Whenever You're Ready" - Backyard Records/Produced by Goose Goodrich, Michelle Holder, and Michael Harris
5) Hold Music, Music Arranger/"We Wish You a Merry Christmas" - Inland Video Supply
6) Hold Music, Music Arranger/"I Have a Little Dreydl" - Bargain Judaica, Inc.
7) Love Looks Good on You CD by Jamie Cutler and John Butler, Songwriter/"Christmas in Florida" - Starcut Publishing
8) Ratango CD/DVD by Marina Dorell, Producer/English Lyricist - Ratango Records/with Marina Dorell and Matthew Dela Pola
9) Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Benefit CD by Jamie Reno, Background Vocalist/"Survivor's Song" w/Peter Frampton on Guitar/Produced by Jamie Reno and Josquin des Pres
10) Country Songs 1 CD by Susanne Holm, Songwriter/"It's Not Like We Never Drove Through Texas" - Naxos Finland/Produced by Clas Holm
11) Stjärnbandet 2004 Festival, Songwriter/"Who's Been Playing With the Jukebox?" by Susanne Holm - Radio Vega/Finland
12) Snapshot CD by Ernie Wylie, Songwriter/"Too Deep" - Adama Music/Ernie Harkins
13) Kidtunes CD, Executive Producer - Piano Press
14) Fresh, Songwriter/"Personal Touch" - MDVD Network, Inc./Mary Ivory and Matthew Dela Pola
15) Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah CD, Producer/Arranger/Performer - Piano Press
16) Piano Solo and Duet Recitals, Pianist - Duncan Music Studio
17) The Carol Calorie Show, Music Arranger/Lyricist - Brookens Jr. High School
18) Brookens Jr. High School Chorus LP Album, Choir Member/Alto - Brookens Jr. High School/Willie T. Summerville
19) Talent Shows, Singer/Dancer - Yankee Ridge School

1) Song Sheets to Software - A Guide to Print Music, Software, Instructional Media and Web Sites for Musicians Book/CD-ROM, Author - Scarecrow Press, Inc.
2) Sound Chip in Greeting Card, Music Arranger/"Jolly Old St. Nicholas" - The Lang Companies
3) Holiday Fun Series, Arranger/Songwriter/Graphics - Piano Press
4) Pieces for Piano Series, Composer/Graphics - Piano Press
5) The Art of Music - A Collection of Writings, Compiler/Editor/Author - The Art of Music, Inc.
6) Musical Colors Series, Compiler/Graphics - Piano Press
7) The Music Box and Other Delights, Compiler/Arranger/Graphics - Piano Press
8) Kidtunes Songbook and Activity Guide, Arranger/Graphics - Piano Press
9) I Practiced! I'm Proud!, Author/Graphics - Piano Press
10) Traditional World Music Influences in Contemporary Solo Piano Literature, Author - Scarecrow Press, Inc.

1) Israel60 Web Site, Music Arranger/"Hatikva" - Center for the Advancement of Jewish Education
2) Corporate Web Site Holiday Card, Music Arranger/"Jolly Old St. Nicholas" - Wunderman
3) Christmas E-Card, Music Arranger/"Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" - Greenroom Digital
4) Christmas E-Card, Music Arranger/"Oh, How Lovely Is the Evening" - Konitek

1) Profile Piece: Rabbi Video, Music Arranger/"Shalom Chaverim" - Emmy-Winning ImageMaster Productions/Dan Johnson
2) Mama Video



Elizabeth C. Axford (Liz), owner of Piano Press, has been a full-time studio piano instructor since 1984, on both coasts of the U.S., first in Miami, FL (1984-1992), then in San Diego, CA (1992-Present). In Miami she conducted keyboard clinics for Yamaha and Roland using digital piano labs in both Suniland Music Shoppe and Miami Music Works. She earned her MA in Music from San Diego State University, and BA in Music from the University of Illinois. A published author, songwriter, arranger, poet, and producer, her products created for Piano Press are used by music teachers and students worldwide. She is an active member of NSAI, ASCAP, TAXI, MTAC, MTNA, and a voting member of NARAS.

One of the original seven NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) Regional Workshop coordinators, she started the Miami, FL NSAI Workshop in 1990, and the San Diego NSAI Workshop in 1992, after Hurricane Andrew devastated the area of Miami in which she taught and lived. During this time, she has produced or attended over 150 songwriting/music business seminars in LA, Nashville, San Diego, Miami, Dallas, Orlando, and Daytona Beach, as well as conducted monthly regional NSAI songwriting workshops.

She has studied songwriting privately with Marc-Alan Barnette, Rick Beresford, Jason Blume, and Harriet Schock. She participated in Jai Josefs' songwriting classes at The Musician's Institute in LA, as well as his Monday Night Group with peers Alex Del Zoppo (Sweetwater), Neil Devor (David Foster), and Glenn Rumbaoa (Universal Music Group), among others. Many of her songs have won awards in international songwriting contests, including those sponsored by Billboard and Unisong, as well as other regional songwriting contests. Her songs and arrangements have been heard on artist's CDs, in videos, on the radio, in TV commercials, on CNN and PBS, as sound chips in greeting cards, as ringtones, and on the Internet.

Both her critically acclaimed music reference books written for Scarecrow Press, Inc., "Song Sheets to Software - A Guide to Print Music, Software, Instructional Media, and Web Sites for Musicians" (now in its 3rd ed. w/CD-ROM) and "Traditional World Music Influences in Contemporary Solo Piano Literature" can be found in university and public libraries throughout the world, including those of Julliard, Oberlin, Eastman, Yale, Harvard, UCLA, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Belmont, Princeton, MIT, University of Oxford, University of Sydney, and many, many others. Her "Keyboard Chops" articles appear online at www.indie-music.com. Her column "Songwriting and the Web" appeared in the NSAI Newswire.