Elizabeth Egan

Elizabeth Egan


With her international appeal and mix of electronic and pop sensibilities, Elizabeth Egan is able to span the age gap and please audiences with varied tastes and preferences.


Surrounded by a musical family, Elizabeth Egan came into the world of music at an early age.
After an intensive theatrical upbringning during her youth, she fell for the sound coming out of the UK and promptly moved there to immerse herself in the alternative scene. Elizabeth found success there while being mentored by Peter Gabriel and working on tour with The Cure. At this time she was chasing and creating songs that were deeply melodic and soulful, and was learning the ropes from some of the most innovative artists of our time.
Conveying true passion and drawing from many deep wells of influence, Elizabeths's songs, live performances, and unique five octave vocals had already been called, "delicious".
Now a newcomer to Los Angeles, Elizabeth has already had several songs placed in soundtracks and currently her singing can be heard in the Oscar award winning director's film, "Home of the Brave" at this years Sundance Festival.
An encore student at the Musician's Institute, Elizabeth also currently elixirs at a Chinese herbal tonic bar.


Elizabeth Egan - The Ivory Agreement - 2003

1. two worlds
2. sisterangel
3. tell me something
4. consequences
6. question and answer
7. in silence
8. like velvet
9. moonlite
10. second chance
11. tangle and twine

Elizabeth Egan - EP Sampler - 2002

1. intro
2. vocal montage
3. two worlds
4. sister angel
5. tell me something
6. like velvet
7. in silence
8. q & a

Aurora - EP - 2000

Set List

Feb. 23rd at The Passage

In Silence
Question and Answer
Tell Me Something
Valediction (new song)
Like Velvet
Second Chance
Sister Angel
Two Worlds