Elizabeth Foster

Elizabeth Foster


Elizabeth Foster's music can be described as a mix of Americana and alt-country stylings. Her lyrics are poignant, her melodies are addictive, and her delivery of both is unmistakeably her own.


For the past seven years, Elizabeth Foster has traveled the American Southeast playing contemporary Folk music for thousands of listeners. She is a singer/songwriter who grew up in Columbia, South Carolina. After graduating from the University of Virginia with a degree in Art History and Painting, she started playing music with local artist, Hannah Traylor. Their collaboration of original music took them to various venues around the country as well as overseas. They completed two successful independant recordings.

Elizabeth is now living in Nashville, Tennessee where she has been further developing her music career in songwriting and continues to perform. Her music is a product of her love of Americana and Folk. When asked to describe her motives in music, she states, "My intention in my music is to define and redefine my experiences of love and its losses. Music is really just a way in which I can explore my life and how to deal with it. It's too easy to just go through life and not really process it. Songwriting forces me to be intentional in my thoughts and with my words."

The purity of her vocals and depth of lyrical content are beautifully displayed in her newly released record, "San Fransisco." This ten song recording, produced by Mitch Dane of Sputnic Sound, is a collection of intimate writings of love and relationships, brokenness and renewal, and the beauty of life with purpose. "I absolutely loved working on this record," she states. "It's my first solo project and I couldn't have asked for a better line up of musicians to play on it--Bryan Sutton, Matthew Perryman Jones, Andy Osenga, Andy Hubbard, Aaron Sands. It was incredible to have Mitch producing it and knowing I was going to end up with something I really liked. He really allowed me the space to be creative."

"I listen to Patty Griffin, EmmyLou Harris, HEM, Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, as well as Jonatha Brooke and John Prine. I love the way they communicate, sometimes it's simple but it hits you like a freight train." Elizabeth continues to write and perform her original music, reaching audiences with her carefully woven images and soaring melodies.


Dig Deep

Written By: Elizabeth Foster

Dig deep, girl
for there's more below the surface, than what you see, girl
too many people need your
to keep your eyes upon yourself
so dig deep.

Build high, girl
to the sky, girl
for there's more to this life
than getting by, girl
too many people need to see
the rock supporting thee
so build high.

Reach farther
for the one who made those arms
can stretch them wider
too many people need the touch
of a purpose kind of love
so reach far
and dig deep.

San Fransisco

Written By: Elizabeth Foster and Duff James

San Fransisco, safe and sound
to my love, I am bound
smokey figures, stained in grey
a thousand miles in my way.

I don't want to be alone tonight
I give myself to the passing shadows,
'til the morning light
and I know this train has got me working overtime
just to be alone tonight.

Work the cadence, steel and stone
work the fire, feed the glow
town to town, old and new
but every station, I dream of you.


some may say another dollar another day, but my heart wants something more to call its own
and I've been told, that my story has grown old
and my only homw is to be alone.


Upside of a Letdown

Written By: Elizabeth Foster

I was just in time to miss that plane
with my bags in the air and my feet on the ground
as the taillights pulled away

just when all my world was crashing down
I saw you, and your baby blues

Baby, you're the sun on a rainy day
turning everything around
just when I had thought that I'd lost it all, you're the upside of a letdown

It's funny how those years can take their toll
with lines on my face and a head full of grey
hard times without parole.
Just when all my beauty disappeared you see me
and you're still here



"San Fransico" Elizabeth Foster

Set List

San Fransico
Song No One Knows
Fairy Tale
Don't Know How
This Time
By the River
Fess Up
Run Baby
Upside of a Letdown
Blue Again
Dig Deep
The Brave One
My Promise
Many are the Plans
On My Way

My sets usually typically last from 45 minutes to an hour, sometimes longer (if appropriate).