ElizaBeth Hill

ElizaBeth Hill

 Ohsweken, Ontario, CAN

A performance of original material blended into a rootsy arrangment of voice, strings, rhythm on an incredible path of lyrics. Singing in both English and Mohawk languages, ElizaBeth's bluesy country meets folk/world.


ElizaBeth Hill is a singer-songwriter not only built her craft through years spent in Nashville's toughest songwriting circles, but with the help of elders and fluent speakers, taught herself to compose in the Mohawk language as well. Whether in Nashville or Kenya, or in her own backyard, she is fearlessly creative. A lyricist with an intuitive touch, there is a depth to her music that stirs the soul and inspires the listener to always want to hear more. Performances have a combination of prolific lyric writing spanning love songs to her Native American lifestyle. Arresting vocals spin these into a sweet mix of traditional yet bluesy country, and folk. Her given knack for great anecdotes weaves storytelling and a dry humour throughout her sets.

ElizaBeth is a Mohawk. The roots of her music have grown in traditional country, schooled on the Nashville songwriting scene for more than a decade, and are steeped for a lifetime in her Iroquoian culture. She has composed and recorded for dance theatre and film. She has scored music for independent filmmaker Shelley Niro whose film "The Shirt" was featured at the Sundance Film Festival in 2004, and scored Niro’s new feature film “Kissed by Lightning” which premiered at the 2009 Imaginative Film Festival and received a Milagro Award at the Santa Fe Film Festival for Best Indigenous Film. Her Mohawk language compositions can be heard in one of Canada’s most successful dance companies, Santee Smith’s Kaha:wi Dance Theatre.

ElizaBeth was also commissioned to write a libretto by Opera Hamilton, about the life of Chief Joseph Brant. “Tyendinaga” which is still in music composition by the opera company. She was nominated for "Best Female Artist" and "Best Producer" (along with co-producer Bob Doidge (Gordon Lightfoot, U2, Ani DiFranco, Bruce Cockburn)at the 2000 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards AND Best Music Aboriginal Canada in 2000 Canadian JUNO Awards for her release "Love That Strong" on which she shares a duet with great American songwriter, John Hiatt. ElizaBeth’s Mohawk language CD Peacemaker's Lullaby was nominated in 2 categories for the 2005 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards including ‘Album of the Year’.

Her newest CD release “Too Long Away” continues to carry her listeners on a pleasant ride through simple arrangements, heart rendering vocals and superior songwriting. Numerous television appearances, concert performance, workshops and constant involvement in Native North American community building through the arts, is testament to ElizaBeth's versatility.

Her passion for Peace through music has taken her to exploring Indigenous voices around the world, exchanging songs, ideas, and the power of sound—of the voice to create beauty upon the Earth. An extremely powerful and dedicated performing artist, songwriter, composer, producer, writer and visual artist.

For more information visit IDEA@iandavies.com or go to her website at www.elizabethhill.org.

"Her aboriginal spin on the forceful, folksy tradition suggests Buffy Sainte Marie, but also Emmylou Harris, Joni Mitchell and other roots divas." Geoff Chapman, Toronto Star
"You'll tingle all over and the soaring voice of ElizaBeth Hill will stay with you long after its over." Toronto World Arts Scene


Pow Wow Trail

Written By: ElizaBeth Hill

I’m just a girl who likes dancing and fun
I hold my chin high to the beat of the drum
Sometimes this road leaves you feeling alone
But I’m not turning back and I’m not going home
Tobacco in bundles, sweet grass in braids
I’ve never picked either, I get ‘em by trade
All those sweet 49ers made just for me
All that love and attention is fancy and free
Now I’m dancing and drinking my coffee black
Straight as an arrow that never flies back
Bustles and bundles and sweet nightingales
I’m living my life on this pow wow trail.
Nuevo, new age, Venus and Mars
I’ve danced with them all to put gas in my car
Like figures and faces trapped in a frame
Most I don’t even know them by name
Heartachin’ honestly wondering why
I cry every time I say goodbye
There’s cars and there’s people
There’s headlights that burn a pathway to
Somewhere that I’ve never learned
Repeat Chorus
It feels like there’s something I’ve forgotten to do
The last time I looked I was looking at you
Sometimes it feels like nothing has changed
But I know I have changed everything but my name
There’s wooden park benches and ducks in a pond
I sit here and wonder whose side am I on?
Ripped up and shredded like paper Mache
There’s nothing to keep me from drifting away
Repeat Chorus

Maybe I'm Crazy

Written By: ElizaBeth Hill/Kat Graham


Maybe I’m crazy, maybe I’m blue
It looks like I’ve fallen, fallen for you
Maybe I’m crazy, Crazy in love

Maybe I’m blind, too blind to see
This is the best thing ever happened to me
Maybe I’m crazy, crazy in love

Tossin’ and turning, so full of yearning
Is more than one heart can take
You knocked my feet off the ground
Got my head spinning round wondering which direction to take

Oh, maybe I’m crazy I’m so confused,
baby I just can’t stop thinking bout you
Maybe I’m crazy, Crazy in love

You got me dreaming, I think you should know
This feeling I’m feeling is out of control
Maybe I’m crazy, crazy in love.

Tag: Maybe I’m crazy, crazy in love.

©E. Hill/K. Graham/Socan

Your Friend

Written By: ElizaBeth Hill


When the shadows of midnight are making way for the dawn
And that first light reaches out to touch the pillow that you lie on
As you turn to face the day, should the world get in your way
Remember I will always be your friend.

When all your chips are down and every card has been played
And you really need someone to listen close, hear what you say
When you find yourself alone, and that fair-weather world is gone
Remember I will always be your friend.

When you need someone who cares
Who’s missing you when you’re not here
Someone who’ll laugh and cry with you
Someone who always speaks the truth
I’d stand face to face with death and then give you my last breath
Remember I will always be your friend.



When the Spirit Moves Me (Music Masters 1993)
Legends, I Am An Eagle (First Nations/EMI 1995)Singles
Aboriginal Women's Voices in the Studio (Sweetgrass Records 1997) Single
Love that Strong (Music Masters 1999)
Peacmaker's Lullaby (Music Masters 2005)
Indian Reservation Blues & More (DixieFrog 2009) Single
Too Long Away (Music Masters 2011)

Set List

Earth Song (Mohawk Language)
Too Long Away
Maybe I'm Crazy
Our Mother (Mohawk Language)
Rez Neck Girl
Pow Wow Trail
Thirty Years of Tears
Steelworking Man
Don't Lie to Me
The Tobacco Song
A Soldier Cries
Ise Onkwehohweh (Mohawk Language)