Elizabeth Hunnicutt

Elizabeth Hunnicutt

 Roseville, Minnesota, USA

Based out of Minneapolis, Elizabeth Hunnicutt is a singer-songwriter who loves both performing and leading worship. Her style is a blend of acoustic-folk-pop and she performs both solo and with a band. Her hope and goal is to encourage and challenge people through her songs and her life.


Authentic. Fresh. Organic. Artistic. Accessible.

This is the music of Minnesota-based singer-songwriter, Elizabeth Hunnicutt. Born on a farm in rural Nebraska, and raised near the mountains of Colorado, Elizabeth has a way of engaging listeners like an old friend. Her music, best described as acoustic-folk-pop, has a personal feel, as if she’s singing entries from her journal. Faith is the foundation of Elizabeth’s thoughts and perspectives and that comes through in her honest and heartfelt lyrics. She’s not afraid to ask questions or voice her doubts, and her music paints a picture of life that recognizes things aren’t always easy, yet the path is often littered with hope.

In 2006, Elizabeth received the Gospel Music Association Academy Award for Song of the Year, for her song “Alright.” Over the last few years, she has shared the stage with talented artists like David Crowder Band, Mat Kearney, Brooke Fraser, Sara Groves, Dave Barnes, Shane and Shane, Ginny Owens, and Derek Webb.

In addition to being a songwriter and performer, Elizabeth is also a worship leader, and frequently can be found leading for churches, colleges, conferences, retreats, and events. Her recently released project, On the Way, is a great example of her talent as a singer, songwriter, musician and storyteller.

Wherever you are in your journey, Elizabeth’s music is sure to be a welcome companion as you walk, stumble, and find your way through life.


Walk With Me

Written By: Elizabeth Hunnicutt

There’s a hope I’ve found
It’s hidden there in the ground
Where love is breaking out

Planted in the soil
Of winter’s death and toil
Life is gonna grow

As You walk with me
Give me strength for another mile
As You walk with me
Would you hold this heart of mine
As You walk with me
Show me love that never dies
As You walk with me
As You walk with me

There’s a joy for me
Waiting in the broken wings
Of fallen empty dreams

Redemption’s victory cry
Restoration’s chance to shine
Someday I am gonna fly

I am not alone

On the Way

Written By: Elizabeth Hunnicutt, Sarah Hart, Marc Byrd

I am just another traveler
In this little piece of time
I’m a drifter; I’m a seeker
Waking to this thing called life
And I struggle like a baby
For each little step I take
Learning how to walk on the way

I am losing the familiar
I’m not sure of anything
Every new day it’s a new world
That’s quick to steal my dreams
But the path of least resistance
Wasn’t meant for me to take
I’m learning who I am on the way

Still I fall and you reach
I am foolish so you teach
I wander but you stay
By my side on the way
By my side on the way

This is not what I expected
It’s not everything I planned
But there’s beauty in this mystery
I don’t have to understand
But I just have to keep on moving
Not with vision, but with faith
I’m learning how to see on the way

So I feel these blessed burdens
And these weights upon my feet
No one said it would be easy
Or that I’d ever find my peace
But I’m moving with assurance
Through these fears and sweet mistakes
I’m learning how to live on the way

We Are Lost Without You

Written By: Elizabeth Hunnicutt, Joel Lindsey

We strut and fume
Upon the earth
Little men
With little worth
Making wars
Where love should be
Keeping score
But who’s the enemy

Oh Blessed Father,
Come and save us from ourselves
We are lost without You
We are lost without You

Have we become
What we despise
We turn our heads
And close our eyes
What will we say
What will we do
If we believe there’s hope in you

Oh Blessed Father,
Come and save us from ourselves
We are lost without You
We are lost without You
Oh Blessed Savior
We are crying out for help
We are lost without You
We are lost without You

We are broken, We are needy
We are searching, hungry, pleading

Finally Feel Like Living

Written By: Elizabeth Hunnicutt, Joel Hanson

I heard somebody say, “The worst decision you can make is to make no decision.”
And I think they may be right, I’m still trying to decide.
Oh this feels like a collision

Cause what if I regret some choice along the way
What if failure finally catches me

If I want to fly
I’m gonna have to say goodbye
And start a brand new way of life
That finally feels like living
And I’ve got to try
Stop holding on to all these lies
I’m tired of wasting all this time
I finally feel like living

I could wait until I know, just what to do and where to go
But I might be here forever
I could surrender to my fears, like I’ve done for all these years
And never know if it gets better

There’s a chance that I might miss these old familiar walls
And these chains I couldn’t even see

Oh I thought I was
But I wasn’t living
I’m stepping out
Into a new beginning

Here I Am

Written By: Elizabeth Hunnicutt

No I don’t know it all
And I don’t have the strength
But here I am, Here I am
And I don’t have the words
And I don’t have the wisdom
But here I am, Here I am

I am weak
But you are strong

I want to feel you move
Give everything to know You
Surrender all to be used
Here I am, here I am
Here I am, here I am

Well, I don’t have the faith
And I don’t have the answers
But here I am, Here I am

All of these doubts
Raining over me
Bring your light and shine
Until they’re gone, till they’re gone


On The Way (Full-length)--Released in 2009
Finding Me Here (Full-length)--Released in 2005
Elizabeth Hunnicutt (EP)--Released in 2003

Set List

Sets vary considerably based on the venue and event. Elizabeth loves to work with event organizers to help meet their needs of the event. This may mean performing a concert of original music or leading worship for a group--or doing both.