Elizabeth Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson


Lucinda Williams meets Tori Amos meets Cowboy Junkies



Elizabeth Johnson earned her Masters from New York University's Dramatic Writing Program. She is a member of the WGA, west and the Animation Writers Caucus, and ASCAP.

Her song Think Too Much was licensed for Johnny Depp's landmark TV show, "21 Jump Street." Thanks to "Think" producer Jeff Silverman and Debbie Heavers of Palette Music Editorial for getting the song to Steve Cannell.

Think Too Much originally gained attention on MP3, holding the number one position in Los Angeles for three consecutive weeks. Think Too Much is produced by Jeff Silverman at Palette Studios in Burbank, California. Silverman, who also played guitar on Think, was lead guitarist for Rick Springfield, Redbone, and Roger Miller. Silverman has done music for companies including HBO, Showtime, MGM, and Dreamworks.

Her piano song Broken Streetlamp is featured in the documentary feature, "It/ll Be Better Tomorrow" at the 31st Deauville American Film Festival 2005. Made by Michael W. Dean, it's a look at the life of Beat author Hubert Selby Jr. ("Last Exit to Brooklyn" and "Requiem for a Dream.") The film features new interviews with Hubert Selby Jr., Lou Reed, Jared Leto, Ellen Burstyn, Darren Aronofsky, Jerry Stahl, and others. It also features rare footage of Henry Rollins and Anthony Kiedis. The 79 minute film is narrated by Robert Downey Jr.

Her Christmas song Under the Mistletoe earned an Honor Award in the Great American Songwriting Contest. The song was engineered and produced by Yari Schutzer. Look for it this holiday as an animated work!

She is currently working and developing new songs with producer Joseph DiRocco (Open Hand) at Red Light Recording and Star Seed Music. DiRocco has played drums on demo tracks for the likes of Jane Wiedlin, Lenny Kravitz, and Vonda Shepard. He will play on Elizabeth’s tracks.

Elizabeth has performed her writing and piano music on a regular basis at clubs in the LA and NY, including The Sidewalk Cafe, whose weekly "anti-hoot" music is often acclaimed by Billboard Magazine. Her one-woman musical, Duck. Cover. Hang On., was about surviving single motherhood as a teen mom in the New York City’s East Village. After showcasing at Expanded Arts and Duplex Cabaret for two years, it found a home at The Westbeth Theater Center, who developed and produced.

Most importantly, Elizabeth lives in Los Angeles with her son Roman, who’s a violinist, guitarist, and a Little League all-star.


Under the Mistletoe

Written By: Elizabeth Johnson

The guests are all expected
In a minute or two
But I don't care if they never come
The party's me and you...

The gifts may get neglected
Under the Christmas Tree
Who needs to unwrap presents?
Come...and unwrap me

So give me a gift, it's Christmas
It's starting to snow
Let's get down to business

Santa's stuffed your stocking
He's sneaking up the chimney
He's really earned his milk and cookies
For bringing you to me

I've always been such a good girl
And heeded my mama's advice
I never knew 'til I met you
That naughty could be so nice

So give me a kiss, it's Christmas
It’s starting to snow
Let's get down to business

We've worked hard/all year long
Now it's time to have some jolly good fun!
Snuggle up by the yuletide log
Cuddle up, we'll sip some egg nog
'Tis the season to love your fellow man
And I'm doing everything I can
Meet me under the door jam

So...deck the halls
And dim the lights
Make 'em think
We're out for the night
Sugar plum, turn off that phone
I've got you home alone

So give me the gift of blissness
Let the cold wind blow
And let's get down to business

Think Too Much

Written By: Elizabeth Johnson

(lyrics/music written and performed by Elizabeth Johnson)

Don't know why, I can't get by,
Don't know why, I cry every night,
Open the door just to see the view,
All I see is a view of you…

Maybe I think too much/about nothing,
Maybe I don't drink enough/to numb the pain,
Maybe I dream too much about so many things,
All I need is a view of you

So many things I don't understand,
Don't know how it got so out of hand,
I got so happy bout the things we'd planned,
Thanks for the belt it's holding up my pants…

Maybe I think too much about nothing,
Maybe I don't eat enough nutrition,
Maybe I’m holding on /thinking you’re the one

You say there's no more passion, Well that's a lie,
You just got scared and so did I,
Maybe we’ll meet up by and by,
But for now bye bye bye/All I need is a view of you…

Maybe I think too much

Give Up (Just Stupid)

Written By: Elizabeth Johnson

Give Up (Just Stupid)

Got a mustard ball and a ketchup chain
Got a stray dog I can't shake
Feel like I was born in wet jeans
Drenched in the lake

I've had this weight before
Once I drifted so far
My snow-laden heart, needles and all
Bowed to the floor

It was you who brought the cold in
Way back when
Have we changed enough
In the right ways
To forgive what's not been forgotten?

I give up
I give in
I surrender
You win
You're my heartache
No matter how long it's been
My tongue-tied reticence
Seeks your name in the sea of vastness
So there must be something to it
To plague me like this
Must be something to us
Or I'm just stupid

I've never been one for self-restraint
Never been an early riser
And when I decide to cry
It's heaping teaspoons of rain

Wrapped in my barley coat
The dirt is dry but I'm getting soaked
I've lived so many lives but my own
I've forgotten my name

My love for you never died
It just got pushed under
And my undisciplined mind
Keeps going back to the good times

I give up
I give in
I surrender
You win
You're my back-seat disease
My vaccine
I want you next to me
So cancel the book club
I'm staying home
To find comfort from a moth-eaten coat

Cause there must be something to it
To plague me like this
Must be something to us
Or I'm just stupid

Set List

I play piano so the set is primarily me. I also invite guest musicians to join me.