Elizabeth Marlowe

Elizabeth Marlowe


Singer/songwriter performing original acoustic/new country music a la Mary Chapin Carpenter or Lucinda Williams


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What If I Can't

Written By: Elizabeth Marlowe

There's a helmet and some pads
In a box in the garage
A number 15 jersey
From three seasons with the Dawgs
You left them to me
But I don't have your speed

And there's a jet black Telecaster
With a well worn fingergboard
And a book of Jimi Hendrix songs
So I could learn the chords
You wanted me to rock
But I pick on a flat-top

You were a great man in so many ways
That's what everybody says
I've always tried my best to fill your shoes

What if I can't?
What if I'm not
A dead ringer for a chip off the ole block
It just might be
Your shadow's too big for me
You could catch the moon with your bare hands
What if I can't?

Well I got some good news today
I'm gonna be a father now
I want to be the best
But I'm not sure I know how
Can I ever be
The dad you were to me

I still recall our Sunday drives
And that fishing trip when I was five
I always wanted to be just like you

Repeat chorus
(Except last line)

So what if I play baseball and Merle Haggard songs
I am my own man
But I learned a lot from you
And I doubt I'll ever catch the moon
So what if I can't
So what if I can't
So what if I can't

She's A Fighter

Written By: Elizabeth Marlowe

On a sun-baked summer playground
Where bare feet burn on blacktop
And the weeds choke out the grass
Ellie fell in with the boys
To play a tackle football game
And caught the winning pass

The losers hurled their sticks and stones
They pulled her hair and said,
"Go on home, you...Girl"
Ellie came back swinging hard
And scattered bullies in the yard
Ten years old and ready for the world

She's a fighter
Yeah, she's gonna stand her ground
She's a warrior
Hellbent and glory bound
And no one has to know about
The fear and insecurity inside her
Don't worry bout that one, no
She's a fighter

In a bunker on a battlefield
The tenth day in a row
The troops on high alert
Crazy in the desert sun
Ellie dreamed of home and wished
That sand would turn to dirt

Mortar fire shook her free
Right back to reality again
Medic's bag and stethoscope
A silver cross to help her cope
She was ready when they
Rushed the wounded in

Repeat chorus

In the children's unit at St. Anne's
Ellie holds a tiny hand and cries
Thirty weeks is not enough
She tells her daughter
"Just hang tough"
That's when the baby opens up her eyes

And Ellie said,
"Don't worry bout that one, no
She's a fighter"

Don't worry bout that one, no no
She's a fighter

Don't worry bout that one, no no...

Everyday Americans

Written By: Elizabeth Marlowe

Becky loads the laundry in her aging minivan
It's her day for carpool and she's running late again
As she fights traffic she dreams of the good life
A great job, a rich man

She's feeling tired and stretched too thin but
She takes it all on the chin

Everyday Americans
We live in the country
We live in the city
Making our own way
Everyday Americans
We love our children
We're providing for them
Here's to everyday Americans

Leroy ties his shoes and runs a comb through his grey hair
Grabs his cane, and braces for the snow and chilly air
At his age he should probably just stay home
And watch TV in his chair

He volunteers at the shelter downtown
And he doesn't want to let them down

Repeat chorus

We're not all heroes
We're not all movie stars
But we all love freedom
That makes us who we are

Mohammed brews the coffee for the early morning crowd
Sweeps the floor a third time then he scrubs the counter down
His country store won't make him rich, but it's his
It's paid for and he's proud

Lebanese born, but Tennessee raised
He's thankful in so many ways

Repeat chorus

Everyday Americans


Indie cut - '69 Beetle on Bo Billy "Wild For You" CD

Set List

A variety of original tunes, usually done in the round so three songs at a time.