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The Day After Forever

Written By: Elizabeth McAlister

Verse 1
I hear your footsteps in the kitchen.
I smell the coffee down the hall.
I'm still half asleep,
as the morning light creeps in,
revealing that it wasn't real at all.
Your scent lingers on the pillow
that I pull across my head.
Now matter how I try
to make myself believe we're still together,
it's the day after forever.
Verse 2
Forever was the last thing on my mind,
the 1st time that you smiled at me.
Underneath those stars,
wrapped up in your arms I knew
that what we'd found would last eternally.
I feel the ring still on my finger
as I reach for where you lay.
All that's left are regrets and our picture on the dresser
on the day after forever.
Our love was a fairy tale when it began
but I thought happy ever after was how fair tales end.
Verse 3
Last nights supper is on the table
and my clothes are on the floor.
I should clean up this place
wipe out every trace of you,
but I find myself just staring at the door.
Maybe I could face tomorrow
if I can just get through today,
but every memory makes me wonder how much more can one heart weather
on the day after forever,
the day after forever.