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A Lot of Making Up To Do

Written By: Elizabeth McAlister

Lot of Making Up To Do

We slam our doors with all our might.
Why compromise when we can fight,
but no one's wrong and no one's right,
still we stay on our own sides.
Toss and turning on this couch.
Through the walls I hear the sound,
you're having trouble calming down,
it's time to turn this night around.

We've got a lot of making up to do.
We need a little love breakthrough.
I'll lay down all my pride, what about you?
Let's move on before this night is through.
We've got a lot of making up to do.

How we got here I don't know.
The smallest things just seem to grow.
We dig our heels and don't let go
but time is slipping from our hold.

Repeat Chorus

It's hard to remember what we're fighting for,
we get lost in the silly moments of keeping score.
But I know it's you that I want more.
I'd rather surrender than win this war.

One More Cigarette

Written By: Elizabeth McAlister

One More Cigarette

It's cold as the grave at home.
No sense in checking the phone
for words you left unsaid.
Did you pack my soul in your suitcase?
cause I can't find it anyplace....
Who knew loneliness was made of lead?

I'm stung by a sudden flicker of guilt
as I light up, remembering my promise to quit.
But to a man already dead
what's one more cigarette?

I've spent all this time just trying to be
the man you wanted, then you up and leave,
like snowfall in the desert, out of the blue.
You'd worked your way inside my head
and I'd almost gotten over those Reds,
the kicker is the bad habit was you.

And I’m struck by the mournful sound of the midnight train
So I light up and let the smoke wash over me like rain.
Cause to a man already dead
what's one more cigarette?

Lost and drifting along......
longing for that cool burn

So I light up remembering my promise to quit
and I shrug wondering what's the point of it
cause to a man already dead what's one more cigarette?