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Elizabeth Mendez

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Whitney Houston is coming back...but Elizabeth has arrived! Singer and a true instrumentalist with her voice, Elizabeth is a natural in the Adult Contemporary and Pop music world. One fan said “she dances with the music, and I immediately love her”


Determination is defined in Webster dictionary as "the act of deciding definitely and firmly"

Elizebeth Mendez defines determination.

Elizabeth is like every other reservist, they pursue their passion and that is what she has decided to do!

Elizabeth A. Quinones, (a.k.a. Elizabeth Mendez) is a daughter of Puerto Rican immigrants and a proud Latina sister, who joined the United States Marine Corps in 2002, so she could make a difference in the world. She began her mission to make a difference in 2001 when she volunteered three months of her time through the Red Cross as a volunteer to assist the NYC Policemen and Firefighters at Ground Zero. In 2002, Elizabeth also volunteered her time at some of the New York City shelters and there she helped out with clothing, food and provided just a shoulder to lean on to people who needed support.

Her career as a popular singer was launched when she belted out her heart felt and amazing rendition of the "National Anthem", at Madison Square Garden before a highly anticipated fight between Felix Trinidad and Ricardo Mayorga ("A Don King Production")

Elizabeth's resume reflects a roster of who's who! To date she has performed with and sang background for a plethora of some of Vibe's and Billboard's hottest acts today....Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey and Marc Anthony just to name a few. In addition to singing, Elizabeth has also made acting appearances on the television shows Third Watch, Law & Order and Sex In The City.

"It's not just a wealth of musical styles and her expressive voice that has made Elizabeth such a fine artist."

Continually striving to make significant contributions in the world, she coordinates support for the nations Largest Toys for Tots program (toysfortots.org) where she has had an immediate and lasting positive effect on underprivileged youths across all communities.

In 2006, Elizabeth performed for the September Concert Foundation (septemberconcert.org) which was created in April, 2002 for the sole purpose of organizing an annual citywide music festival in New York, in remembrance of September 11th and a celebration of our universal humanity. This year Elizabeth sang from the front steps of the New York Library for their first public concert held on the steps and at the United Nations were she launched and sang her original piece "United". She also performed at Saint Patrick's Cathedral were she sang a beautiful rendition of a Wonderful World.

Continuing to spread the word, Elizabeth sang her single "United" at the Veterans Breakfast Reception on Veterans Day held at Gracie Mansion. As soon as she belted out "United we stand, If we're divided we'll fall" the audience was speechless. "What a gift and what a song" you heard from the audience.

Please keep your eyes and ears open for Elizabeth as she will be promoting her first single "United" in 2007.

The song titled "United" was inspired by the world today and how we must all work together as a team in whatever we do. As you listen to the song, it will remind you of how important it is to stay together as one. As the song says "There's no I in team"

Please listen to a sample of "United" which is attached to this press kit.


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-Excellence In Military Award
-National Image Mission Award (LULAC)


For Bookings email: elizabethsounds@yahoo.com


Single titled "United" Available Now at www.cdreedom.com/elizabethmendez


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Set List

1. Per Request

2.Song list for Holidays are:

Wonderful World
A Chrismas Song (Nat King Cole's version)
White Christmas
Have Yourself A Very Merry Christmas(Vanessa William's Version)