Elizabeth Michalak

Elizabeth Michalak


The music of 23 year-old singer/songwriter Elizabeth Michalak has been described by audiences as enchanting, original, heart-breaking and beautiful. Her sophisticated guitar work, gripping lyrics and touching, unrefined voice have drawn a strong positive response from a wide range of listeners.


Elizabeth Michalak, 23, is a guitarist, songwriter and vocalist. She and her sister Katherine formed the folk rock duo Washer in 2007, an act defined by skilled guitar playing and intelligent vocals. Their songwriting skills grew out of their immersion as teenagers in the worlds of jazz and classical--unafraid to break conventional pop music structures, they created a catalog of songs that is truly "musician's music".

Now, Elizabeth’s recently released solo EP, The Pirate Ship Recordings, brings us an artistic voice that is both humorous and melancholy, both touching and unrefined. The collection of seven songs, which Elizabeth recorded at her home studio in early 2010, gives us a hint of the emerging solo identity of this young Colorado-based artist. Her live performances have been well-received by multi-generational audiences, and her EP has drawn a positive response from both casual listeners and fellow musicians.


House Underground

Written By: Elizabeth Michalak

Picture yourself
in a house underground
Where it’s dark but quite safe
Where it’s night all year round
Picture yourself and your
Dog and your cat
Who both chase the one mouse
Every day for ten laps
It’s not in their interests
To finish the mouse
For then what would they do
All day long in this house
To say all day long is a figure of speech
But in any event the mouse
Stays out of reach

Here beneath the forest
Where your sky’s made of tin
You should feel quite at ease
Falling asleep you
Do your best
One, two hush hush (3x)

You keep quite busy
There’s plenty to do
You call your TV room
Your room with a view
Then there’s the garden
You carefully tend
Your flowers aren’t real
But you like to pretend
It’s hard in the dark
To keep track of the days
But computers assist you
With date and time displays
You manage to manage
And get by just fine
And you really don’t mind
That the sun never shines

Here beneath the forest…

Still, late at night
You begin to feel anxious
You want to hide
Which is rather absurd
Here in your shell
There is nothing to run from
Why do you cry
In your sleep?

Here beneath the forest…


Written By: Elizabeth Michalak

Blue is my favorite color
What is yours? (2x)

Here is my heart for you
Keep it safe
Here is my heart for you
Keep it for me

I must have been sleeping
Hand in yours (2x)

Here is my heart…

Look Mama it’s raining
Look outside
He must have forgotten
Half-past nine

Dreaming I heard you laugh
Dreaming you smiled
Dreaming you spoke my name
Once in a while

Love hold me I’m crying
Then I’ll go (2x)


Written By: Elizabeth Michalak

Can you see
Can you imagine
The way down
To riverside
Can you hear
The sound of your footsteps
Way down
At riverside

Lead the way to riverside…

Has lost its attraction
I’m sick of
wearing black
I’m sick of looking
I’d like to
Bend my back

Lead the way
To riverside
There’ll be an
Open door for you
Riverside is in my dreams (2x)

Lead the way…

I’ve gotten bored
I’ve lost my patience
I’m making other plans
Tearing down
Nothing can stop me
I’m bound
For riverside (3x)

Can you hear
The sound (3x)
Way down
At riverside

Willow Tree

Written By: Elizabeth Michalak

Underneath the willow tree
Blues are coming to you (4x)

Did you see her (3x)
What did she say?

Hoping one day she will come
You’ve been saving a chair
I have never seen her face
Still you’re saving a chair
I wasn’t sure if she was real
But then you saw her today
Never mind what you will leave
She compels you away

Did you see her…

Side by side your little feet
Speak of losing the way
Side by side your little feet
Speak of being betrayed
Side by side we sit and watch
Hoping she’ll come our way
Side by side but only you
Hear her call you away

Did you see her…


Written By: Elizabeth Michalak

Dead by your doorstep (2x)
Here they are
They’re coming here to say
Here to say
Run away
By your doorstep
I will stay

You’re walking out (3x)
Walking in
Dead dead
You’re walking out and I’m
Dead, dead, dead
Dead, dead
Dead by your doorstep


2010 - The Pirate Ship Recordings (EP)