Elizabeth Tryon:  Garage Band Diva

Elizabeth Tryon: Garage Band Diva

 New York City, New York, USA
BandClassicalAdult Contemporary

ELIZABETH TRYON is a chart-topping pop singer/songwriter whose voice has often been compared to Madonna and Celine Dion. But can you imagine either of them suddenly bursting into an opera aria and belting out a perfect high C? Well, that’s exactly what Elizabeth Tryon does! Two Voices--ONE ARTIST!


Elizabeth Tryon's original songs, including the popular “Fire Inside,” have broken the Top 10 on the FMQB National Radio Chart (ahead of such well-known performers as Celine Dion). She is truly a hip young artist whose fresh pop voice excites audiences throughout the United States and abroad.
But it is her live concert, “Garage Band Diva,” that consistently brings crowds to their feet. In this multi-media event, Elizabeth combines pop songs with operatic selections—in which she sounds like an entirely different singer! The result is shocking, stunning—sensational! As New Jersey concert manager Bill Camal put it, “in my almost thirty years of booking concerts here I’ve never seen an audience have such a strong reaction to a performer.” Two voices—ONE ARTIST!!


Fire Inside

Written By: Elizabeth Tryon

You walk in today, master of the game, you don't have to try
All eyes are on you, but no one sees through, to you inside

You think I'll watch while you're fooling them all?
Now that we've touched, touched for only a moment
Now that I know, know the man that you are

Feel the fire that sleeps inside
As it ignites when I'm here with you
See the passion in your eyes
Whenever you're there, anywhere, I know it's true

You try to pretend nothing happened, you want it that way
Try keeping your cool but love's getting to you, gives you away

You think you treat me like everyone else
But longing speaks with every word, every moment
And suddenly you're not sure of yourself

Repeat Chorus

Can't let this be forgotten, can't go back to my life before
Let's live our dreams together, 'cause what else are we living for?

Repeat chorus


Written By: Elizabeth Tryon

People have ways that they want us to be
So I learned to play my role
Known them for years, but they still don't know me
That's just how the story goes

But there's more to life than to simply get by in disguise
You help me take courage, step out of the shadows and live my life

When you're lifting me up with the rain on my face
When you're holding me close, when your lips I taste
When we both are alone, when you're holding my hand
That's when you set me free to be who I am

Your's is a gift I can finally trust
With you I don't have to pretend
Being myself now is finally enough
And you're my best friend

Repeat chorus

When the whole cruel world comes knocking
It can't touch my peace inside
Your love's always there within me
It's forever mine

Repeat chorus

Think of Me

Written By: Andrew Lloyd Webber, Richard Stilgoe, Charles Hart

Think of me, think of me fondly when we've said goodbye
Remember me, every so often, promise me you'll try
On that day, that not so distant day, when you are far away and free
If you ever find a moment, spare a thought for me

And though it's clear, though it was always clear, that this was never meant to be
If you happen to remember, stop and think of me
Think of August when the trees were green
Don't think about the way things might have been

Think of me, think of me waking silent and resigned
Imagine me trying too hard to put you from my mind
Think of me, please say you'll think of me, whatever is your truth to do
There will never be a day when I won't think of you

Flowers fade, the fruits of summer fade, they have their season, so do we
But please promise me that sometimes you will think of me

Walk By

Written By: Elizabeth Tryon

When I'm waking up cold in the morning
When I'm calling but you're not there
When I'm lying awake in the darkness
And it's all more than I can bear
How can I chase away this love?

Walk on by
I must walk on by

When it's over and there's no returning
When you've told me that there's no way
When the only thing left is the feeling
And there's nothing that I can say
How can I ever laugh again?

Walk on by
I must walk on by

But I can't just turn away
When I really want to say
It didn't have to end this way
If I'd only known, then I could have changed
But now it's too late, and the only way is to

Walk on by
I must walk on by


"From Elizabeth" (CD, released 2010)

You're Still Mine
Dancing Girl
Walk By
Fire Inside
Tell Me Tonight
Tu Quieres Volver
Think Of Me
Quando me'n Vo
The Flower Duet (from Lakme)
The Bell Song (from Lakme)

Radio airplay:
WJDF Orange, MA
KGY Olympia, WA
WQXQ, WKYA Central City, KY
KLMJ Hampton, IA
KQCR Parkersburg, IA
KAYL Storm Lake, IA
WSNN Potsdam, NY
KIXR Ponca City, OK
KGLI, KSFT Sioux City, IA
KWYO, KLQQ Sheridan, WY
KLBQ, KDMS El Dorado, AR
KTRN White Hall, AR
WOCO Oconto, WI
WCLU Munfordville, KY
KIQX, KKDC Durango, CO
WRJC Kelso, WA
KLOG Mauston, MI
KCAJ Roseau, MN
KQMA Phillipsburg, KS
WJER Dover, OH
KYFM Bartlesville, OK
KITI Winlock, WA
KEAO Wailuku, HI
KMUD Redway, CA

North Norfolk Radio UK
Zeitgeist Radio UK
Radio Lu Luxembourg
94.1 FM Radio 2 Macedonia
Radio 0162 Dongen Netherlands
Radio Minsk Belarus
Highlands 100.7 FM Australia
101 FM Radio Logan Australia
Oz Radio Australia
Radio 3ZZZ Australia
Highland FM, Bowral Australia
Country Club Productions Australia
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West Gippsland Community Radio Australia
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Radio Unerhort Marburg Germany
Soundwave FM New Zealand
Jazz Radio FM Poland
Joy Radio 89.6 FM Central African Republic
Radio Despi Spain

Set List

Show includes:

1 pianist (piano needed)
1 guitarist (optional)
1 drummer (optional)
1 Microphone needed
Videos shown (projector and screen needed)
2 music stands needed (for guitarist/drummer)
1 stool