Elizabeth Wills

Elizabeth Wills


For seekers of original music, Elizabeth Wills offers organic, pop-acoustic, Americana delivered with an ethereal voice and wide-eyed honesty.


Elizabeth Wills is a confessional songwriter with a musical force that presses Americana pop music to discover its highest self. Her draw comes from her pure accessibility and the emotional connection she makes with her listener by delivering her songs through a voice that is at minimal angelic and can be best described as viscerally intoxicating.
"The crowd was hers from the start...Her lush voice calls to mind female singer/songwriter greats such as Carly Simon, Shawn Colvin and Sarah McLachlan. " - Jenny Block - Dallas Morning News

Elizabeth was born in Fort Worth, Texas and wrote her first song on piano at age 6. Once old enough, she began singing in both her church and school choirs. Elizabeth learned to play the guitar in her early teens and by eighteen she was playing open-mics, coffeehouses and bars in Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. She recorded her first full-length album at 19 and has released a total of 5 to date. She recalls growing up listening to the music of Nanci Griffith, Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, U2 and the Cure along with Joni Mitchell whom she considers her greatest influence.

Elizabeth's music is cultivated from a simple and organic place and she finds that art and expression of every kind have influenced it. Her moral compass rings true in every note and word of her music. Sheila Dichoso of Campus Circle after seeing one of Elizabeth's shows commented, "You know something is special when it breaks your heart and tugs at your fragile heartstrings, yet exquisitely captures your every emotion. Wills sang her heart out to a transfixed crowd, exhibiting introspective lyrics of wide-eyed honesty, acoustic melodies and an ethereal voice that will haunt you for hours..." "When I was first starting out," Elizabeth observes, "my music was folkier, so finding a deeper rhythm in the music -- finding the heartbeat -- became a real integral part of my musical expression". As a whole, she says, "her music is about spreading one's wings, coming into one's own and expressing from a higher place,” letting go of fear and expectations, and just allowing yourself to fly."

Awards, Accolades & Honors:
Bugle Boy Foundation Founder's Choice Talent Trust Recipient
B.W. Stevenson Songwriting competition
Female Vocalist of the year- Ft. Worth Star Telegram
Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Competition Finalist
Musical guest on the nationally syndicated PRI show, "What D'ya Know"
R&R Hot A/C Convention 2007
R&R Triple A Convention 2007
ACL Festival 2008
Radio shows from New York to San Diego

Performances of note:
South by Southwest
Kerrville Wine and Music Festival (main stage-2009)
Austin City Limits Festival (2008)
Southwest Regional Folk Alliance (2008)
The Backyard

Radio Support:
Regular airplay on XM radio College radio in the Northeast, West, CA, and Texas NPR affiliates in Austin, Dallas & Ft. Worth

Shared stages with:
Willie Nelson, Dwight Yoakam, Carolyn Wonderland, Ruthie Foster, Jimmie Vaughn, Sara Hickman, John Hiatt, Janis Ian, David Wilcox, Patrice Pike, and Matt Scannell from Vertical Horizon, just to name a few.


In the Broken

Written By: Elizabeth Wills

i come here / to bear you my soul
to make this thing while / i come here
i run home / to find my way back
to the love that i lack / i run home
and there's peace in the broken
there's peace in the fall
and if your heart is open it's not empty at all
the sweetest surrender that i have ever known
or that i can remember
i was standing here alone
but i was not alone

i turn away / just to prove that i can fight / with all my stupid might
i turn away

so i say to you / love will abide
if you do not hide your heart
i say to you


Written By: Elizabeth Wills

Woke up today / with the sun upon my face / and your name written all over the sky
and the news was good / like i knew that it would be / another day in this beautiful life

and today seems like as good a day
to tell you that i believe in you
and today seems like as good a day
to tell you that i want to see your face
and there's one more thing
baby i love you

every night when the moon comes up / and i can feel you filling up my cup / i want to take a good long drink
deep inside of that midnight / i can feel you there / and it feels alright
i tell you, i can't even think


love comes home
call it what you will

Set List

Elizabeth's set can range from 30 minutes to 5-hours. She has played nightclubs, house concert, concert halls, festivals, etc. Covers can be included- Joni Mitchell, Sarah McLachlan, Bob Dylan, Nanci Griffith, and Emmylou Harris.