Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius & Heard
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Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius & Heard

Troy, New York, United States | SELF

Troy, New York, United States | SELF
Band World Jazz


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"KARIBU review"

Oscar Groomes, O’s Place Jazz Magazine
Pianist Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius plays a rich form of contemporary world jazz. She incorporates rich textures with strings, reeds and African percussion. There are African vocals and vocalese on “Adhiambo” followed by samba beat on “Bica” and our favorite, “La Danse” is laced with mysterious sounds of the African gyil xylophone. Also enjoyed the soothing finale “Aire” capping an enjoyable set. - O's Place Jazz Magazine


Chris Spector, Midwest Record Recap
Volume 34/Number 124
She approaches the same world/jazz/classical turf as Paul Winter but comes at is from a different angle imbuing it with a jazz edge that gives it more of an across the board upscale feel. She might have paid a different set of dues but her passion for the form will bring a lot of new listeners into the tent on the whole. A groovy, easy going set that works wonders for tired ears. - MIDWEST RECORD RECAP



Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius is a lady whose music has touched a wide range of individuals because of her open mind and genuinely warm spirit. Kasius writes and records what might best be described as world pop. Her songs incorporate sounds and influences from all over the world...and she specifically chooses to play music with folks from other countries and/or cultures. Karibu is a super smooth, super polished album full of nice soothing tracks. Many of the cuts have a jazzy flavor while others are more particularly influenced by styles of music from other exotic places. The playing is fluid, as Kasius surrounds herself with solid competent players who really give the songs a certain appealing flair. Nine groovin’ cuts here including “Karibu”, “O Feche”, and “La Danse.” Music with integrity and grace. - LMNOP Magazine

"Review of KARIBU"

“Karibu is yet another musical postcard from Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius as she and her muse continue their journey to far off lands and cultures-some of which have yet to have been discovered-and to the outer reaches of her awe-inspiring imagination. Once again she and her talented bunch of co-conspirators have conjured up new worlds, new mysteries, and new musical pathways.

I treasure the music of Elizabeth & Heard because in it I hear and feel an unbounded joy and an irresistible optimism that never fail to surprise, delight and uplift me.”

Hal Miller, drummer and jazz writer/historian
Albany, N.Y.
August 2010 - Hal Miller, drummer and jazz writer/historian

"Some words about KARIBU"

“Refined, generous, jubilating...the writing is stunning, open, articulate.”
- Pierre Bensusan--world guitarist

"CD: Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius & Heard’s “Karibu” (HeardMusic.net, 2010):"

When I reviewed Heard’s four-song EP, “Adhiambo,” earlier this year, I remarked that the more classically influenced instrumental “La Lluvia” didn’t seem to quite fit in with the other three songs on the disc.
Heard’s full-length debut – which features the four tunes from the EP as well as five more tracks – solves that problem perfectly.
The nimble, lilting fusion of jazz, classical and world music strikes a delicate balance with a subtle shifting of musicians throughout the disc. Some tracks – like “La Lluvia” and the traditional “Mbizerere” from Zimbabwe – feature only two or three musicians. Others – including the welcoming title track – feature six or seven musicians, each contributing marvelous music to the mix.
The percussion of Brian Melick and Zorkie Nelson lays the foundation for the musical journey, but never overpowers the strong melodic flow that composer-pianist Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius has crafted. While Heard’s music also features cellos, guitar, mandolin, bass, flute and more, the other primary voice on this disc is the clarinet (and on the opening and closing tracks, the tenor saxophone) of Jonathan Greene, which interweaves throughout in counterpoint to the piano.
Recorded at Cotton Hill Studios and produced by Stu Kuby, this is beautiful, beautiful stuff – music that draws inspiration in equal parts from Chopin and Bill Evans, African folk songs and Brazilian sambas. - Nippertown--by Greg Haymes


Debut cd "Karibu" released Nov. 2010
reached #15 on National JazzWeek World charts!



The original repertoire of HEARD is the work of composer-arranger-pianist ELIZABETH WOODBURY KASIUS who brings a wide array of styles --jazz, classical and world music-- into her captivating soundscape. Her inspirations come from her diverse experiences and interests, her travels and observations. Heard's dynamic and eclectic lineup of musicians gives Elizabeth a multitude of talents and textures to compose for, and to perform with.

Elizabeth received her formal musical training at the University of Washington and Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, where she studied ethnomusicology, piano performance and composition with Brazilian pianist Jovino Santos Neto, trombonist Julian Priester and Big Band leader/trumpet player Jim Knapp, as well as with Nigerian Juju musician IK Dairo.


Woodwinds player JONATHAN GREENE is an active freelance musician in the New York Capital Region's jazz, world and classical scenes. He has performed with the Albany and Glens Falls Symphonies and was recently a guest performer on the recital of world-renowned chamber pianist, Andre-Michel Shub. Jonathan attended Skidmore College, where he was the recipient of the Filene Music Scholarship.

Originally from Seattle, Jon attended Garfield High where he was part of their internationally known jazz program and Big Band, whom he toured Europe and Japan with his senior year. While in Seattle, he also became an accomplished mbira player, through the vibrant world music scene happening out of University of Washington.


JOHN MENEGON is a venerable & versatile bass player, fluid in all realms of jazz and a highly-regarded composer, arranger and band leader in his own right. He played for years with the acclaimed sax player, Dewey Redman and has toured internationally with several different groups. He also plays frequently with his wife Teri Roiger, jazz vocalist and pianist.

BRIAN MELICK - drums/percussion

BRIAN MELICK is a percussive treasure who is known for his unique "hybrid" sound, built from his incredible collection of world music instruments. His sensitivity, musicality, and adaptability lend an eclecticism to Heard, and his playfulness is irresistible to watch and be a part of! He tours regularly with a diverse range of groups ranging musically from Flamenco to Celtic. http://www.uduboy.com

ZORKIE NELSON - drums/percussion/vocal

West African drummer ZORKIE NELSON comes from a long line of Ghanaian master drummers and brings an exciting and deep richness to the music of Heard. In addition to his percussive role in the band, he also lends his talents on flute and vocals. Zorkie was a founding member of the Pan African Orchestra (PAO), with the group from 1988-97. With PAO he toured the U.S., Canada, France and the U.K. and recorded Opus 1, and also toured Denmark with the Ghana National Dance Ensemble. Now based in upstate NY, Zorkie also leads his own group, Gballoi,and was a member of drum master Yacub Addy's Ghanaian ensemble Odadaa! for 11 years.

JOHN EHLIS - guitarist/mandolinist

Montclair NJ guitarist JOHN EHLIS is drawn to traditional and folk music from around the world and blends the sounds of many cultures into his own unique style. As a multi-instrumentalist, Ehlis learned the mandolin busking on the streets of Denmark, Germany and Italy and has studied various woodwind instruments and percussion, including the Balinese Gamelan. While in Zimbabwe he met local musicians, some who played with the legendary Thomas Mapfumo and performed at the Amakhosi Theatre in Bulawayo. He also performs and studies the music of the Basques.

Ehlis has performed throughout the United States, with musicians ranging from the avante-garde jazz of John Tchicai, Perry Robinson and Francis Wong, to Marie Afonso from the vocal group Zap Mama, Joe Craven from David Grisman’s group, the hybrid instrument maker Ken Butler, classical guitarist Philip Hii, American songwriter Scott E. Moore, Slovakian poet Gabriel Ariel Levicky, Basque musicians Tapia and Leturria, and Pakistani singer Fawzia Afzal Khan, to name a few.



Flutist and singer REBECCA KLEINMANN has steeped her ears in music around the world from choro rodas in Brazil, to flamenco juergas in Spain, and Jazz clubs everywhere. Originally from North Carolina, she transformed her gospel roots into a love for Jazz and became the first flutist to earn a Jazz degree from Indiana University. Her international performances include Jazz festivals from Argentina to Australia, and performances for the National Flute Association. Rebecca is currently based in the Bay Area, where she performs a mixture of music: Brazilian, Jazz, Tango, Flamenco, Celtic and Classical. She released her debut CD, "Raio de Sol" in 2005, featuring Jazz with world-music influences, and her original acoustic music project "Elame