Eliza Hull

Eliza Hull

 Windsor, Victoria, AUS

Eliza Hull is inspired by nineties down-tempo bands like Massive Attack, Lamb and Portishead. Her sound is a mix of live instrumentation with beats, her voice is heartfelt, raw and emotive.


Dawn, the debut EP of Melbourne singer Eliza Hull, heralds the emergence of a passionate creation.

Three years of dedicated crafting give rise to a heat-laden solo musical career as Eliza’s seven-track EP embodies true stories, delivered by a voice described as ‘fragile, yet strong’ - Beat Magazine

The first single, Without Words, entices listeners into the hypnotic reality of love. “Without Words is about the pull and shift within a relationship and the questioning that can often happen. It captures the beautiful confusion love can stir inside us. It’s one of the earlier songs written for the EP and is still one of my favourites”, tells Eliza.

Dawn was recorded and produced with Jonathan Steer and Leigh Fisher (Gypsy and the Cat), and features collaborations with Mark Pearl (Texture Like Sun), and Ainslie Wills.

Recording in home studios, garages, and churches has added depth to the already lush and textured tracks which feature string and horn arrangements, and give a nod to nineties electronica.

An eclectic approach to sound has supported the intensity, emotion, and lyrical story-telling which characterise Eliza’s music and compels listeners to enter her world. “I feel deeply proud of this EP. This is something I have put myself into and it’s my honest offering of my song writing. A beginning”.

The self-funded EP is released following a successful stand-alone single launch, Five, which generated strong reviews, Rage coverage, community radio play, and a capacity crowd at the Northcote Social Club launch.

Eliza now builds upon years of involvement in the Melbourne music scene with the band Describe Eliza, which experienced success through triplej radio support, a strong live following, national touring, and television coverage.
Dawn will be available on iTunes and through all good record stores from Friday the 18th of May through MGM.


Sing You A Song

Written By: Eliza Hull

Ill sing you my song forever long
Till night is day forever long
Because all I want is to be your girl

Ill serve you tea
Ill cut your bread
Ill make your bed
Ill watch you sleep

Ill catch your fall
Ill run your bath
Ill serve you tea
Ill love you to the core

Do you get me
Do you understand what's really at hand
Don't try to calm me down
Im breaking, Im about to burst


Five - Single
Without Words- Single
Dawn - EP