Eliza Jane Manoff

Eliza Jane Manoff


Original, heartbreakingly good, stripped-down Delta blues, folk, and fingerpickin' guitar tunes.


Eliza Jane Manoff writes genuine, honest folk and blues songs, and sings them with a heartfelt sincerity that you must hear to believe.


Church of Headin on My Way

Written By: Eliza Jane Manoff

Woke up sunday morning still drunk from the night before
Took a drink for each ring of that church bell
The preacher said, as his face turned red, and he picked me up off the floor
That I'd better leave town, and better leave the state as well

Well gone is the shortest distance from here to point A
And that's why I started the Church of Headin' On My Way
Ain't got no money, but got plenty of hell to pay
And that's why I started the Church of Headin' On My Way

I've been chased out of almost every place I've been
Ain't no welcome mat welcoming me
And I can't begin to tell you all the sins that I have sinned
Because I was usually to drunk to see

If I run out of liquor on some terrible day
You'll find me on my knees in the Church of Headin' On My Way
And if you find yourself with nowhere to go except running away
All you sinners are welcome at the Church of Headin' On My Way


Old Crow Blues EP - Tweet Records 2007

Home Demo CD - 5 Original Songs (2006)

Set List

Typical set list is 6-8 original songs and 3-4 covers. Cover songs are largely blues and folk tunes.