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Eliz Camacho

North Carolina, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

North Carolina, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Pop R&B


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#BecomeMajor Interview: Eliz Camacho

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By Jorge Brea
10:32 am April 13, 2015

#BecomeMajor is a call to all music industry creatives to stand together and connect on a deeper level by building relationships and networks that can help each other grow and inspire. We’re committed to standing with artists to help get them get to the next level by providing them as many tools and education as possible to help them become bigger than anything a major record label could ever provide.

We continue our new interview series with Eliz Camacho.

Who is Eliz Camacho?

Elíz (e-leese) Camacho is a “multi-talented” singer/songwriter, actress, model, diva, cat-walking, Italian-Mob accent talking (lol) extraordinaire. I refer to her in “third person” because she basically is the “Rosie the Riveter” of the music industry…she does it all. There’s no limits when it comes to Elíz.

How would you describe your style in terms of music and appearance?

My style is very cultural & historically oriented. My background is African American, Puerto Rican and Native American (Cherokee). While in the process of creating, I like for my music to reference a lot of cultural influences from my heritage; whether instrumentally or verbally. The interesting thing about music is, it is universal. People around the world may not understand each other’s language or dialect, but as soon as you hear music, no matter what your race, creed or culture, you feel the beat. My appearance also plays an important role along with my music because of my nationality. My Latin flair, my soulful curves & traditional poise all create who I am today as a unique artist.

If you had a wish for the music scene, and in particular how independents revolve around it, what would that be?

I would love the music industry to go back to the Motown days. It seemed as if artistry was taken more seriously back then, rather than today where people put up a video online and the so called “talent” makes absolutely no sense. Then, if you were an independent artists and you have the talent along with the total package, it would make it easier to sign to a major.

How important do you think image is vs. the music?

That depends on the individual. Everyone was not created to be the same, no matter how much weight they’re required to lose or lightning of the skin. It all depends on the music and the image that the “artist” feels comfortable with. It’s all about the quality of the material how the mass accepts the music from the artist. Their image is just a bonus.

What are you doing in your day to day to try and #BecomeMajor?

I continuously create quality material so that when presented to a major, I am ready. Being ready also includes my image: staying physically fit, being camera and vocally ready. This makes it easier when signing because the majors don’t have much to do as they see the artist is prepared in a major way, on an unsigned/indie level.

What makes you different from other artists doing the same music?

What makes me different from other artists is the fact that I am not doing what other artists are currently doing. If I were singing with heavily auto-tuned filled music, 808-blaring bass, and mono-toned melodies then I’d be sounding like what’s on the airwaves now. I am the type of artist that likes to do things the old-fashioned way, whereas if you sing live in the studio, you sing just as good if not better in a live arena. That is the only way people will ever except you if you’re real.

How does the movement of #BecomeMajor influence you?

When I first heard about #BecomeMajor or www.becomemajor.com, I thought to myself “Wow, there’s still a chance for unsigned/independent artist to have light and get noticed on a major level. This company differentiates between notable indie/unsigned websites by selectively choosing particular artists who are serious about their talent and not just some fly-by-night.

What is your overall goal for your music career?

My overall goal is to win Grammys and become iconic in the music industry as a very well-known, successful, business woman, entrepreneur, and overall musician/entertainer. I believe in anything that you do, you reach for the highest level of achievement.

Do you believe that the independent music scene can overcome major artists?

I believe the independent music scene can overcome major artists, and I also believe it can merge into major artists, depending on how much the independent artists have put into being on a major platform.

What about being an independent artist do you like?

For the most part I like my freedom. Not saying that being with the major won’t allow any type of control in my creativity, but I enjoy being able to express myself freely and true rather than having a façade that’s not really showcasing the real me.

What is upcoming for 2015?

2015 is looking amazing for me: hard work, passion driven, lots and lots of MORE hard work, Great music, wonderful connections. Definitely keep on the lookout and stay tuned because I could be in the city near you!

Finally, where can folks find out more information on you?

I love this part in interviews! Please visit me on my website at www.loveeliz.com. It has all of my music, videos, interviews and social media sites, just ways to keep in touch with me. Looking forward to hearing from all of my new fans and supporters out there with the help and support of #BecomeMajor!

Thank you all so much at #BecomeMajor for allowing me to take the time to share a few interesting upcoming events from myself!

-L0V3, Elíz - Symphonic Distro


KwaK: How difficult of a decision was it and what ultimately led you to give up your educational and career aspirations in meteorology to pursue your passion in singing full time ?
EC: To be honest, I never really “gave up” on becoming a meteorologist: I actually never really “wanted” to become one. I only chose that career as a “back up”, but because of the passion and ambition of pursuing my “true” dreams, there was no such thing as a “back up” plan. If you believe, you can achieve ANYTHING!

KwaK: Not only are you a talented singer but it seems like you are also pursuing a career in acting, from stage to motion picture. How has one opened the doors for the other ?
EC: They both are very “competitive” paths. It’s like I have to turn on and turn off when I’m either behind the “mic” or behind the “camera”. A role may require “theatrical sadness” whereas in a song it’s gotta be “believable” (unless you put some “stank” on it!) Being able to do both is a plus in the industry, combined, you get “BROADWAY!”

KwaK: You have a eccentric mix of cultural backgrounds. Do you think being someone of multiple ethnicities has influenced your music?
EC: ¡Claro! Chaka, Mariah, Celia Cruz…they’ve all been huge influences in my music. One thing about my music is I make it “non-demographical”. It’s for all ages, non vulgur, and just FUN and creative!

KwaK: What an honor you had in 2008, being a part of the national anthem ensemble for President Obama and countless appearances/performances since then. Which of your many experiences would you say is your “shining moment” and why ?
EC: Yes! The 2008 Obama rally was a wonderful experience and the interesting part about it was I wasn’t able to vote at the time because i was only 17, but able to perform. My most shining moments are really when I’m “one on one” with someone, when I’m just able to connect with a person at a restaurant or in the store. I never really knew how many admirers I had and from different ages! I really am able to connect with them rather than just performing for the mass and people are just in that “moment of excitement”. That seems like my shining moment, connecting with them personally. It’s not often that your fans are able to connect with their favorite artist due to business matters or “fanatics” or just different things that put the artist at risk, when the fan really is just admiring them.

KwaK: Please tell our readers, whats next for Eliz Camacho ?
EC: MAJOR things will be happening this year for Elíz Camacho: I just signed with CTS Management so I’m pretty excited about that. They’re going to be my new family and I’ll definitely be performing in a city near you so be on the lookout, new music, working with some great writers and producers, videos, more commercials and movies to come; The list is endless!

Make sure to follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I’ll definitely be keeping “KwaK” posted with the new updates with yours truly “Eliz Camacho”! - Karla with a Kay

Eliz Camacho is one of North Carolina’s fastest rising stars. Beautiful, charming, passionate, and witty are but a few words that could describe Eliz. But don’t let the pretty face fool you; there’s much more to Eliz than a pretty face and a soulful voice. Eliz Camacho caught our attention because she possesses the “Triple Threat”, she sings, models, and is an actress. Eliz feels like she has the best of both worlds because she grew up listening to Hip-Hop and R&B, along with Latin Music (Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata). Eliz is of African-American and Puerto Rican heritage. She fully embraces her heritage and infuses her dual roots in her artistic expression. Some of her favorite artists include Chaka Khan, Stevie Wonder, Patti LaBelle, Duke Ellington, Enrique Iglesias, Selena, and Celia Cruz.

During her teenage years, Eliz received vocal training but wasn’t sure if she wanted to make singing a career. But everything changed when she received a call to sing the National Anthem for President-Elect Barak Obama. Before signing in front of a crowd of nearly 10,000 people, Eliz received a send-off from her church. “After singing the National Anthem for the First African-American President, I knew I had to take singing more seriously,” said Eliz. One year after singing for the President, Eliz landed her first movie role in Changing The Game. “It felt like a dream come true! I had a small role but the experience was priceless,” says Ms. Camacho. - New Growth Hair Magazine


Get Loose



Elíz Camacho

Elíz's musical career began to take off in 2008 with her first stadium appearance, accompanied by an ensemble chosen to sing the National Anthem for the President Obama Rally held at the Crown Arena in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Elíz made her musical stage play debut at Cape Fear Regional Theatre in their production of Westside Story (2009) playing the part of "Consuelo" . This was followed by her appearance in the principal role of "Taylor McKessie", in Disney’s® High School Musical 2, "On Stage" (2009) and national appearances in several television commercials, including Coca-Cola® "Summer Fun" (2009) and ESPN-U® "University of Florida" (2009).

Elíz was the only independent recording artist featured on the "Microsoft Windows Media Guide" ® during the week of the 2011 Grammy’s. She was also featured on the first female compilation album titled "She Got Next". While already known as the "down-south, sultry, "ultra-sexy" diva, Elíz has made quite an impression on the "Big Apple" including being the special-guest/presenter/co-host at the Hip Hop Underground Music Awards at B.B. Kings in New York City in which she performed before a cheering standing room only audience.

Elíz was the opening act for "Grammy-Award" winning songwriter/singer "Gordon Chambers" at the "One Night Only with Gordon Chambers" show which supported the "non-profit" organization "Samaritan's Feet". She has shared the stage with other headlining acts including Boyz II Men, Vivian Green, Omarion, and Yolanda Adams at the CIAA "Toyota Fan Experience" and with Tyra Banks, Kim Burell, Kelly Price, Robin Thicke, and Anthony Hamilton at the 2012 Women’s Empowerment Expo. Elíz land a role in the motion picture Changing the Game (2012) playing "Julissa", the sexy, flirtatious Latina flight attendant

During her impressive young career, Elíz has already captured many notable awards and garnered several features including the "2012 Female R&B of the Year" (NCUMAS), "Featured Hottest R&B Singer" (Windows Media Guide®), "Artist of the Week" (Reverb Nation®)," Best New Artist of the Year" 2010 (Independent Artist Music Awards 2010), "Musician of the Month" (TalkofNc.com), Famous Birthdays ®, WORLD NEWS®, FAMOUS WHY®, Carolina Entertainers of the Month (Carolina Artists®), CheckMateNewYork.com, HotStepz Magazine, Musician of the Month (CHASEMEBABY.COM), Shive Magazine, El Barrio Magazine, SASS Magazine, Disarray Magazine and X-Pozsed Magazine Primetyme Magazine and many others. Elíz has released her first Urban/Adult Contemporary single, "Get Loose", which first premiered on "All Access Music Group". The world awaits the certain meteoric rise of Elíz Camacho to the upper echelon of the entertainment industry. THE BEST IS YET TO COME!