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Written By: Elka & Vincent Paquette

When I’m alone at night
Wishing that you were by my side
It’s hard to comprehend
I had no clue that you would go
No chance for me to say
To say I do
Cause now my love is gone
My heart feels so torn
This feels so wrong I can’t express
You came and you showed me joy
Never knew we would simply end
Never knew it could hurt
That this could hurt so much
And no matter what they say
I’ll always miss you and ooh

My heart feels so torn I
Can’t take this
You showed me joy
Feels empty
Deep inside
When I don’t
Hear your voice

There was something I wanted to say
But before I had a chance shouldn’t have been this way
Sweetheart I was to late
I found out the other day
Apart of you lives in me
In me lives your legacy
And even though you’re gone
Your bloodline carries on
Without you times my be hard
Without you times maybe ruff
Cause I just miss you so
Miss you so damn much
And no matter what they say
I always miss you ooh


At night when I close my eyes
It’s the only place that feels just so right
Cause in my dreams when I’m with you
I can feel your arms wrapped tight around me

And you came and showed me love
Than the angles came
And took my heart
Never thought this could hurt so much
And no matter what
I’ll always miss you
I feel so empty deep inside
When I don’t hear your voice
I miss you more everyday
Knowing that I’ll never share your name