Someone once told us that Elkhart sounded like what the Red House Painters or Calexico would have sounded like had they been from Texas. Others have said they hear traces of Yo La Tengo and American Analog Set in our sound. To us, it's just unhurried, slow Southern music.


Elkhart was a long time coming.

It was born from the desire of five guys - Travis Hopper, Michael Crowder, Jarad Brown, Sam Romero, and Bruce Johnson - to do something different. To strip bare the influence of past projects and find something new. Something that wasn't trying to sound like this band or that sound. The desire to find something that sounded like them.

The bones of their debut album ["The Moon" - self-released 2008] - the sketches of the songs - were written in a week by Hopper, alone at a cabin in the country, away from cell phones and TV and life, with twelve months’ worth of lyrics taped to walls, a bank of song ideas on an iPod, and nothing to do but piece it all together. The band then got together and fleshed everything out over the course of a few months in a cramped attic practice space above a friend's living room.

What emerged were nine unhurried vignettes, focused the ideas of home, the memories past and visions of what may be, the faces of friends and sketches burned into memory, the families that love us, and things sacrificed along the way. It was the sound of growing up and of lessons earned - both lyrically and sonically. The sound was deliberately minimal, but full - only the essential parts, and none of the fluff.

In the end, it was something that didn't sound like any other band. It just sounded like Elkhart.


The Moon [self released, October 2008]
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Set List

Typical set list is the songs from "The Moon" plus two other songs: "House of Cards" (Radiohead cover) and "Tietze Park" (a re-worked song from an old band)