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El Koyote

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El Koyote's poetry is a combination of society's mistakes and loves punishment for pleasure. Created from raw emotion and passion, El Koyote will make you think and react.


El Koyote is a Spoken Word/Hip-Hop artist whose themes stretch the imagination to new heights. From his self analyzed “How Ya Living?” where he traces his life and his accomplishments, to “El Papel” a Spanish seduction of full ecstasy expanding on Garcia Lorca and Pablo Neruda’s romanticism. His influences are duly noted, Martin Luther King Jr., Cesar Chavez, Pedro Albizu Campos and his family which is filled with revolutionary heroes.

Growing up in a family who was involved in both sides of the civil war in the small country of El Salvador, El Koyote sees himself fortunate to have lived and survived. Little did he know that he was going to land into a different type of war once he landed in Canoga Park, California. As a young man, he learned that a war was also being fought in the streets in Canoga. Being a member of a click for a short stint of the Body Hunter Bloods gang, led him to understand that war is war no matter where you’re from and why it’s being fought.

The name of the album is Insurrection; El Koyote smuggles messages into the mind, some complex some simple. Insurrection is a call for a lyrical revolution, for a non-violence overhaul of our society that sleeps in the depths of media attacks. From immigrants being targeted for abuse, to gangs and violence attaching themselves as parasites into our everyday life, to political awareness of our current country’s state.

His oratory ability has been exhibited at colleges and universities such as but not limited to; DePaul University (Chicago), Temple University (Philadelphia) Rutgers Law (Newark, NJ), The College of New Jersey, Rider University (Lawrenceville, NJ) and Princeton University to name a few.

His work has also been exhibited at Euphoria Café (Newark, NJ) Buttefly (Brooklyn, NY), Urban Word (Trenton, NJ), Port Africa (Piscataway, NJ), “Puerto Rican Panorama” ABC regional show and many others.

El Koyote’s work has also been published and exhibited at: Black InQ.com, Poetry.com, CashMoneyRecords.com, BET.com, Freestyle.com, Brown Pride.com, and Migente.com.

He has also contributed works to Black InQ’s first released cd on Black InQ records 13 Disciples under the pen name “Merlin”. He was also featured on New Jersey’s “Opening Doors To Opportunity” CD for the Brown vs. Board of Education, commemorating the 50th anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education.

El Koyote aka Jerson Vladimir has just finished his first Compact Disc, “Insurrection”.
The release date is July 4, 2006. For bookings or availability for live performances please contact Elkoyote at, wileyelcoyote@yahoo.com


"Home Land Security"

"What's the Prognosis Moses?"


Set List

"How ya Living?" 3 minutes
"What's the Prognosis Moses?" 3 minutes
"Smuggle in the Mind" 2 and half minutes

"Home Land Security" 4 minutes
"3/5 of a MAN" 3 and a half minutes
"Our Names Are" 3 minutes

"Canvas" 2 minutes
"Rain" 30 seconds
"Papel" 2 and a half minutes

Total set 25 minutes.