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Ella Freestone

Manly, New South Wales, Australia | SELF

Manly, New South Wales, Australia | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Ella Freestone CD Review 2"

"Issuing incredible control over impossibly high melodies, and with such professional, operatic quality, this young woman's debut will not go unnoticed" - Tiffany Bridger, RAVE Magazine - Rave Magazine

"Ella Freestone CD Review"

"Considering her age and ability to transcend genres, there is no doubt that Freestone will make a prolific addition to the Australian music industry. She has both musical prowess and commercial viability and this album is likely just the beginning of a long and prosperous career" - Kelly Theobald, BEAT Magazine - Beat Magazine

"Ella Freestone - Album Review"

Not many artists would have the confidence to produce a ten track LP as the result of their first foray into the recording studio, but that is exactly what Northern Beaches teenager Ella Freestone has done with her eponymous debut album.

The result is an album bursting with an eclectic mix of radio-friendly pop, acoustic folk, and songs that lie in the ambiguous realm of the ‘alternative’ genre.

Freestone’s extraordinarily mature sound is driven by soaring vocals, supplemented by lush instrumentation, with tracks like ‘Illusion’ drawing favourable comparisons to Katie Noonan’s recent work. This independent release is cleanly mixed to emphasise the strength of Freestone’s vocals, but this does not detract from the youthful exuberance that permeates a strong catalogue of distinctively Australian pop songs.

The album’s strength lies in its diversity, as Freestone flits effortlessly between genres and styles. Album standout ‘Threading Beads’ highlights her burgeoning pop sensibilities, while the wistful ‘Dove In A Cage’ sees her channelling English folk songstress Laura Marling. In a final testament to her versatility, Ella Freestone closes with an acapella cover of traditional American spiritual ‘Motherless Child’, a song immortalised as the first played by a band at Woodstock. - The Rockitt - October 2010

"Album Ella's Career Step"

Manly singer/songwriter Ella Freestone says that while songwriting is like a diary for her, it’s not a diary for her eyes only.

She has made entries into this ‘diary’ ever since she began learning guitar about three years ago.

“From the first day of learning to play guitar, I wrote a four-chord song and put words to it,” she said.

The result of this infectious toil is her first album, due out in September, which has the working title, Threading Beads.

“It will probably be called that,” she said. “I’ve never been overconfident in doing this (music) as a career because it’s a tough industry. But the album is the first step in getting the confidence.”

Music has been in the blood for this 17-year-old and before picking up the guitar she had already done years of formal training in violin and piano. And her father plays keyboards in a band.

“But it wasn’t until I started guitar that I was able to put my words to music,” she said.

The former Mackellar student (Ella now goes to Barker College) said she is a fan of self-expression – be it through things such as dance, music or even surfing.

She said her songs are based on life experiences and that some songs deal with deeper issues that happen over a longer period of time.

“Generally, I write songs fairly quickly,” she said. “For the music, I might work out something on guitar or piano and that creates a mood. “

”Lyrically I love working with the language – unravelling it.”

Ella can be seen playing live gigs at select restaurants around town or busking outside Humphreys on Manly Corso.

Her next gig is on July 2 at Di’s Gallery cafe in Seaforth.
“I'm turning 18 in six months and hopefully then I will get the chance to play in nightspots around Manly,” she said.

“I can’t see myself ever leaving the northern beaches but I’m open to doing this if it means going further with my music.”
- Manly Daily, June 2010

"Ella Freestone - Interview of a Northern Beaches Original"

To a lucky few, music just comes naturally. From the very first moment they pick up an instrument or sing that first note, they are released… free to express themselves as a result of this instant connection.

And so it is with Ella Freestone; a captivating new talent from the Northern Beaches whose talents are quickly catching the attention of a growing group of new fans. With a pure voice and easy songwriting style, Ella’s music perfectly captures the lifestyle of her hometown of Manly.

For listeners, her songs offer a perfect mix of pop-driven melodies and catchy vocal harmonies… tunes that you’ll find yourself still whistling, days after hearing them.

And with debut album ‘Threading Beads’ currently in post-production and slated for a September release, there’s a feeling in the sea air that this could be the start of something exciting. Our Manly had the chance to talk to Ella to discover a little more about her music, her influences and just where the whole thing started.

Our Manly: In six months time you’ll be turning 18. I was wondering, how old were you when you realised that music was for you?

Ella Freestone: Well I’ve always done something with music for as long as I can remember. I started playing the violin when I was three… so I guess it all started then. But I probably realised that I wanted to do music as a career around this time last year.

OM: And do you still play the violin?

EF: Not anymore… although I played for about seven years. After that I started piano and did that for a few years and then I started teaching myself guitar when I was 14. My Dad’s always played guitar, so it’s always been around. But I kind of had that thing where I wanted to teach myself… so that’s how it all started.

OM: And at what age did you actually start writing your own songs?

EF: When I picked up the guitar, I learnt four chords and straight after that I wrote my first song! I’d never really written songs before then; so I guess the guitar became the first stepping stone for that.

OM: Naturally you’ve progressed as a songwriter since that time. How would you describe the music you’re writing now?

EF: I guess with the songs on the album that’s coming up there’s gonna be quite a variety of stuff…with a few being sort of pop acoustic. Lots of ‘radio friendly’ songs. But then there are some others that are more alternative… sort of more Angus and Julia Stone style.

OM: Growing up on the Northern Beaches with it’s rich musical history, are there any local bands that are a particular inspiration to you? You’ve obviously highlighted Angus and Julia Stone, so I assume they’re up there?

EF: Yeah, I love Angus and Julia Stone. I think their new album is amazing.
As for other Northern Beaches bands; or that ‘Northern Beaches sound’… I’m not really sure….

But Erana Clark (Australian Idol Vocal Director) is my mentor at the moment. Being in touch with her has been great... a really big influence on me. And through her I’ve been able to perform at venues like The Manly Boatshed.

So, yeah, I just love the acoustic sort of feel that the Northern Beaches inspires; along with that open, outdoor sort of lifestyle we get around here. And I think it’s that lifestyle that’s been the main influence on my music.

I love skating and hiking and I give surfing a go… and it’s that type of openness and freedom that I hope comes across in my songs!

Fans of Ella’s music have only a few weeks to wait until ‘Threading Beads’ is released. And for those who simply can’t hold on that long, Ella will also be performing live at Di’s Gallery Café in Seaforth on Fri 2nd July from 7pm.

It’s an exciting time in Ella’s career… but one that she appears to be venturing into with the type of relaxed attitude that’s synonymous with the Northern Beaches lifestyle.

Who knows where this next stage in her musical journey will take her. Our advice…catch her while you can!

- Our Manly, July 2010

"Australian Idol Precicts Big Future for Teenage Debutante Ella Freestone"

A teenage singer songwriter about to sit her HSC exams is set to impress fans and industry tastemakers alike with the launch of her self-titled debut album next Monday, September 13th at Collaroy Theatre on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.
According to Erana Clark, Vocal Director for both Australian Idol and X-Factor, “For someone so young, Ella Freestone creates such beautifully crafted honest songs… melodies that are fresh and brave.”

Erana has been involved with the production of the album through Northern Beaches production company, Meshach Musik. “Ella is not afraid to be who she is”, she says. “It’s been a delight working with her. This is a simply awesome debut album.”

The launch event from 6.30pm next Monday evening will be the culmination of months of hard work. Ella will deliver a live performance of her genre-spanning collection of songs, backed by a full band of quality young musicians from the Sydney Conservatorium. Industry types, media, friends and family will be treated to a showcase of both Ella’s diverse writing ability and the distinctive voice that is already turning heads.

A natural musician, Ella first learned violin at the tender age of 3, closely followed by piano lessons before she finally picking up her preferred instrument, a guitar. That same day she wrote her very first song. Music runs in Ella’s talented family and has always been a part of her life. Now, on the verge of her 18th birthday, Ella is finally ready to launch a career she hopes will last a lifetime.

Collaroy Theatre will prove the perfect setting for the launch event… situated right across the road from one of the ocean beaches that have provided the backdrop to Ella’s life. And while the new album is far from being just another ‘cruisy surf soundtrack’, Ella freely admits that her surroundings have certainly influenced her sound.

“I love the acoustic sort of feel that the Northern Beaches inspires; along with that open, outdoor sort of lifestyle we get around here. And I think it’s that lifestyle that’s been the main influence on my music. It’s that type of openness and freedom that I hope comes across in my songs”, says Ella.

Lovers of new music will know that the atmosphere and setting in which you find yourself at that moment of discovery can have a profound effect on you. Whether it’s driving down a freeway on a long distance road trip or simply kicking back with a cup of coffee after a surf as you watch the early rays of a brand new day burst over the horizon… there’s nothing like hearing an inspiring new song in the ideal place.

Next Monday evening, Collaroy Theatre will be such a place…a chance to discover the magic voice and stunning songs of Ella Freestone – a bright new star ablaze in Australia’s musical firmament. - Our Manly, Sep 2010

"Ella's Debut Album"

Manly singer/songwriter Ella Freestone is ready and waiting for the release of her debut album next month.
"The album has been mixed and mastered," she said. "It's taken about eight months and I'm thrilled."

Ella said the self-titled work is something she feels she has been, effectively, working towards all her life.

What's more, she has been offered a music video shoot in Melbourne for two days in the coming weeks, to put together a DVD called Uncovered, which profiles Australia's youngest and best emerging talent.

The album's release has come (for better or worse) on the eve of Ella doing her HSC at Barker.

She's studying hard but there are challenges beyond the exams theselves. "I'm quite focused on a career in music," she said. - Manly Daily, Aug 31, 2010


2010, LP: Ella Freestone



As unstoppable as the waves she first caught as a child, Ella’s need to express herself through music has been impossible to repress. First picking up a violin at just 3 years of age, Ella has since gone on to become an accomplished pianist and guitarist. But as anyone who has heard Ella perform recently will attest, her voice has become her true instrument.

Developing a level of control and ability that’s rare in someone so young, there’s a purity in Ella’s vocals that captures the freedom and joy of her childhood. At the same time the range and depth of emotion she evokes speaks of a maturity that far belies her 17 years.

With the release of her self-titled debut album, Ella Freestone is ready to share her talent with the wider world. Presenting original tracks that span a variety of genres, these are songs that not only capture the innocence of youth, but also delve into the experiences of a young woman coming of age.

Recorded under the supervision of Erana Clark (Vocal Director for Australian Idol and The X Factor) and with expert production by the team at Meshach Musik, this album is the culmination of months of hard work and years of experience. As Erana says:

“For someone so young, Ella creates such beautifully crafted and honest songs… melodies that are fresh and brave.”

Moments in the sun provide Australians with some of our most precious memories; the music of Ella Freestone feels like such a moment.